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  1. My suggestion would be for Geocaching.com to send out an e-mail to users immediately after they retrieve a bug for their first three finds or so outlining general expectations and etiquette. It's important that this gets communicated immediately after the first find because there are a lot of one-time-wonder geocachers who go out once, pick up a bug, and never log another cache. By the time the person gets contacted by geocaching.com or another user, the person has long since lost any interest in geocaching. Overbearing? Maybe. But I think it would contribute to the overall satisfaction of those who pay the bills long term.

  2. Hi - I'm new to this. I haven't seen any way to get more than 500 waypoints on the unit, although I was hoping the possibility would exist given the unit has an expansion slot. Does anyone know if it is possible to load more than the 500 specified max?

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