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  1. Hi-Yah! Just E-Mailed you via your GC.com profile. I will also e-mail you at the address you have above. Also is it direcway or directway.com? Just wondering! Scott-N8ZUS
  2. Hey! Thanks for the info! I was wondering the same thing! Also the Dell x30 is still available! Thanks again!
  3. Hey! I just E-mailed you again. Also check your PM box too.
  4. You can E-Mail me or PM me. I now get Notified by E-Mail regarding PM's sent to me. Thanks!
  5. Hey Gang! I have now one Dell Axim x30 Pocket Pc. It looks New, and is Scratchless! This is the Fast 624MHz Processor with 64MB of Memory model. With Built-in Wireless, and BlueTooth. It will come with the USB Sync / Charging Cradle, and the AC Charging power supply with the Travel adapter for away Charging from the Cradle. Also will throw in the USB Sync / Charging Cable too! So you can use this with your laptop while leaving the Cradle at home. Also got the Original Users Guide, and Quick Start Guide with a Copy of the Original Dell axim x30 Companion CD-ROM, and a Dell original Leather Slip Protective Cover. All for $175.00 Shipped. I do take Paypal. Please E-Mail me with your Interests. Thanks.
  6. Hey! Check your PM box. I'll also try to E-mail yah too!
  7. Hey! Look for Handspring Visor- Deluxe, Neo, Edge, Platinum, Pro, and Prism. They all have 8MB of memory exept the Pro it had 16MB of memory. The Prism came in color, and has 8MB of memory.
  8. Hey! You are correct! Forgot about the Handspring models! They all had USB connectivity. Also you should find them rather cheap for sale. Like av8ndv8 said.
  9. Hey! Thanks for the kind words there! Anyways! To answer your Question look to E-bay for any Palm m500 series. The m500 has just the Gray scale LCD screen. While the m505, & m515 has the color screen. They major differances between the m505, & the m515 is the m505 has 8MB of memory, & has one backlight setting. The m515 has 16MB of memory, & has Three backlight settings for the color screen. The m500 has 8MB of memory too, and has a SD memory card slot for expansion if needed. You should find a m500 rather cheap now days on E-bay. The m505 will be a little more. The m515 are still going a little more than both the m500, & m505. I'm not really sure about the newer Palms. But for sure they should have USB connectivity, and should go rather cheap for the models with less options. Also sorry to say my Well is going dry to what I have! Pretty much to what I have left is spoken for as of right now! But I will post a update if anything changes. Well good luck, & feel free to E-mail me with any Questions!
  10. Well I have just the 32MB 300 MHz processor x5 models, and no longer have any Dell TrueMobile Wifi cards. The Dell axim x5 32MB 300 MHz models are $85.00 Shipped. Thanks!
  11. They are the 64MB 400 MHz Dell axim x5's. $115.00 Shipped. $135.00 With a Dell TrueMobile Compact Flash WiFi Card. Thanks!
  12. Still have some Dell 64MB 400 MHz processor models. E-Mail me if interested. Thanks!
  13. Hi-Yah! Well now I'm asking $85.00 Shipped for the Dell Axim 32MB 300 MHz x5's! Also I do have a couple of 64MB, 400 MHz Axim x5's too! E-Mail me with any Questions! Thanks! Scott
  14. Hi-Yah! Just sent you a PM. Also I'll try to E-Mail you.
  15. Ok! Well I now have some Dell axim 32MB 300 MHz Processor x5's. They too come with every thing. Asking $100.00 shipped. Again E-mail me with your interests. Thanks!
  16. Hi-Yah! Well the Dell axim x3 is Sold. Also looks like the Dell axim x5's are Spoken for too! I Will update if anything changes! Thanks!
  17. Here is a New updated list to what I have in the Pocket PC department! I have some Dell axim 64MB 400 MHz processor x5's. They come complete with everything. Asking $115.00 Shipped. Also I have one Dell axim 64 MB 400 MHz processor X3 with built in Wireless. It also comes complete with everything. Asking $145.00 shipped. Please E-mail or PM me with your Questions if interested. Thanks! Scott
  18. Hi-Yah! I have some older Palms. No IIIxe's though. Some Palm Vx, and m500 series. E-mail or PM me, and I'll get back with you. Or I will E-mail you with what I have.
  19. I got it from www.gpsonsale.com. They have it for $369.99, and Garmin has a $50.00 Rebate going on now. Hey have you been to the Michigan GeoCaching Orginization website yet? If not check out www.mi-geocaching.org! Maybe see yah at a event soon! Happy Caching!
  20. It Has been Sold, & is on it's way to a New Home in California! Thanks for Looking! Scott-N8ZUS!
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