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  1. I just hide them as they mean nothing to me. I only display country souvenirs and anything EarthCache-related. But I'm sure lots of people love them.
  2. Well, another similar trip coming up on Friday to Saturday. And again it just snowed and will be below freezing. Gaiters are packed this time, thermals will come along, and I will remember this time that the tiny car I have rented has front wheel drive and hence I will park it in snow with the back wheels instead of the front wheels
  3. No reason to be snarky. Find an android developer who would like to spend some time on this.
  4. Are rattlesnakes aggressive, or do they only attack when you've ignored the rattling and are literally standing on top of them? Greetings from the continent that mostly lacks poisonous critters
  5. Oh, you're using the search map and not the browser map? Try this one here: https://www.geocaching.com/map/ this map should work better for you
  6. True, this. I completely forgot that I had them to be honest. Bought them to deal with wet grass and grassland with unexpected holes filled with water (also called moor) in Scotland. I didn't expect that much snow, but then I didn't plan to go that high up into the hills. Ho hum... EC winner today: "find some pyrite crystals on the ground... " Me, looking at nearly 30cm of snow: Hmm.. maybe not. I did find some on the outcrop though. Phew.
  7. Oooh, I didn't get it either and thought you referred to taking fingers and thumb out of the ends and making a fist to warm up everthing. Looks like Bernie is doing just that. Note to self: Gaiters! Nothing more annoying than wading through snow that is deeper than your boots. Got properly wet feet today, but fortunately no freezing toes.
  8. Nope, been there, tried it. Ok, 22 caches found, well.. visited and notes taken. Only one cache was an actual container, buried under snow. I decided to wear thermals after all. I really needed the bottoms. Top is a bit more tricky: at times I really, really needed it and at other times it was too warm. Oh well, still a good trip. I somehow managed to walk about 17km today. Tomorrow is the long day though: 25ECs
  9. I'll go searching once I'm back from this trip. Weather update: it snowed over night. Sigh. At least there's a chance the snow will be gone by Tuesday when I'm heading for the hillier parts.
  10. Oh, that's an interesting idea! Thanks a lot. Maybe this will keep my fingers from freezing!
  11. In this case it's mostly EarthCaches, 1 virtual and 1 webcam. And maybe 2-3 actual containers But yes, containers should not get soaked.
  12. Hey, that's actually a good idea! The weather forecast seems to be improving and there's a chance that it'll be dry, but I'll pack an umbrella.
  13. Yeah, that's pretty much my thought. There's a risk though that the car won't get warm during these short rides towards the next cache. 35F isn't really that cold, but it's humid here and I can't bloody deal with humid. Cold and dry: oh yeah! Cold and super hot: Fantastic! Anything humid thrown in in winter and I'm freezing without ever getting warm regardless of how much I hike. I'll be doing EarthCaches, thus lots of note taking. I think I might take an actual notebook. Maybe I can write with gloves. I certainly have a very nice thicker pen that might be perfect for this.
  14. No time. And I don't own a car, thus this would be a bit of a waste. Hmm.. battery powered bike grips though.. I wonder if that exists.
  15. *grin* That's not a problem for me. I love hot temperatures and would easily go on a hike above 40. Ehm.. yeah, my problem is the opposite: I don't really get warm even if I walk a lot. The problem here is that the air is fairly humid, which just doesn't work for me at all. Dry and cold is still ok, but humid and cold... please remind me again why I decide to do this now?
  16. Ugh, i always forget wearing a scarf for some reason. Noted! I won't be able to get handwarmers anymore. The trip already starts Monday morning, shops are closed and all deliveries take a lot longer due to Covid. Thanks a lot!
  17. Looking for some ideas. I have a 3 day cache trip planned for which I will rent a small car. The trip will consist of many rides of a few to 30 minutes and many stops with walks of 50-4000m. Weather will be just above freezing, probably around 2-5C, possibly a light drizzle. No turbo air conditioning in the car, but obviously normal heating. No idea if the car will get warm during all those tiny rides and stops. I have raynaud syndrome, thus frozen fingers and toes will be a fact, regardless of what I do. Any suggestions on how to dress? I'm considering a thermal base layer, but if that's too warm then I can't take it off until the evening. I have no high-tech trousers but a choice of various tops.
  18. Yes, that one! I went over on all four
  19. Congratulations, Froghamster Jordan is totally amazing, and I also still remember that very old cache in Petra and the effort it took to get it (I have a problem with heights in conjunction with wooden planks thrown over a deep hole ) It's certainly great that GS is continuing with releasing country souvenirs. So lets see what's next.
  20. Cachly works brilliantly offline! It's certainly my app of choice. It's not a free app, but the developer is doing such good work that he deserves to be supported. Do check that an iPhone 6s is still supported though.
  21. New country souvenirs! This month it's Jordan https://www.geocaching.com/blog/2021/01/new-country-souvenir-jordan-with-geocache-of-the-week-petra/
  22. Ah, that's likely the answer then! Thanks a lot. I didn't activate it to show the tour, but it's indeed installed in this browser.
  23. Oh, I didn't know. Sounds like a good quality app then.
  24. I'll be testing it next week where I have a caching trip planned.
  25. Yep, but only for premium members of Project-gc I think. It's something I use a lot.
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