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  1. Not in my mailbox but in person here at MOGA!! :blink:




    Wish y'all were here with us!!! :blink:




    how absolutely adorable! how big are they?



    They are about 1.75 or 2 in long - not completely sure. I meant to have a coin or pathtag in the picture but I forgot in my excitement. :blink:



    The gun is 2 inches and the holster is roughly 1.75" I beleive.

    Are these for sale somewhere?

  2. wwhhooooooooooooooooootttttttt


    :wacko: Look what had finally find me and daarrn happy it did :blink:




    :grin: A beautiful christmas card ..with.................007bigd his personal coin. :D


    I feel very proud to have coin 099, thank you thank you 007bigd, Sweetpea and Emmagem for thinking at me.








    And a other surprise has found me :o




    Thanks Lorca.nl for this great gift and thanks Opalsns and KD1EJ for making this possible :o


    i am a big crow lover...they bring luck if you don't know yet, so whhoottttttt


    Thank you alll.........you sure made my day a happy day. ;)




    wow! very nice coins... :yikes:

  3. There does seem to be more of a coins for coins sake happening. It's similar in some ways to other challenges with the hobby (micro-spew, cache to trash trading, and numbers). In fact, when it comes to actual caching (remember that!) I only log caches I like and always trade up.


    However, they still appeal to me and I just "filter" out the noise of those that I don't agree with. Life's too short and there are really a lot of great folks here that I do enjoy *knowing*.


    When it comes to coins, I only like personals, those that speak to my interests, and ... the earliest ones.


    So if anyone knows folks getting rid of the very early ones - you tell them about LFD! He wants the super-early ones (the ones pre-Moun10Bike v2).


    No, not him!! me, me, me!!! :(

  4. Sorry can't make the mission. Finals are coming up at the university and I'm currently involved with the academic counselings and the grading of the final exams. Work first.


    Thanks for being concerned for my where abouts.


    Merry Christmas.



    I find this very distasteful. I personally didn't sign up because I thought maybe I'd have trouble being able to complete the mission due to non-work, you signed up knowing this was coming up, yet you drop out after the deadline because life got in the way? Maybe you should send your gift to your recipient instead of keeping it?


    Sad, really sad!


    I would also be more than happy to send out a little something for the mission if needed, just shoot me an email! No reason the person on the waiting end should be stiffed over this! And, I APPLAUD those who've stepped up to carry on someone else's obligations! Really show's how caring most of you are!


    Distasteful, certainly...but, not surprising... :rolleyes:

  5. The packages that seem to disappear the most with us are Canada. We've had a couple to Germany take a super long time, but they've gotten there. But for some reason Canada is the black-hole of packages...


    Especially Quebec... :laughing:

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