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  1. So I'm curious. I never really use this map as it's slow and doesn't show what I want to view - basically use it for tour planning for which it is useless. Ok, so the old version takes 7 seconds to load. Maybe the new version is faster when I'm moved over.
  2. People making up ways to write coordinates. I just prepared a multi for the weekend and found that every station has the coordinates written as N 55.34.123. - E 006.34.123. Argh! Considering these are all coordinates where I have to solve a puzzle to get the complete coords it's a massive headache to edit this on a phone to get usable coords. Glad I edited it beforehand.
  3. Oh yes, Virtuals used to be special. Hey, they were even special when I started caching. I went to Germany on Friday specifically for a webcam. Wow, that was super special as I only have one left in NL, on an island that I can't get to easily. Without the special thing attached most Virtuals are just, well.. caches without a container.
  4. I just updated. Mine works in iPhone 8 and a fairy recent iOS. Have you tried deleting the app and completely reinstalling it?
  5. Edinburgh is full of old police boxes. There's a Wherigo which requites you to find them all. I think there are about 30 left.
  6. Mal ein paar Stats aus einer andere Ecke: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/netherlands/ Ein Teil der hohen Neuinfektionen kommt daher dass die Testkapazitaeten einfach nicht vorhanden waren - und uebrigens noch immer nicht sind. Bis Juli oder so war es total unmoeglich einen Test zu kriegen, und als ich im September einen Test brauchte musste ich 4 Tage warten bis endlich in der Naehe Platz war. Und dann dauerte es nochmal 4 Tage bis das Ergebnis da war (negativ). Die meisten Neuinfektionenen sind tatsaechlich bei juengeren Mengen. Fallzahlen nach Alter kann man irgendwo hier finden, wenn man sich die Muehe macht eine riesige Exceltabelle auszuarbeiten: https://www.rivm.nl/coronavirus-covid-19/actueel Was mir auffaellt: auf den Strassen sieht man kaum noch aeltere Menschen, ebenso wenig in Oeffies oder in Sehenswuerdigkeiten. Diese scheinen sich komplett nach drinnen zurueckgezogen zu haben, eben weil es draussen keine Sicherheit gibt. In den Nachrichten wurde zwar berichtet dass viele aeltere Leute sich zurueckziehen, der Sicherheit wegen, aber ich haette nicht erwartet dass dieses auch so sichtbar ist. Events gab es ziemlich kurz im September und Anfang Oktober. Seitdem sind die wieder alle archiviert. Ist auch gut so um ehrlich zu sein. Auch wenn dieses fuer mich persoenlich bedeutet dass ich seit einem Umzug Anfang des Jahres hier immer noch keine Leute kenne. Ist halt so.
  7. At the moment I feel: can't we just go back to a simple, basic html website? No fancy overlays, no fancy modern tech. Just a website that actually works and loads fast.
  8. That's not too bad, really. For my local area, say roughly 15km in diameter things look similar. How many more similar sized places are there around the world? Should every smaller place have 5 of them, or 10? Where do you draw the line with regards to saturation? Are there enough interesting places at all? What if those selected locals decide that there's just nothing interesting nearby and they'd rather place the caches in Sydney?
  9. Hey, new country souvenirs! https://www.geocaching.com/blog/2020/10/new-country-souvenir-honduras-with-geocache-of-the-week-copan/
  10. Ah, I had problems with this yesterday. I clicked on it and it seemed that an invisible layer was over the pen after I used the personal cache notes: not clickable anymore unless I refreshed the page. Makes me wonder if there’s a connection.
  11. Quite honestly, I think the concept is good. The execution is just not very well done. And one of those aspects is the inflated find numbers.
  12. When I try to adjust coordinates after I'd made changes to my personal cache notes then the little pop-up to adjust the coordinates doesn't pop up. I first need to refresh the page, and then it works. Firefox, latest version on Win 10.
  13. The easy way to get smileys is what puts me off ALs to be honest. I'm not into numbers, and doing an activity that clearly boosts finds just feels wrong to me. Hey, there's an AL in Amsterdam with 5 points within roughly 100m. Oh come on, seriously: What's the point! I would certainly do them more often if I only got one find per completed AL.
  14. Now that's an idea I really like. Ignoring Covid and all, this could also be rather fun, to take a photo with friends and lots of other people at the same time.
  15. I never noticed tbh. But then I never really log with an app. I tried to fix this yesterday by adjusting the time stamps of the other caches in Cachly. With the result that the first logged cache is now not the last one anymore, but the second-last
  16. That's odd! I just wanted to have a look at TO's profile to see whether they are from the UK, and got a DNF. In the UK there's a Fine Pair series of caches. It's usually an old phone box and letter box next to another. Never heard of a photo requirement though. And... well.. my experience with these caches is rather limited as the few I did were all hidden inside the phone box or required info from inside, which had a very distinct odor of pee.
  17. Today at lunch time I logged one cache with Cachly. It has the time stamp 12:15 Once I got home I logged the remaining caches via my computer as usual. Those all have a time stamp of 12:00, and hence the logging order here is messed up: all caches logged by computer tonight are in the right order, but the first cache logged over lunch appears as last one in the list. Btw, the one NM log I placed via browser does have the right time stamp: 20:53, but the Found log places a minute before that says 12:00. Something is really wrong here.
  18. Oh yeah, I see the same slowdown as well on all the points you mention. Also, the browse map loads so ridiculously slow, and needs regular refreshs because the caches are (once again) not clickable after the first cache was opened from that map.
  19. Agreed! How would GS distribute them? You'd need a suitable webcam nearby to start with, and preferably know that it's reliable. I just had a look in my general area: lots of websites that list webcams, and all the cams are down/gone (probably for a long time). Btw, I did log a webcam today, and I really enjoyed the anticipation and the moment of taking the photo at such a rare cache. That was fab!
  20. Just a thought: it’s not possible to use a waypoint with additional information without a question, right?
  21. I'm doing a webcam today I hope *looks if train services are running* and am happy that they are so rare. In the past I would have done every virtual, regardless of how s***ty they were because of how rare they were. Now I tend to skip those that don't interest me. I guess Webcams will be a lot less interesting if there were more. Once I've done this webcam I will only have one left that requires a roughly 3h train ride and a ship ride, or cross various border. I quite like it that they are so rare.
  22. I'm considering the same, and think of making it a (non) EarthCache. Basically an idea I had that would open a can of worms for future EarthCaches. Thus an AL could potentially be the right cache type for that.
  23. At least you can always get your eyesight tested.
  24. I know... I've been shaking my head in despair for months to be honest. There were times when I stopped going to the market because people just didn't care. One of the market folks asked me why I stopped coming. Explained that people just bloody ignored the rules for distancing at the market. He thought I was exaggerating. Been offended for wearing a mask months ago in a supermarket as well... Bars and restaurants closed is no problem for me. Get nice charcuterie or cheese, fresh bread, and eat in. Well.. sanitary... ehm.. lets say if you're out in nature all day you don't expect a loo to pop up somewhere (though I've seen them on Aland). Good luck with your trip! I'd considered SE Belgium and Luxemburg for a trip at the beginning of this year. Ho hum...
  25. Yep. I have to say though that sitting in a train with two other people in the compartment to cross a border, or visiting a tourist trap such as Split or Trogir while there are just a handful of other people at most feels much safer than squeezing into a full supermarket where nobody cares about masks or keeping a distance (yes, the Dutch know everything better and don't listen to government). Plus when I go somewhere I'm always prepared to do a u-turn and go back or go somewhere else if a place turns out to be too crowded. And I've done that a few times. Helps of course if you have an interest in things that in normal times are not too crowded either of course.
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