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  1. Sounds like you changed the format from your GPS to hddd.ddddd. Entered the coord's you got into your GPS in that format. Now just change your GPS back to the default format, and the coord's in the hddd.ddddd format should be converted into the default (DDD.mm.mmm) format, and should be accurate. It's that simple, and now you are done, and don't have to worry about any other converting to do. Makes sense? Oop's look like we got jinks! Do I owe you a coke?
  2. Really? Didn't think of that! I too have a Motorola KRZR cell phone. So I'll just have to see if it works! Thanks for the tip.
  3. The last time I ordered one I got a Garmin original from Amazon.com for almost the same price as they were going for on e-bay.
  4. Are looking at Palm based OS. Or Pocket PC based OS PDA's? I have used Pocket PC based PDA's. They are running Microsoft Windows Mobile with a Mobile Internet Explorer just like your PC, and they work very well. Also a faster processor with more memory works alot better. Check your PM or even your E-mail. I'm sending you some more Info on some Pocket PC's I have.
  5. Well also look at the more than $100.00 of extras? It seams priced right to me!
  6. Well with shipping it's over $200. Being the seller has shakey feedback would you take your chances with that GOOD BUY?
  7. You can call Garmin support, and just have them send you a new one. It might take a while to get through but they will send you one. I have gotten a New back cover for my 60CS with no problems. Sent to me for free. Good Luck!
  8. Hey! Check your PM. Also I'll E-Mail you later. Thanks!
  9. Also! Brand new online there going for $165.00, and E-Bay they are going for $100.00 or so! Not under $100! Maybe under $100.00 if you are lucky! Just some more info from the "other side of the tracks"!
  10. Don't let the posts here make you give this away. I would say $115.00 is a fair price. Being this unit is more than a Yellow etrex, and can't compare to it. I surely wouldn't sell it for $50.00!
  11. Well it looks to me if you are using a Serial to USB adapter you Do need the drivers to get it to sync with Windows XP. Is your cable a after market or a Palm cable? I have a original Palm Serial to USB adapter cable with the CD-ROM with the drivers needed. I think you can also download the drivers from the Palm website given above. Just have to look around for them. So give that a try, and see if that works.
  12. Well I have no more Dell axim x30's. Do have the Dell axim x5 yet. Already to go with a Compact Flash Wireless card.
  13. Well the Dell axim x50's are gone. I have some x5's, and x30's yet forsale. Thanks!
  14. I have some Dell Pocket Pc's for sale. They are great for Paperless Geocaching! Here is what I have. Dell axim x5. With 64MB of memory, and a 400 Mhz Processor. With both CompactFlash, and SD card slots for more expansion. Comes with the USB Sync Charging cradle, and the AC Charging PowerSupply. Also a Dell Custum Leather Zipper Case, and a Copy of the Dell axim original Companion CD-ROM. It will also come with a Socket CompactFlash Wireless card for going Wireless! I'm asking $115.00 shipped. Next is a Dell axim x30. With 64MB of memory, and a Fast 624Mhz Processor. This Pocket PC has Both Wireless, and Bluetooth built in, and just has a SD Card slot for expansion. It will come with the USB Sync Charging Cradle, and the AC Charging PowerSupply. Also it will come with a Copy of the Dell axim x30 Companion CD-ROM, and a Dell leather Slip Protective Case. Asking $155.00 Shipped. Also a Dell axim x50. With 64MB of RAM, and 128 of ROM memory, and a Fast 520 Mhz Processor. This Pocket PC has both Wireless, and Bluetooth also, and Both Compact Flash, and SD card slots too! Comes with the USB Sync Charging cradle, and the AC Charging PowerSupply. It will come with the Original Dell axim x50 CD-ROM, and a Dell vinyl Slip Protective Case. Asking $155.00 Shipped. All these units are used, and in very great shape. They might have very minor scratches on the screen or case. I do take PayPal, and they will be shipped by USPS Priority Mail! Please E-Mail me, and PM me as sometimes I don't get the PM Notifications! I have sold here before so check for some past posts of mine to see that the past buyers were satisfied. Many Thanks!
  15. Hi-Yah! Just E-Mailed you via your GC.Com profile.
  16. Also maybe check his Profile, and see he has a Disabilty before saying stupid remarks! Yah Think!
  17. Hi-Yah! Just PM'd you. Check it, and E-Mail me back.
  18. Just a F.Y.I. The Amazon.com price you quoted is for a 2-Pack. Meaning for 2 Rino 120's.
  19. No the Dell axim x3's don't have Bluetooth. The axim x30's do. Right now I don't have any x30's.
  20. Sent a PM, and a E-mail via your Profile. Yes that is $135.00 for one. Also I just have one available. Thanks!
  21. Hi-Yah gang! I have Two Dell axim x3i's. They are 400 Mhz processor 64MB with SD card slot, and Wireless Built in. They have Windows Mobile Internet Exployer, Media Player for playing your MP3's, Pocket Excel, Pocket Word, and Microsoft Reader programs installed. They are Used with Minor Blemishes or Dings on the cases, and minor Scratches on the screen on one of them. They will come with the USB Sync Charging Cradle, and the Charging Power Supply, and a adapter for Charging away from the Cradle. Also comes with a Copy of the Dell axim x3 Companion CD-ROM, and a Dell Leather Protective slip case. Asking $135.00 Each Shipped! I do take PayPal. Please feel Free to E-Mail or PM me with Questions. Thanks, Scott
  22. Well the one above is sold. But I still have another one without the Owners Guide, and the USB Sync/Charging cable. Asking $155.00 Shipped. Also have two Dell axim x3 400 MHz Processor 64MB memory with just WiFi built in Pocket Pc's. They come with the USB Sync/Charging Cradle, and the AC Charging Power Supply, and a adapter for charging away from the cradle. Also a Copy of the Original Companion CD-ROM, and a Slip protective cover. Asking $140.00 Shipped. Please E-Mail or PM if interested. Thanks, Scott
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