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  1. How do I change the picture that I have in my profile?
  2. It has been a while since I've edited My Profile and I've forgotten how to do it. Help!
  3. No I am using a windows XP computer
  4. I have been using this trick for several months on my Nuvi 660and loved. I have found that if I rename the gpx file before putting it thru the POI Loader, the data bas show up with the File name. I've used name like "Florida 2008.gpx" I also like the fact that, at least on the Nuvi, you can spell any part of the Waypoint to search. Also the Name, terrain, difficulty and cache hider show up. One thing I have not done is to get rid of the database name after I delete that database. For example, I'll mount the Nuvi to my computer. Then using Explorer, I delete the Florida 2008.gpi file. However the database name Florida 2008 still shows after I do where to>extras>POI. Is there a way to delete this database name?
  5. Well I tried changing several settings in Sunrise XL. The one that worked was removing the Link Filter I put in to Allow *com/images. Now if I can only figure out how to get the Maps included in what goes to the Palm
  6. I just looked at the report generated by Sunrise XP and it says the status for the first file is "not modified" The sattus for the others is "excluded"
  7. I'd appreciate some more help. I set up a profile and selected the index.htm file generated by Pluckker. I set depth to 3 and "restrict to directory" I then right clicked on the job name and clicked update. I get a messge that that the document was updated When I Hotsync, I do get a new document but when I click on any link (like "index by name" I get a message that the "link was not downloaded by plucker". Can you help? What other settings do I need to be carefull about? Thanks
  8. Is there a tutorial on how to get from Pocket Query to Sunruse XP to the palm?
  9. Correction: it is a Palm m500
  10. I am using a Palm MP500 with GPS Spinner and Plucker for my paperless caching. I just loaded a GPX that has 23 caches, yet only 21 showed up on my palm. Can someone help please?
  11. I am using a Palm MP500 with GPS Spinner and plucker for my paperless caching. I can' get the maps shown on the cache to show up in Plucker. Can someone help please?
  12. How do I backup the waypoints on my Garmin GPS 60 to my PC? I can do it on my Nuvi 660: my PC recognizes the Nuvi in Windows Explore and its files (both internal and SD Card) and I just copy the waypoints. My GPS 60 is not recognized in Windows Explore. I know that the connection (via USB) is there as I can send cache coordinates to the 60.
  13. In reading some cache descriptions I have seen the expression "Hidden in Usual Way?" What does this mean?
  14. I have used the "Send to GPS command" very successfully. But I do not know if you need to be a premium member to do this. (I am one.) You need to download the Garmin Downloader first, but there is a link for this when you first try to send to GPS. So far as I understand it, this send to GPS function only works with Garmin products so far. Mine is a Nuvi 660
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