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  1. write shop robert, because he choose a place with such awesome cheesecake, when he had an event in SLC a while back.
  2. O Hai! I haz new do! (Avroair, I think this may be geocoin related, since Koh Koh has her own coin....)
  3. I have some non-trackable Nerds. Pink glow, lavender glitter and red sparkly glitter, I'd be thrilled to trade for bears.... or ???
  4. The new Tsun turtle done in the brown colors ....wish we'd met up at GWVI, maybe we could have made a trade for one of koh Koh's coins....
  5. I have one from Nielsenc
  6. ~ For me, insanity is super sanity. The normal is psychotic. Normal means lack of imagination, lack of creativity. ~ Jean Debuffet
  7. mice heads ?!?! Yes... heads... It seems my sons cat, Boots, has a taste for the lower 2/3rd's of the mouse... and not much interested in the heads... Should I mention that most were baby meece?... maybe they are a cat delicacy? We have an old cat of our daughters here, and she went into our neighbors pond, caught all the frogs they had stocked it with, and just ate the heads....
  8. We took this picture of a moose on the Trail to Mount Aire, last year.
  9. Not in the mail, but at gw6 Damenace trolley tag gw6 official coin -Eleanore- personal coin (beautiful one) Georgia's wine bottle coin (awesome) Walpurgis event coin Landsharkz new coin Dorkfish's grey whale coin Lori Darlin's happy Trails coin mini hippy bus Bears from Nielsenc a big one and a small (GW VI) one Boo-Boo's pink glitter bear 2 Lyonden_ut small bears (GW VI) Intolerable GW VI Toojin and Bart GW VI AND 36 new pathtags! Lot's of generous people there, thanks!
  10. We were knighted while at Geowoodstock It was waiting with our mail when we got home
  11. Now that the contest is over, I just had to add this picture of my baby, Cloud. He has mad climbing skillz!
  12. Thanks for the Spring fling "thanks" coin, Shop99er Very nice surprise!
  13. A much smaller Koh Koh at the second cache we found with her...
  14. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Avroair! The world needs more beautiful girls!!
  15. We're going, along with Forever Newlyweds from Reno (and new baby granddaughter, Bailey )
  16. so thats why my wife moans at my 6 albums!!! ONLY 6 I have 2 dozen....
  17. Guess one of these 4 things correct: 1) date of birth May 7th 2) time of birth 8:28 PM 3) official weight 6lbs 5ozs 4) geocaching motto for our new baby girl Another FTF for LMA!
  18. GBOTS


    IMO... I Applaud USAGEOCOINS for putting out these coins, I love what they stand for and think there could be no better cause. Being former military, and having several friends that served, I salute USAGEOCOINS for this tribute. I personally think you're splitting hairs... They put the effort and heart into the concept of this coin, and followed through with a great idea for some great people.. I think that outweighs any and all implied indiscretions. Thinking globally is NOT a bad thing, Some people forget this geocaching thing extends well past the borders of the USA. I now have people I consider good friends all over the world now thanks to Groundspeak, and they need work too. I support our country and what it stands for, But buying, trading, dealing with China, or anywhere else for that matter, doesn't make anyone less of a patriot. Wife of 20 year Army Veteran agrees
  19. Roll over "Beethoven"-Beetles Black dog-"Led"or "Zepplin" "Blue" suede shoes-Elvis "Mack" the knife-Bobby Darin "Rebel" rouser- Duane Eddy or "Pookie" lead singer of Pookie Hudson and the Spaniels....
  20. Anyone care to trade Nerds? I have v1's in "red" glitter, lavender glitter and pink glow
  21. Yesterday I got a most unexpected package from Croft house Cachers Thanks so much for the notes and pictures! I love them (I thought thank you notes were a lost art) Also, I love the coin, I had given up trying to trade for that one, so it's really much appreciated I got a GC10000, a New Beginning (the one with the cat coming through the Canadian flag) thanks again, all of you Croft house Cachers!
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