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  1. I'm currently looking at a pile of mysteries in a bookmark list. Some are solved, some not yet. It would be really cool to get a marker for corrected coordinates. There's a list marker for personal cache notes, but not for corrected coordinates. This way I could easily see which mysteries I still need to solve.
  2. Oh well, I guess it's time to archive my cache from 2011 on a nice footpath between an old church and a nice country estate. Found nearly 500 times, not a micro in a corner, something to see. Just an old-school cache of the type that I'd be happy to find. It just doesn't have fps because it doesn't have a pound shop toy attached to it, or a hole drilled into a tree, or some electronic toys.
  3. I don't think we'll get the old profile back, and if it's not usable for implementing future things then that's a shame, but understandable. However, the design really, really needs some more work. It looks messy, everything jumps around when clicking a link, the huge amount of white space. Come on guys, this can be done so much better!
  4. I don't feel like drawing alignment lines this time because I did that already and nothing changed. Quite honestly, is this what is considered to be good, fit for purpose design?
  5. Congratulations! It was kind of on my list for this year for a day trip, but then I could not travel to Montenegro as it's not an EU country. So I went to Croatia instead. Another time.
  6. New country souvenir out yesterday I think: Albania https://www.geocaching.com/blog/2020/11/new-country-souvenir-albania-with-geocache-of-the-week-butrint/
  7. I reported this much earlier here already. Really annoying that it's still not solved.
  8. Exactly, that's why I mentioned it. Just introduce people to the hobby.
  9. Do you think someone would actually look at this? In the end it's just a bit of extra trash in a container box. And then imagine everyone did this. What you could do though is hide a cache near a control line flying place, and call it Control Line Flying Cache and provide factual information about it. Leave promotional information out, like: this is our club. Membership costs $$$, etc. That should be fine. Or make a mystery with a quiz about this topic. I usually ignore those unless I really need that particular cache for a challenge, but I'm sure other people would find it. And especially if it has a nice container at a nice location.
  10. Regular home location changer here. Never seen this either. Have you excluded foul play? Have a unique password for gc and change it ever so often?
  11. I don't think we know the team structure of gs. Maybe they have a website dev team, a game progression dev team, an app-based game dev team, etc.
  12. Yes, project gc does the same, but that's beside the point. I don't care about these stats, I'm sure others find them useful. One thing: If I search I don't see in the results which loop I'm searching. I suppose this is only the first missing loop. A simple header stating this might be useful. Otherwise good to see that this works with filters. (and an earthcache with missing loop combination is 90km away )
  13. I'm not sure if local high would help. I'm 5'6.5 and way below average for women here. Every cache that mentions 'up' or 'slightly up' requires a ladder. Or at least balancing on my bike and hoping it doesn't roll off
  14. Totally confused. So confused in fact that I'll ponder about it all day instead of going out to find a few caches. Aw shame. I'd hope the highlighting was done by GS. Oh well...
  15. I do like the colours indicating the least frequent combinations. Would also love to see this on the calendar. Don't care about the floaty congratulations thingy though.
  16. Some automatization there would be great: if your log is 70% or more the same than others on that day then only one counts fully I think I'm at 72 or so. I even managed to go up 1 word on average this year for some reason.
  17. Just one point per completed lab, not 5 or however many stages there are
  18. So I do get apple maps in the app, and it's completely useless for hiking trails around here. I don't know how that is even possible as I deleted the Apple Map app.
  19. Thanks a lot. Mind you, it's completely empty until the end of the year. At least I got to attend one Community Celebration event /offtopic
  20. I was just switched over to 1.2 Compared to 7 seconds loading with the old version I got less than 2 now. There's one bug though, and it looks like the error on the event calendar: When I click on deselect all I get a non-existing overlay edit: all the other slide-switches on the map show the same behaviour! Btw, I also just looked at the event calendar again where a similar issue was present. Now I get the following: Not an empty layer anymore, but a map gets incorporated there. Firefox latest version on Win 10.
  21. Well, it's certainly a very creative way to write coords.
  22. So I'm curious. I never really use this map as it's slow and doesn't show what I want to view - basically use it for tour planning for which it is useless. Ok, so the old version takes 7 seconds to load. Maybe the new version is faster when I'm moved over.
  23. People making up ways to write coordinates. I just prepared a multi for the weekend and found that every station has the coordinates written as N 55.34.123. - E 006.34.123. Argh! Considering these are all coordinates where I have to solve a puzzle to get the complete coords it's a massive headache to edit this on a phone to get usable coords. Glad I edited it beforehand.
  24. Oh yes, Virtuals used to be special. Hey, they were even special when I started caching. I went to Germany on Friday specifically for a webcam. Wow, that was super special as I only have one left in NL, on an island that I can't get to easily. Without the special thing attached most Virtuals are just, well.. caches without a container.
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