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  1. Also Now have One Palm m500 & One Palm m505! Same Goes with these units! Both have Palm OS 4.0, 8MB of Memory with a SD Memory card slot. USB HotSync Charging cradles with the AC Charging adapter. Also the OEM Palm m500 CD-ROM's copied on CD-R. $40.00 Shipped for the NON-Color m500. $50.00 Shipped for the Color m505 with a Custum Soft Leather Zipper Case. They Both are next to perfect condition! Scratchless Screens, & Cases! Thanks! Scott
  2. OK! Looks like all the Palm IIIxe's are spoken for. Still have One Palm Vx, and the Compaq Ipaq's available! Thanks! Scott
  3. PM'd you Please check again. Or Try E-mailing me. I have to manually check my PM Inbox. It's not showing when I get New PM's. Sorry just figured that out! Also PM'd all else who sent me PM's! If I don't respond to any PM's Also E-Mail me. I have no Blockers on. Thanks! Scott
  4. Hi-Yah All! Well my GeoCoins are now In! So They will be shipped soon to who all Bought them from the Geocoin Store! Also I have some in Hand So to whom I made trades with They will be going out this week! If interested in buying they are also still on sale in the Gecoin Store. Also If you see one on E-Bay! Please Pass it UP! I'll be Gladly to trade or Sell one WAY Cheaper Than a Soul that's Selling My GeoCoin There! Unless I'm the one Selling it there! Look for n8zus for the Seller! Thanks! Scott
  5. One Palm IIIxe has been sold. One Palm Vx is pending! Also it does'nt hurt to make a offer! Also Check out my FeedBack rating on E-bay! If your worried about my services! Look under n8zus. Thanks! Scott
  6. E-Mail & PM has been sent! Let me know if you get them.
  7. Hi-Yah! I have 2 Palm Vx's & 2 Palm IIIxe's PDA's, & 2 Compaq Ipaq PPC 3850's for sale. The Palm Vx's have Upgraded Palm 4.1 OS. 8 MB of memory, Rechargable Batteries. Comes with the HotSync Charging cradle, & AC Charging adapter. Also a copy of the OEM Palm Vx CD-ROM. All for $30.00 each Shipped! The Palm IIIxe's also have Upgraded Palm 4.1 OS. 8 MB memory. Runs off AAA Batteries. Comes with the Serial HotSync Cradle, NEW! AAA Batteries, Also a Copy of the OEM Palm CD-ROM. All for $25.00 each Shipped! The Compaq Ipaq 3850's are MicroSoft Pocket PC 2002 Operating System's, 64 MB of memory with a SD memory slot, with internal rechargable batteries. Comes with the USB / Serial Sync Charging Cradle, & AC Charging adapter. The OEM Compaq Hard Pack plastic cover. Also a copy of the OEM Compaq Ipaq 3800 Companion CD-ROM. All for $100.00 each Shipped! The Palm's with 8 MB of memory will work great with CacheMate & GSAK for Paperless GeoCaching! The Compaq Ipaq's will work even better with GPX Sonar & GSAK for Paperless GeoCaching too! These are All Used Units in over all decent shape (May have some scratches or dings on the cases)! They will be Shipped USPS Priority Mail. Please E-Mail me with you interests, and Payment methods. I do take PayPal payments. Thanks! Scott
  8. Please Read through all of my Post! I haven't got burned from the Geocoin Store! I just didn't think it would take this long to sell my GeoCoins. The Geocoin Store HAS NOT MADE ME PAY for my Geocoins that hasn't sold yet! Just it will be a Option if ALL MY Geocoins don't SELL! Just right now they have alot of Geocoins Stacked up for sale, and it gives People more of a Choice to purchase over my Geocoin! Which makes My Geocoins Sale go a Little Slower! So again Please Read Though All of my Post before Getting to Worried about going Though the Geocoin Store! Scott-N8ZUS!
  9. Ordered through the Reserve E-Mail! Yet to get a PayPal Invoice! Oops Just checked the Link! Looking for one soon! Coming soon I hope? Yeap! After April 1st the Link say's! Just checking! Thanks! But I just figured it out MYSELF! Thanks! For the Great Looking Geocoin with a Meaning! Scott-N8ZUS!
  10. WOW! Thanks Gang! I appreciate all the comments, concern's, & Actions! I was just seeking advice for making these maybe a little cheaper for you all! I Have had some E-Mails stating Great Coin but the Shipping was a little High! I wasn't complaining about Paying for them either! I was stating That I would have to pay for them if eventually if they don't all sell at The Geocoin Store! Then I was asking if I listed them HERE Cheaper If I would get a Better Responce for orders like OTHER People list there GEOCOINS here for Sale, & PreSale's! So AGAIN Thanks for the Comment's! Being Bad or Good! That's Why I Posted this here! All were taking in and Processed for the Advice and As I stated ABOVE! We will NOT Worry about HAVING to PAY for the ONE'S that DON'T Sell, AND Will OFFER THEM to the ONE'S that E-Mail me for TRADE'S! FOR Which I INTENDED to do when I DECIDED to Have these Geocoins Made Like everyone Else. I Believe? Good Enough? <"Walking away with a Pleased, & Happy Smile on thy Face!"> Happy Caching All! Thanks again! Scott-N8ZUS!
  11. Yes I have Listed a Edition over at cointracking.com with the details of the Sale at the GeoCoin Store. I agree too! If I had known! To much supply of many different GeoCoins to whats out there or "Demand"! I would of just went with the smaller package! Or two different metals to offer! But thats just the way it goes! I'm not sure when they are to ship! Also Thanks, Harry! Just keep checking back with the GeoCoin Store they should announce when they will ship. Just trying to look at this whole thing Positive People! Thanks, Scott
  12. Well I'm not seeking a profit! Just to pay off the "BAR TAB" LOL! From the GeoCoin Store if I have too! If I had Known that the Selling of GeoCoins where to go in the HOLE I would have just Paid the $300.00 bucks to get a Generic "NON" Trackable Numbered GeoCoin just to trade with you FOLKS! SO Thanks for all the Input! I'll cut my losses, and Get the GeoCoins out to the People I have already Promised trades too! Also If you see one on E-Bay! Don't Buy IT! I will be more than Happy to trade you for one! As I also do have Feelings about Selling Personal one's on E-BAY! SO Thanks! Scott
  13. Well yeah I'm going to have to Pay for them Out of my own Pocket! I'm not trying to make a profit here! I'm trying to cover some of the costs. Like the other people here selling their Geocoins! I'm just wondering if selling them for less than the GeoCoin Store. Would spark any more of a interest to you all Here! Thanks! Scott
  14. Hi-Yah Gang! I have some Questions for you all! I am having a Bugger of a time selling these Geocoins over at the GeoCoin Store, and will have to pay for them eventually out of my pocket! So will I get a better response if I lower the Price, and the Shipping? I know that this is just a Ordinary GeoCoin. Nothing snazzy! But is GC.com trakable with it's own Icon! I know Oooo! So If I opened it up here for $7.00 each, and for $1.50 for shipping or make some other adjustments after I see how much I need to cover by tab at the GeoCoin Store would I get some taker's? Please let me know, and I'll get it set up the way other People has done here selling their Geocoins! Many Thanks! Scott-N8ZUS!
  15. Yes it's pretty sad! Lets just say I have a long way to meet my goal to finish my contract with the GeoCoin Store, and my GeoCoin has been up for a week now! Just wondering is there some kinda "Beef" with them? Sure not looking for the "Bill" if my GeoCoin doesn't "Pan" out! Did I forget! My GeoCoin is trackable at GC.Com! LOL!
  16. Hi-Yah! Here it is to see a really great Picture of my GeoCoin! Great Idea Marky! I'm sure we can put some kind of little transmitter in our Geocoins to see which Geocache our Geocoins are in via APRS! Happy Caching!!!
  17. Hi-Yah! Just had to bring this back to the top! Still have many available! See the Amateur Radio GeoCoin post from Marky for a really good Picture of my GeoCoin! Thanks to all!
  18. Well she just turned 9 so we will be working with her soon! My oldest got her's though the School! We have a Local Extra Class HAM who works as the main security guy (Al- WW8WW) at our High School to take it apon himself to open a HAM License class to the Middle, and High Schoolers! He doing a fantastic job with kids. Not really sure how many has gotten there ticket but I know it was a Long Hard ride to Dayton,OH with 26 of them from Lowell,MI on a School bus last year! (Hi - Hi) or LOL!
  19. Hi-Yah! If you haven't seen the other related thread here is my own personal invite for this sale. Many thanks to Marky for bringing this up in his Post! Here is the Link to the Geocoin Store for my Own Personal GeoCoin! Scott-N8ZUS Geocoin description. Also I will have plenty for trade's after the sale! So Trades will come Before any Purchase's if you Wish! Please E-mail me with your request's! Thanks again to Marky!
  20. Also! A local HAM / GeoCacher is Planning a GeoCache at a Local HAMFest coming up in the Grand Rapids Area. Not sure on the Details yet but I will post the GC Number of the Cache when It gets ironed out! Also a GPS is not only used to find a GeoCache! I Guess some people just don't think one thing doesn't go with the other! Like using your FRS Radio with GeoCaching! Well guess what? My Handheld HAM Radio receives, and transmits FRS Channels! Oh Well! This could be a Big open discussion! So let's just go Caching anyway we Prefer! "Tomayto" Tomato" We all do the same thing differently! But we seem to find the GeoCache in the end! Happy Caching to all!
  21. Hey! Hopefully within the Week we can finally make our trades! I will get ahold of you soon! Thanks, Scott-N8ZUS
  22. Hi-Yah! If you are not interested on buying them. I will for sure be willing to trade for GeoCoins! E-mail me, and we can get the trade set up! Thanks, Scott-N8ZUS!
  23. Way Kewl! Just had to Hyjack this thread! Yeap! that's My GeoCoin! They are scheduled to go on sale Sunday @ 9:30 PM, & Monday @ 12:30 PM EST Times at the GeoCoin Store. They also will be GC.Com trackable with my own Icon! Check out the Profile on my GeoCoin while you are there! Also I'm open for Personal GeoCoin trades! E-mail me to get set up! Thanks! Marky!
  24. Thanks! NOW these are my STATS! Thanks again, those 8's, and B's where the culprit!
  25. Not my Stats Well I'm getting very frustrated on this one! Here it goes I get "Signal the Frogs" stats when I us my uid#. Any body with some tips, hints, or explainations?
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