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  1. I'm not sure if three of our bugs work as they are kind of stuck in remote places. But our tracker bug is stuck at the same mileage for about a month now and repeated calculating doesn't work either. Patience, I assume
  2. Thanks for your answer. In our case the coin has not been 'checked out' from the previous cache and thus not logged into the cache I found it in. When when we're going caching again this weekend we will grab it if nothing happened until then. it just feels a bit rude to me. Maybe the person who moved the coin really currently has no internet or time to log it. I'd probably be easier with it if it wasn't an airport cache where many very busy cachers might pass through Oh! I assumed it's a kind of bad manners to discover or move your own trackables. No problem in this case. The bug will eventually move on even if the in-cache times are rather long here.
  3. Hello, I picked up a coin from a travelbug hotel at an airport two days ago before flying home. Generally we want to move them on as quick as possible. However, this coin has not been logged yet, and neither logged as being taken out of the previous cache. The person still 'holding' it might of course still be travelling without access to internet. I'm not sure who this person is. How long should we wait until we 'grab' the coin from the previous owner to deposit it somewhere else? And if we grab it should we briefly drop it into the cache it was taken out so that the owner had that cache on his coin's travel map? And related to that: We stumbled upon one of our own trackables in a cache. It had been sitting there for about 6 weeks while we assumed it was still in the hands of someone. Now you're not supposed to discover your own trackables, though this was a real discovery in a way The person depositing it there did not react to an email of ours when kindly asked to 'release' it. Is it in that case ok to discover and log ones own trackables so that it is listed for that specific cache?
  4. Hello, we've been caching in Noway for a while now. However, there are a few situations where we wonder if we're allowed to walk or drive there or not. GC1E9E4 is one such example. It is surrounded by fences and there's no way towards the cache other than climbing over the fence. We've seen more caches where the easiest way would be to walk along the edge of a field or over a fenced in meadow with sheep or cows. At other times there are gravelled roads, usually with street names, leading to houses or farms off the main road. Is it ok to drive into those roads and park there or is it better to find a parking place along the main road? Generally: where are we allowed to drive or walk in Norway? Thanks a lot, Terratin.
  5. Thanks I have a couple of ideas, though also discarded a few as I'm simply not an igneous or metamorphic rocks specialist and wasn't quite sure myself what I was actually looking at Other ideas turned out to be a bit too vague and degraded for an EarthCache, like the Karmoy Ophiolite. Don't be disappointed when I start out with something simple. There's still a lot of good stuff around. I also have a couple of ideas for EarthCaches in Denmark and Greece. Just need to get there again for collecting data We did the Oslo Uni cache just last week, btw. It was great to walk around a university again.
  6. Just because someone has been negligent about putting a copyright notice on their website, if they took the photos or drew the illustrations, they hold the copyright to those images. (At least in the U.S.; other countries' laws may be somewhat different, although there are international conventions that agree on the basics.) Giving credit to the site/person from whom you took the image does not qualify as getting their permission to use the image. As you noted, materials from U.S. government agencies are okay to use. Materials from, say, a state university are usually the intellectual property of that institution, and thus require permission to use just as you'd need from a private individual or a company. Patty That's how I see it as well, and that's, to my best knowledge, how it's handlered in Europe. To look at governmental websites however is a good idea. Can't wait for the next weekend to continue with this And I hope I've found a local egological map until then
  7. Hello, a week or so ago I stumbled upon a wonderful location for an earthcache. I know I need the landowners ok for this. In this case it's on cummunity ground. Well, might be difficult to explain to them as land that does not belong to a person belongs to everyone basically. a) How do you solve that problem when getting the ok for placing an earthcache in such countries? the earthcache website is currently offline it seems but I recall reading there that one needs written permission. Is email sufficient or do I need a written and sealed letter? c) I'm not particularly good with drawing. I noticed that many earthcaches make use of professional drawings to clarify the topic. It's probably copyright infringement, right? Is there a source for opensource geolscience art? Thanks a lot, TT
  8. Hello, I looked at a larger number of caches that I'd like to do. Now there are many more caches in the area. I wonder if there's a way to only display those selected caches on a map in order to make a final decision (driving route, etc). It doesn't seem to work with a bookmark list. Would a pocket query work? Though I only see the option to enter one cache. Any other ideas? Thanks
  9. Oooh, I really like that! Though I'm not sure if it's a good idea to bring an ammo box into the Middle East, or out of it Maybe there are still old-fashioned car or suitcase stickers around, you know, those you find on the cars of 'the elder' mostly. Almost bought one of those tiny magnetic fakescrews yesterday as they are so easy to hide in cities, but I guess we'll have to look a bit more into this and indeed opt for a larger box. BTW, how do you get in contact with a reviewer? I do have an idea for a hide but want to be sure it's fine/not to close to others/etc before I actually buy a container. Oh, and world travel sounds so pompous. It's rather work for me, another office every few months, and after I learnt everything there is to learn *cough cough* we'll settle down a wee bit longer. Until it gets boring again I suppose.
  10. Thanks for your reply. I was afraid of something like that. The first move is in 4.5 months, the next two after 8 months each, then possibly every 3-4 years. Means we'll probably have to wait at least 2 more years until we can hide a cache ourselves
  11. Hello, we'll be moving around quiet a bit over the next few years, planned is another country every few months. Two more moves are planned, a third is quiet possible. We'd love to hide a geocache ourselves but will get into trouble with maintenance once we leave. Is it possible, and has it been done before to hide a cache nearby, add a date to the infopage until it will be available, then take it along and hide it at the new location without deleting the logs? Could imagine it as a kind of event cache with a little party or something similar just before the cache moves on. Question is what to do with bugs or coins within that cache that don't want to travel to the other side of the world. A microcache would probably be the better solution. Any thoughts on that?
  12. Tnx, yes, a general indication of the final destination will be added to the TB description.
  13. I'd like to send a TB to a friend of ours who lives in Ulaan Bataar (Mongolia), but i'm wondering how to let it make the final stage. To fulfil it's assignment, i'd like to have a picture taken with the TB, my friend and the geocacher who takes it there, however i don't want to post the final destination address online (nor add it to the TB) and there's always the possibility my friends simply isn't at home. So i'm wondering what to do... Could i fi have my friends phonenumber added to the TB? Or simply have the cachers who want to take it to my friend contact me for address details? The latter seems a problem in the sense that (s)he might not be able to contact me during her/his stay in Ulaan Bataar, thus passing the opportunity to personally deliver the TB (and enjoy a glass of vodka ). Just realised i know the coordinates where he lives, so maybe i could add those (in some encrypted form) to the TB? Obviously it would be easier to just send the TB to Ulaan Bataar, however, as my friend is not geocaching, he won't be able to retrieve the TB himself. Tnx!
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