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  1. Taking off the organiser hat, and putting on the Geocacher traveller, this is the way we have found out about International Events,and managed to fit those into travel plans in the past, if it were not for the Mega information in the mailers, we'd not have gone to the Groundspeak Block Party in 2011 - a case for Groundspeak to make note of, the International Events listed give people time to plan travel dates. Now to put back on the Oz Mega 2014 hat, this "presence" on the mailers is part of our drive to get the next Mega in Oz noticed by people travelling/making plans, to attend the event in South Australia, so the original format needs to be returned. regards Gayle & Mark
  2. What killed my interest in most all coins. Commercialization, Cost, Attitude of People. I can count on 1 hand the coins i've purchsed in the last 2 years. I had a pathtag made and for a few months really got back into the excitement of trading personals, but even my interest in that has waned. nero - we activly sought out one of your coins, they are AWESOME, we also traded for one of your path tags - just love the little critter!' We have not bought a lot of coins in this last year, we moved over to the öther side"and had some path tags made, we got to pick designs easily, and have made our own to trade. We drop these sig items activly when we get out and about geocaching. We initially intended to do a personal geocoin, but because our released geocoins have gone missing, we no longer release them, we do activate interesting coins for discovery at meet & Greet events. So in some ways there is a wane in coin collecting, would love to have one of Tsun's coins but never could get one in a sale so gave up, and they went for far too much on ebay... just 2c from Down under. cheers Gayle & Mark
  3. Flipper&co hosted an event in South Australia last year on 09.09.09 and we are planning to do 10.10.10 for this year. cheers Gayle & Mark
  4. Millie, would it not be cheaper to jump in the car and drive to Euro Disney? Just a thought Have a great trip, not even gonna guess, we are envious as there are no big trips in our caching plans, only little weekend ones. cheers Gayle & Mark
  5. We gave each other keys that are geocoins - when we got married on 08.08.08 and they can be discovered when we attend events. Like the carosel horse on a necklace too. We met Mrs. Blorenge in England last year and she wears a sand dollar as a necklace, it was very nice and we discovered that too cheers Gayle & Mark
  6. We have put 2 coins in a Virtual graveyard, rules are notes only, it's not a find it log. we did sent a TB there, but it was found i n the bottom of a bag several months after it went MIA, I don't see a problem as long as it is the owner that does the placing and there is no find log. 2c from South Australia. cheers Gayle & Mark
  7. Love the idea, but $200 converted is way scarey at present. Maybe when they go ahead... some one will trade us just 1 would make a great addition to our shaped geocoins. cheers Gayle & Mark
  8. Flipper&co will also be in for a couple, we have a close tie to what has happened over in King Lake. cheers Gayle & Mark
  9. Lady Luck & Titanic coins arrived in our post box today, thanks for getting them to us. cheers Gayle & Mark
  10. Hi Karin, glad you got a Jellyfish, they are such a nice coin, one of my favourites. I managed to scare up some aussie path tags for a trade, got hold of trades he was looking for and we got a golden one as a wedding present as well as some very cool tags. We'd love to get a hold of your frog and cat coins, they are very cute too Also have seen your tags too cheers Gayle & Mark
  11. The Flipper's got their secon mission today from Barry & Valarie of Sweetlife, great snowman suncatcher and a geocoin tag. Also included in our great Penguin card was our trade of a Santa coin, so thanks for doing that too. If Gayle was not such a doltz, she could work out how to upload photos.. oh well.. there's always next year to learn. We have also decided to activate both our mission coins to share with others when we attend events thanks again Butterfly lady for playing Penguin, it was a great mission. don't sun too much at the xmas Barbies!! cheers from the others down under Gayle & Mark
  12. The Flipper's got our first mission, and when Mark brought in the envelope and said it was from NZ, I was very excited, could not wait to open the envelope, and woohoo, a fantastic NZ coin, thank you ever so much Butterfly Lady, little penguin one day last year we were sure we were following your logs around Adeladie we both love this new coin to our travelling collection. Gayle & Mark
  13. We picked up a micro in Singapore when travelling through, as it had not yet been logged in we wrote a note, which let it's owner know we had it and also the dropper knew it was in our hands, then when it was logged in we could log it out to send on it's merry way.
  14. OHHH wow... love that new Kiwi coin... I have my fingers crossed it's coming to oz Got both of my letter off, and as bothe are heading far, far away, the lady at the post office had me fill out a green slip for customs... and I was explainging to her I was hoping to get a coupleof nice pressies in return, any coins are good coins the Flippers will be happy with what ever comes our way.. but that NZ one is great cheers Gayle & Mark
  15. How cool that design is, but we'll have to give it a miss, the exchange rate is not as nice as it was 6 months ago, made my collection nearly 30% more valuable over night!!!! That's if any one was counting cheers Gayle & Mark
  16. We collected a fair few travellers, coins & TB's which we took on our recent trip out of OZ, any that did not have mission tags we made laminated tags, and coins had a laminated card with all the details put in the flips. We do not like to pick up a traveller and not know what it's intended mission is, so we made sure all of the ones we took were accounted for. We also brought some back, but not all were marked so it was a little confuseing when dropping them off again. We were away when the MaxB gang called in to SA and attended the pub lunch, would have liked to meet them, they sure get around, and move a lot of travellers. We only did a few and it was hard work, so we are in awe of these guys. We'd like to think others look after our traveller's like we try to look after others, and make sure they get around. Cheers Gayle & Mark
  17. thanks update on the project, the Flippers are happy we have been included in this project. Hope all gets better for you Jen. Cheers Gayle & Mark
  18. Hi we have a bunch of travellers all over the place. Lost 1 in Norway, and one in oz, one a coin and the other a trackable pin, had a couple of TB's go AWOL then re-appear. We have a bunch ready to leave from oz, all that have been here a long while or aiming on a mission, so they will be off soon. We look after the coins we pick up and hope others do the same for ours, but there is always that unknown element, and we take the risk with trust and faith sending our travellers off to see where they go. We have 11 new travellers to release on our trip, with a distinct aussie bent, they may go missing, but fingers crossed they will all have a great adventure on their travels. Cheers Gayle & Mark
  19. As the Flipper's will be in transit (honeymoon-caching trip) the day these go on sale, we will miss this item, boo hoo........ we will be somewhere in between Singapore and London, depending on the time difference and the sale release will have to hope to see some in the wild one day. Gayle & Mark
  20. Love these coins, so despite the aussie dollar dropping, and heading off os next week, just had to pre-order the set, would love to have purchased the AE edition that is a sweet one in the gallery, along with the AE of the sun ones. You guys make the sort of coins we Flipper's love, so keep up the great work. cheers Gayle & Mark
  21. Yep the flipper's had to have some frogs too, can't wait to see the tree frogs, hope we do not miss out while off travelling. Gayle & Mark
  22. Flipper's mission was sent to Florida to Six Little Spookies, and we recieved ours from Horn Hunters so missions all complete on our end. cheers Gayle & Mark
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