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  1. When you find your summer vacation destination for next year One new country and more ECs than I could do in 3 weeks
  2. But would that be a problem? Those people never found a cache in Russia. Hey, I cheated, I know I cheated and I still keep my reward. Cool. But that discussion is moot anyway as the cache is archived and changed back to Poland.
  3. Yeah, sounds more difficult for you. Sorry I could still spend my summer vacation on one of the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man (or Greenland, should I suddenly get stinking rich). Got beaches, possibly sunny. Just not warm
  4. Back home from a wonderful summer vacation. From now on finding summer vacation destinations in Europe, with nice weather, sea and a new country will be difficult. Bulgaria and Slovenia are still options, but I've looked at Bulgaria before and only found terrible, overrun mass tourism places. And Slovenia seems rather expensive. Maybe Albania, even if it's on my geomap already from a day trip. But I'd like to see more of that country. Oh dear.. the problems of someone who loves to visit a new country ever so often.
  5. Ok, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a fact after the most ridiculous trip ever (well, kind of only). Got up at 6:30, drove to bus station in Montenegro, waited for delayed bus. Bus arrived in Mostar with a delay of two hours, but that left me ample time to find a few caches, get a DNF, visit a marvelous Spomenik and just do some general sightseeing. Going back tomorrow, and based on this experience I don't really expect to be back before dinner.
  6. I always log in English, regardless of where I am and whether I speak the language or not. I don't know... it just happened that way. The logs are for me, and who knows, 30 years down the road I might have forgotten language xyz. However, if I know the language then I log will attends, needs maintenance, etc in the local language, and do send in EC answers in as well.
  7. You could put them on the ignore list, and when you're zoomed in enough you won't see them anymore. Simples. Btw, judging by my stats I do seem to like ECs a wee bit
  8. Thank you! It's such a shame that there are so many genetic ECs out there. No need to actually read the text because it's always the same, no need to think about the questions.
  9. On my way to Montenegro now With a bit of luck I'll somehow get to Mostar in Bosnia Herzegovina as well. I'm also hoping to visit Dubrovnik, but I have Croatia on my geomap already, as well as Albania and Serbia. Things are now starting to get a wee bit difficult from my home airport. I realized I could fly to Erbil in Iraq, which has been on my wishlist for ages for the citadel, but there aren't any caches. So.. Syria?
  10. LOL! No need. I don't need an additional virtual to be honest. I mean, if I hiked for a few hours to log a virtual at the end of the world: fine. But an inner city, take a photo of whatever virtual is nothing special for me.
  11. s*** happens. I had a virtual log deleted last night, presumably because the log doesn't have a photo. I know I took a photo (not a nice one, but it's a photo) and likely uploaded it. Actually, not the first time one of my logs didn't have the photo that I'm sure I uploaded! As I tend to delete those kind of photos from my phone I can't upload my log again. Oh well, that's one virtual find less.
  12. Nice! I bet this was an amazing trip!
  13. I added Serbia to my list, caching mostly in Belgrade and Novi Sad. Have to say that Serbia was the most difficult country in Europe yet, because communication wasn't so easy. I only found out the last day that many people speak pretty good French. On the way back to the airport. Oh well... One of the language difficulties: tried to buy a bus ticket from Belgrade to Novi Sad. Needed about 5 minutes to clarify that I wanted to travel today, and not in the evening but now. Then got a ticket. For a bus leaving in 4 minutes from one of the many bus stops. Argh! Fortunately, the bus was delayed after all. This year will still add Montenegro, and maybe Bosnia and Herzegovina for a day trip, and that's all.
  14. I don't think this works. Then the mapping service used would need to have bus stops for your specific country, and not only marked on the map but they'd need to be present as a feature that interacts with you.
  15. 1. how did you get into geocaching? Read about it and thought it sounded interesting. 2. why do you do geocaching? To get out and somewhere. Also, I move internationally a lot and it's nice for discovering my new neighbourhood/area/country and to get to know people. Ok, is a bit more complicated with covid. Also love EarthCaches. While many are a bit s***ty they still bring me to interesting geological phenomena. 3. what made you want to continue on geocaching? See 2, and to work on certain challenges that I chose for myself, like caching in as many countries as possible or do other geographical challenges.
  16. Oh no?!? What? Where? That's way outside my caching zone
  17. Ugh, my Germany geomap still looks very incomplete. I've just booked two nights on this island with the arrow to cycle around (70km) and mop up some EarthCaches there. And if the whole planning kind of works I'll be able to add another 'county' to SE Denmark as well. Babysteps...
  18. I kind of disagree as googling answers goes against EarthCache guidelines. Likewise writing down words from an infosign. However, this is an older cache and the logging requirements likely grandfathered. CO should have worked with the reviewer to fix his cache or archive it. Deleting the log is rubbish, but in the end the cacher didn't really find it either. So... not sure.
  19. I just noticed kind of the same: Logged caches don't show up as found on the list, and hence I can't filter on them. They do show up at the top (here 4/13) but that's all. If I try to filter on 'found' to delete them I get the message there aren't any, and that I could go to the map to add caches to the list. Btw, red tick marks: caches I've logged.
  20. Or you could rename it. There's this folk folklore story that slug slime helps against warts.
  21. Find a new place that is not a slug home? This location in a tree looks like it's generally moist, thus a slug home. Don't do anything about the slugs, but about the cache.
  22. Thanks a lot.I couldn't be bothered to find a checker for this Yes, maybe we need at the Giga. I'll only be there on Saturday though.
  23. Cool! I don't know where I am in that respect. I try to get many types per country, but often it just doesn't work out. I could have gotten a multi and letterbox in Bucharest, but for some reason I forgot to make a little detour for a planned letterbox and went straight into the metro for an EC, and the multies were trolling me. Solve one: final coords far, far away. Start on... oh wait, translation makes no sense. Try another one: nope, also can't make sense of translation. Ok, lets do this one then: ugh, first station answer seems to have changed. etc... So yeah, planned is the Giga in Prague, and I might beat my previous highest types in a day there (or not). And then Serbia, followed by Mongenegro. And in the meantime I'll see what I can do with the German county/federal country map.
  24. Nearly. I visited Boston on business quite a few years ago.
  25. Yep, premium membership Project GC. Mine looks a bit.. different (note, one eastcoast county is so tiny you can't see it)
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