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  1. I can't quite figure out whether this topic is a joke or serious... Can I suggest a new option to the upvote button consisting of a combination of Surprised and Funny, please?
  2. Well, it does have an advantage of some very convoluted kind: The starker who just creates an account to see what caches someone found won't be able to do so without going premium. Leaves the question how big this incidence rate really is.
  3. I've used a Oregon 450 for years until the button fell off, and then still used it for some. I never removed the screen protector foil it came with. There are a few scratches on it, but I don't think it's that severe. Yeah, a few more scratches on the casing, and especially on the edge around the screen but it doesn't matter for me. I think GPSs are build to survive little bumps. Thus: nothing special, really. I might throw it into my backpack or suitcase when I go traveling, otherwise it's probably on a lanyard around my neck.
  4. A question to developers: why would a dev team decide to reduce functionality and make changes completely contrary to what people need? Why add so much bloody whitespace? It's the same with every improvement of this site again and again: people lose functionality and the layout is messed, information available without scrolling reduced. I really wonder why the team doesn't learn from previous backlash.
  5. I use this functionality to see when someone found which cache and in which order. Helps with solving mysteries and gives an indication that a cache might be gone but isn’t logged.
  6. Doing the unchallenge again: I'm at 235 points now without trying. Pretty much all caches I found over the past two days awarded 9 points. Ho hum. Time to hide a few souvenirs again (the goelogy one may stay)
  7. If it's the same hide with the same something to see then I would just replace it. Types of containers change all the time. If it was a different puzzle or multi but the same final location then I would archive and rehide.
  8. Am I the only one thinking that Rocket Science is somewhat of an odd wording? Aerospace Engineering yes, Rocket Science? Hmm.. Futurology is also a bit.. vague in that it's not really sure whether it's an art or science study, and doesn't really seem to fit the theme of this challenge. Anyway: anyone else on Team Geology?
  9. I want the geology one, which fortunately is second tier. I don’t think I need to do anything special to get it. And then... who knows. I’ll hide all other souvenirs anyway. Simples
  10. If we all upvote such logs as 'great story' then maybe the buttons vanish again, or this one will be changed to 'Great Story (just kidding)'. Just kidding. I don't care about those buttons. And now that everything's a bit smaller it's actually not that distracting anymore. Good improvement.
  11. Yeah, I was thinking of an 8x25, maybe 8x30ish if I can get it at small weight and size. But it seems unlikely. I have to say, what you suggests, at around 450 euro is possibly a bit too expensive for something that just gets thrown into a bike bag and used a handful of times each year. But useful info. Thanks a lot. Thus a 10x is certainly out of the question here.
  12. Yeah, that's usually not what I do as my big camera is too big and heavy to drag around in a small bike bag all day and I don't have a small camera with good enough zoom. I need a cheaper and lighter solution to this as it won't happen a lot.
  13. I'm considering buying binoculars for those 'what's the number on the buoy far out from the beach' kind of caches, and wonder if they'd be sufficient for such aim. What kind of magnification would I need in general? What kind of kit? I'm not tall and don't have a car. Thus huge and heavy binos would be useless for me. I guess I'd need a tripod for anything above 8 or 10x? What's the max I can do by hand? I've tried my phone camera in the past, but the photos are too grainy when just taking a photo, or zooming in when taking a photo, and then zooming in on the photo - especially on non-sunny days. Thus that's not suitable. I generally don't take my big camera along on caching trips either. Thus I need something small-ish and light-ish that I can throw into my small backpack. Basically, is a small and cheap 8x25 sufficient for these things?
  14. Very quick mockup Now, this is all I see in my browser, btw: Suggestion:
  15. Ugh, so much added whitespace again. Why do developer seem to like this? Can you make the symbols smaller and move them at the same height as the 'view log' link? (no, please don't move 'view log' down).
  16. This! The map options on the search map don't work at all for me. I prefer some of the OSM maps on the browse maps, like the OSM cycle map as it has all the details i need to plan a trip
  17. Unchallenge done! Looks like it takes a bit longer for the stamps to appear. 30 minutes for the oceans and I'm still waiting for the sun. In total I needed 39 caches without intentional searching, and two days of EarthCaching. Thanks for the Unchallenge
  18. Hmm.. I just logged a cache that should have awarded the oceans of the world souvenir thingy. But 10 minutes later it's still unchecked, and on the cache page it says 0/1 there. Odd.
  19. Unchallenge... well, this is going smashingly! Logged 10 of my 40 caches from the last two days and have found 5 sourvenirs yet. Not sure when the rest will come. But I guess it's time to start hiding souvenirs again
  20. Yay, lets go for the accidental wonder finds again! I have a cache trip planned, and no idea what wonders are included. Lets see if I catch them all
  21. I have a pen that writes upside down, and apparently also well on wet paper. For some reason I've so far forgotten to bring it along to cache outings. Meh
  22. New country souvenir: Aruba https://www.geocaching.com/blog/2021/02/new-country-souvenir-aruba-with-geocache-of-the-week-haystack-aruba/
  23. Hi komal, I'm not sure if some cachers there might see your post. Are you on facebook? There's a facebook geocaching group where many cachers are connected: https://www.facebook.com/groups/geocaching.uae Not sure how much is currently going on due to Covid, but worth a shot.
  24. i'm not sure I fully understand this problem. Why do you download the cartridge again and again? I downloaded it once and use it for all reverse wherigos. And once I get the message that there's a new version and the old one doesn't work anymore I delete it and download the new one.
  25. I was just thinking of this thread when I broke through too thin ice and got a soaked boot, sock, thermal base and trouser leg today. Though while at least caching barefoot would have saved me some uncomfortable moments today I don't think this is recommended at below freezing temperatures and with snow on the ground.
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