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    Mystery coins

    Mystery coins certainly are fun to find and receive. But, the ones that are truly gifts, are the ones sent directly to the recipient, the ones dropped in caches must be traded for....
  2. Please let me know if you are in the states, Canada or overseas when you message or email me Then I'll know how much to make out the invoice for!
  3. Canine Cachers Coin 2006 3rd edition 2005 bronze Caching in a Winter Wonderland 2005 silver NielsenC Happy Thanksgiving 2005 bronze NeoGeo Cachers 2006 bronze Pirates of the Chesapeake gold? bronze? Bowling in Morgan Meet and Greet (great event, BTW) Not another micro 2005 Not another Micro (FTF) 2005 The Definative Geocacher Series $20.00
  4. More coins Steel Rail Dinner: A Hobo Event ( it has a date on it, but it's to small for me to read... ) Frozen Bone Event 2006 Bronze Geocacher University Geocoinfest Multi-Event 2007 gold Ark-Mo Geocachers 2006 bronze Rokop Cache Me if You can silver Imfrog2002 2007 personal coin (micro $6.00) Wavesprite Geotag ($6.00) Triple Wisdom silver Kiss Me I'm Irish Event copper 2007 Dry Creek Geocachers 2006 ($6.00) Caught Red Handed Micro ($6.00) Hazard-Perry 2007 Event coin Green and Yellow Cache 1st cache in Sheridan Co. Kansas bronze Green "bug" car ($6.00) Blue "bug" car ($6.00) WEGE Elephant Lighthouse series Montauk Point 2006 Sopranos Hitman Event C'mon people, I can be flexible on the prices (within reason ) I'm wanting more Pathtags
  5. Manituela 2004 silver NielsenC Merry Christmas Antique Gold & silver Horsegeeks (Jason "the micro master") silver Michigan Caching X2 silver Team Petey silver Parents Of Sam X2 sliver Castleman Star silver Jimbobwe shiny gold Geocaching the top 40 Red wing Dave and GO Jaybee Nacaya Gold Makin' Tracks 2004 gold Team Sand Dollar 2007 black nickel and satin silver, 2006 antique silver, Legend of the sand Dollar Gold and silver NielsenC 2005 Caching Around the World 7 Of Clubs black Nickel Minz 2006 antique silver EMTJMW shiny silver NFA Antique silver and shiny silver $9.00 each free shipping in the US and Canada, $2.00 flat rate shippiing overseas. paypal, please, thanks
  6. We got our soldier Tatanka yesterday and we certainly won't be selling it! Or parting with it in any other way either. It means a lot to us to have one in red, white, and blue (plus the design is one of my all time favorites )
  7. My vote is for Max...it's a really hard choice, though
  8. Flying Koh Koh at Geowoodstock this year Brotherly Love, Ahzee and Cloud On the wing...
  9. Hey, that would make a fantastic coin!
  10. We got the Wishing Coin today Thanks a million to whoever sent it, a very enexpected, and very welcome gift.
  11. A Wishing coin.....Whoever sent thank you so very much
  12. I would be willing to trade a gold Koh Koh (non-trackable) only 25 made, for a geowoodstock pathtag.
  13. Well, not so much "trackable" as "logable"
  14. Well, since Georgia and Sharon sold the caching place, I'd go with Oakcoins, we've had excellent results with them. But, that's just my opinion....
  15. how fun! just where IS the oakcoins. i want to visit a minters to watch the process. lara Me too! Where is oakcoins? The store is in Morgan, Utah. (AKA Paradise on earth)
  16. I'm still interested in personal or event coins (trackable doesn't matter). My list is here: http://www.utahgeocachers.com/GeoCoin/GeoC...&OwnerID=69
  17. We were graced by a beautiful set of Angel Wings today Thank you, Angel. It's beautiful
  18. There was another Peace sign/flag coin called the All American (a micro version came out this year) that was released through Oakcoins. It's this one
  19. Where can I get the activation code for this coin? Thanks!
  20. I have the 2008 Earth turtle in green and purple to trade ONLY for the one done in the shades of brown. If I can't trade them for that one, I'll keep the ones I have
  21. I could imagine that. Maybe it could be HOPE (enter your state) So it could be, HOPE Minnesota, or HOPE California. I think that some one may have started something that could really be a great thing! I really like the idea about as many people sending out say 1-5 coins! They would not have to be HTF coins. Just geocoins! I am going to do that. I know how excited I was to recieve a coin out of the blue and for no apparent reason except for some ones generosity and kindness. No return address needed. Just Cachers posting here what "HOPE" coin they recieve. Thanks to whoever started this giving of HOPE. -Dardevle- Contact Mouskakat
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