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  1. I kind of have the feeling that reviewers won't publish some of those, especially on airports and cruise terminals for the 'been here, got the smiley' events. Thus we'd never know how common those really are. But that something in that respect was added to the guidelines a few years ago suggests that it might have been a bigger problem.
  2. Yeah, I'm tempted to do just that. I'm holding an event as I've held off hosting an evening since sometime in February. Would be nice to talk to other cachers again. I'm sure people will show up, but if not then I likely won't log it as it just feels wrong.
  3. Yeah, that's an interesting one. Of course something unplanned can always happen that prevents the owner from attending. Then I would probably still log as found; certainly if other people were there as well.
  4. I've just had an event published for which I hope at least one other cacher will show up (of course with distancing and all). If nobody else shows up would you log your own event or just archive it unattended? My thought is that it's not really an event if nobody else is there and thus would not log it myself. Curious of your opinions on this.
  5. Then I'd lose my L&F attribute! Fantastic update! And certainly one I did not expect to see. Lovely surprise, GS.
  6. I'm currently in Croatia. I felt safe on the flight, which also just was half full and all people spread out as far away from each others as possible. Very few tourists, and I would say it's quieter than at home, by a lot! But I evaluate when I go somewhere whether it's fine, or too many people and time to go elsewhere. Though mostly my interests are not really in mass-tourist happenings or parties.
  7. There just was this bit of news: " All passengers who were on a flight from Zante in Greece to Cardiff in Wales have been asked to self-isolate after some on board tested positive for Covid-19. Public Health Wales (PHW) said seven people on Tui flight 6215 on Tuesday have now tested positive for the virus." though it's not certain whether people actually got infected on that plane. It's more likely those infected stayed in the same hotel or went to the same bar.
  8. My employers tend to have very well filled stationary cabinets. For some reason those pens always end up in my pockets when in leave in the evening or get lost somewhere in my office. If I use the website I could probably do without premium, though pocket queries are extremely convenient from time to time.
  9. I've been to Roman Colosseum Great Wall of China Christ the Redeemer Petra Plus was on the sites of the colossus of Rhodes. Still a few to go then
  10. Yes, which is due to two reasons: I moved to an area with more interesting nature at the end of last year, and I got a free public transport card for the whole country by new employer.
  11. Un-challenge update: found 7 caches today (ok, 6 and one event) and still have not gotten the missing modern wonder. So I'm at 17 caches now I think. I might win the un-challenge... um... you win if you need the biggest number of caches, right?
  12. A photo log is not a find according to the guidelines even if some people think it's ok. Maybe blood is not the best idea (though have done it before as well), but it's a valid log at least.
  13. 3 caches found so far, and three modern wonders accidentally bagged.
  14. So, finally had time to find a few caches. Basically two. And got two wonders apparently. Also got a new country, which is a lot more exciting
  15. Yeah, I can imagine. This one here: https://coord.info/GC1XCWW certainly is not a T5 as you simply book a boot tour to that place and walk a short distance. It's a rather expensive trip, but that should not even be reflected on Difficulty
  16. I would get in contact with your old local community and ask if someone wants to adopt them, and if not if someone would be so kind to collect your geotrash. If you move next time I suggest you find a solution for your caches first - either archive and collect them, or adopt them out. This way there's no unmaintained garbage out there.
  17. I already know which caches I'll do the coming weekend. No idea if they include wonders to be honest. No idea if the weather will be good enough to go out. I might as well stay in.
  18. I like multies in general, but for me there needs to be a reason for them. Thus not just walking from a to be and c for no apparent reason other than having a multi. Either there's something to see at the stations or it leads the way to a nice hike with good views or something else of interest. Also, I'm not keen on multies that have convoluted end coordinates like N xx° (A+B+D+E) . (J+R+B)*((D+K)*(J+N))+(D*Q)+B E 00x° (R+D) . ((M+C)*L))*(K*L)+N or multies where you don't see the coordinates along the way but have to solve every stage first. (sorry for the bold. Looks like the forum software doesn't let me switch this off when some bold text was copied from elsewhere)
  19. The project gc guys download the county boundaries somewhere. If there's a little deviation then it means bad luck for you. This is how I got British Columbia, while the cache actually was on Alberta soil according to the marker right on the boundary.
  20. I was planning a cache trip yesterday and added interesting caches to a newly created list. In the end I had 20 caches in there. Later on I noticed that one cache was missing, then another one, and a third. Yes, it's easy to miss the right location to click on when saving caches to lists, but that's why I usually look for the tiny 'saved' note. And making the same mistake three times? Looking if other people experienced something similar.
  21. Ha! I sometimes try not to get any. and if I do I hide the right away. I only collect country souvenirs, though I'd not travel to a country because it has a souvenir. It just happens. Or not.
  22. To be honest: I would not know why. Look at my profile at the souvenirs tab. This is how much I care about most souvenirs.
  23. That's funny. I just might. I have a couple of cache trips planned, including the caches I'd like to do. They include longer cycle or train rides to get more counties, EarthCaches, generally bigger containers, popular ones, and if it fits with the route the occasional letterbox and Wherigo. Plus my summer vacation falls into this, maybe, depending on Covid.
  24. Is above possible? Using offroad mode. I only seem to be able to display things such as ‘NW to Cache xyz’ which is useless.
  25. Small travels. I'll likely to go the island of Texel tomorrow for a few EarthCaches and hopefully slightly less high temperatures than inland. Downside: it will still be hot, and as I don't have a car it will mean cycling. About 70km I guess. At least this will give me two new municipalities for my collection. Small steps this year.
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