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  1. Yep, but only for premium members of Project-gc I think. It's something I use a lot.
  2. I'm currently planning a bigger trip and wanted to check a few things in my bookmark list by looking at the caches in the right order of that trip. Thus I mapped the list. But when I zoom in on the map other caches load, which is very annoying as this is a very cache-dense area and I thus can't see the other selected caches of that trip anymore. Thus mapping that list is useless as I can't do anything with it
  3. Nice! Had no chance of getting the 2020 locationless, but this one should be possible.
  4. Anyone found a reason not to use this app? With the new one I'm considering ditching the old one, but if I do I'll have lost it. Anything that doesn't work? Any integration into the official geocaching app that I should know about (I only use cachly)?
  5. That's brilliant! First quick look at it: It took me seconds to find and download the reverse Wherigo cartridge. Perfect. Downloading cartridges on the old app was just super tedious. So far massive improvement. Now it needs a proper test. Which might take a while.
  6. Geohashing? https://xkcd.com/426/
  7. I have the other three but am really looking for this coin. Any sellers? I could get it activated, but I don't like to have coins in my profile that just sit in a box. Seller from Europe preferred
  8. Depends. Being super flexible helps. At the moment there are usually two other people on a bus, thus that's fine. If a bus turns out to be too full then I walk or wait for the next half an hour later. Trains are a little bit fuller, but also generally one person per two rows of seats. Thus also lots of distance.
  9. Thanks a lot Moun10Bike. One more to the endless engineering list Yes, I had deleted cookies as well and it did nothing to me.
  10. Ok, when you sort the list by name then there are many caches starting with #<number> Koetje Boe. Theose with number 13, 16, 36, 37, 52 are solved and have corrected coords. None of them show the corrected coords icon when sorting by distance and refreshing. second image same caches sorted by name and refreshed
  11. yes, this one. I do get the icons when I sort by name, but not when sorting by distance. And this is true for every cache in this list.
  12. The problem has not fixed itself for me. So I guess it's a case of America first indeed.
  13. I can't remember my goals for this year. Likely go caching and exploring: done traveling: kind of, did travel a lot more than I thought. find EarthCaches: so far I found 100 this year. Not too bad
  14. Cool! I don't have a car thus I walk or cycle, and combine it with public transport. I just went to a small town some 70min away from home and from there did a bit of sighseeing and then walked some 5km to an EarthCache over a windy dike and back. At the moment I like municipality bagging, and I try to combine it with some sightseeing or a nice hike wherever possible. If not it's just getting off the bus, to next cache, and then on again. But that's rare.
  15. Yep, also in Europe. Firefox, latest version, on Win10. Odd one that some people can reproduce it and others can't.
  16. Yes, that's the obvious thing. Didn't fix it for me though.l.
  17. Ah, this is what I needed to know. Considering we're in lockdown again until into January it's very welcome.
  18. Ok, there's more to this. The new tab works, also when I refresh it. Until I sort the list by distance and refresh it again. Then all markers are gone again. Makes me wonder if there's a bug related to sorting and refreshing. When I sort by name and refresh the markers are back, sort by distance again and refresh and they are gone.
  19. @Moun10Bike Absolutely. It's a public list that I found during a bored moment: https://www.geocaching.com/plan/lists/BM5XXVN Oh, now it works! I don't know i this is a browser issue. I just tested the link I posted here, and all the markers are there all of a sudden. While they still don't show up in the original tab. Firefox, same browser instance. A hard refresh doesn't bring them out either. And neither did restarting my computer after an update two days ago. Hmm... So, it works. It just didn't in the browser tab I solved those pesky puzzles from originally. Odd.
  20. Will do. Thanks a lot Moun10Bike. One observation: the first cache in this list is one I solved I think on Friday. The cache note does show up in the list, but not the solved marker. But both seem to be at the same location, thus maybe that's a conflict. I'll check again in a few days to see how the others are doing.
  21. thats odd. I was suprised something like this was missed out. I just did a pile of Jigidi puzzles, and all active caches in the second image now have corrected coordinates. None show. Maybe a bug? Firefox, latest version in Windows. I also just put all scripts/addons off. Thus no, I don't see it. I only get markers for caches with a personal cache note, see first image (no corrected coords here) no solved coords markers.
  22. I'm currently looking at a pile of mysteries in a bookmark list. Some are solved, some not yet. It would be really cool to get a marker for corrected coordinates. There's a list marker for personal cache notes, but not for corrected coordinates. This way I could easily see which mysteries I still need to solve.
  23. Oh well, I guess it's time to archive my cache from 2011 on a nice footpath between an old church and a nice country estate. Found nearly 500 times, not a micro in a corner, something to see. Just an old-school cache of the type that I'd be happy to find. It just doesn't have fps because it doesn't have a pound shop toy attached to it, or a hole drilled into a tree, or some electronic toys.
  24. I don't think we'll get the old profile back, and if it's not usable for implementing future things then that's a shame, but understandable. However, the design really, really needs some more work. It looks messy, everything jumps around when clicking a link, the huge amount of white space. Come on guys, this can be done so much better!
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