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  1. Not Founds are all part of geocaching if its there or not, it's still a Not Found. I still tell a story just like I would if I did find it.


    I was in IL the last three days and the first 2 caches I hunted for were missing and what a shame, because I took my mom on her first cache hunt and even though we didn't find it she had a very good time. On the way back we stopped just outside of Springfield MO to do one and we found it now she wants to go with me for some more caching.



    -Does anyone have some cache on them?-

  2. quote:
    Originally posted by Cache Canucks:

    Originally posted by SuperMadCachers:

    "...what a moron! Period. ..."

    With over a year to read through its posts (this thread actually started waayyyyy back in Feb 2002), you would think that folks would have had more than enough time to stop taking this discussion seriously. Period.


    '...some people started posting here not knowing what it was, and they'll continue posting here forever just because...'



    I second that emotion!!!! People don't read through the whole post before they reply.


    Welcome to the forums "SuperMadCachers" but take the time to read the whole thread, it is very funny as it was meant to be a JOKE.



    -Does anyone have some cache on them?-

  3. quote:
    Originally posted by dasein:

    We have removed several Power Bars that were 1 to 2 years past 'expiration.' Yuck! Also have removed cigarettes twice. Last summer during a long dry spell we removed a baggie with fireworks and matches in it; the cache was in the middle of an area surrounded by dead and dried grasses.


    Temporarily French Polynesia's most prolific geocachers!


    Ahhh... You reminded me of one other thing I found, a month ago I went on a night cache that hadn't been tried since October 2002 and the cacher that found it last placed a pair of Hollywood Theaters movie passes, when I saw that those were in there I told my caching partner that I want the tickets, so when we found the cache I pulled them out and thought I better look to see what the expiration date is, and sure enough they were pass the date. In fact they expired 4 months before the cachers placed them in there! The dates are right on the front easy to read, they knew that they were outdated.



    -Does anyone have some cache on them?-

  4. I quit trading for the most part, one cache I took some trash out and replaced it with a bunch of good stuff, it needed it bad. When I do trade I always try to trade up or at least even. I just got back from St Louis area of a 2 day caching adventure (need more like a week next time) but a lot of the caches I went to had good items in them, a couple had things I would have traded but didn't bring my backpack with me since now-a-days I just have fun "FSL" (Finding it, Signing it, Leaving it).



    -Does anyone have some cache on them?-

  5. I have been caching for only two months now but I have already removed from caches a few items that should not have been placed in a cache. I have removed: a shoe insole well used, a unused condom that the wrapper looked like it had been in someone's pocket for months this was in a cache that is "...for kids" also removed a cigarette from the same cache, one cache was so full of "cache trash" that we "TNLE" (took nothing left everything...) the best thing in that cache was a clothes pin.


    Makes me wonder: What have you removed from caches that shouldn't been in one in the first place?



    -Does anyone have some cache on them?-

  6. Darn! I thought I was going to get to do my first "Markwell" but the Search isn't working (at least for me). But anyway, there was another or two, three threads started asking the same question, and as BrianSnat answered back, No. The war will not affect the GPS signals, they (the GOV) only did it one time years ago. If someone could "Markwell" the thread I was trying to find it has a link to a gov. website explaining it all.


    Oh, btw, Welcome to the geocaching community!


    Does anyone have some cache on them?

  7. Welcome back. It's not worth getting over worked and quitting because of the forums. If someone should ever get mad and want to quit, it's not worth it, just quit the forums and stay caching. Caching is too much fun to quit. I use to get harassed but I didn't let it bother me and now they quit, it's not worth getting all doot head for.


    Oh and about you selling me your GPS, well I didn't need another one anyway. icon_biggrin.gif


    Does anyone have some cache on them?

  8. SEE! What did I tell you? Click on beckerbuns link and it goes right to Tupperware sales! No ammo cans, just Tupperware and Tupperware accessories.


    I want to start my own store called "Spatula City" where all I will sale is spatulas!


    Does anyone have some cache on them?

  9. by yumitori ...



    They just what to bump off Mr. Snazz's *ammo boxes should be banned* thread...


    That would be hard to do, thats my favorite Troll thread! A lot of people jumped off the deep end on that one. Mr Snazz = Troll King




    Does anyone have some cache on them?

  10. quote:
    Originally posted by DeerChaser & Poni:

    Bye!!! You have no control over the forums, makes you mad. You read the topic, what makes you click it? Whos the idiot? Do you know how stupid we all look? If joe public was to read these forums what kind of opinion would he have about us geocachers? I bet you (CCC) never asked for help on something you didn't understand huh. Just because someone doesn't understand a GPSr makes him/her an idiot? Who the hell do you think you are, judge, prosecutor, and executioner? I'm sick of cold, hateful people such as yourself, no need to be that way. I'm glad you found the OFF button. Lets just offend every new person that comes here to get info. This action will surely expand our sport...


    Rino 110

    MeriGreen 128

    WOW DC! You go dude!




    Does anyone have some cache on them?

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