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  1. Agree. I mostly use premium for pocket queries, which I might make ones a month. Unless I use gsak or project-gc. Which reminds me: are non-premium members able to see PMO caches in project-gc? At least TO should be able to use the live-map and filter out PMO caches. That would help with trip planning without seeing a list of caches that he can't easily do he could focus on those that are no problem. So @Fogtripper don't trip over PMO caches. Head over to https://project-gc.com/Tools/LiveMap There filter on Exclude Premium. You might need to authenticate with geocaching first (not sure, I'm always logged in). This site is an official API partner, thus nothing dodgy.
  2. I had a look in the area where you found your last cache. It's not as bad as it seems to be honest: These are all caches in that county (that's 560): and these are all premium member only caches:
  3. Just had a look at your cache listings. Have to say that your powertrail does look tempting, but I kind of have the feeling that it's too hard for me. I'm just not tall enough and don't have enough power (plus a habit of being stuck on high structures and not managing to come down anymore). *sigh* no powertrail for me then. Bugger.
  4. I have 32 according to Project-gc. It's the lowest badge in badge gen there I might do just one, or maybe 10 in a day. I don't pick up everything along the way but select a few, and once I get annoyed I stop.This is my taget for today. Maybe I do another one or two along the way, maybe not. Last day here anyway. Thus I want to remember it as a nice area with nice caches, not one that was tedious.
  5. Yeah, it's fairly easy if you're in Europe. Apart from this year obviously.
  6. Thanks a lot A. Jennifer. No worries. here’s a screencap of the tiny banner button. Every time I try to zoom in the banner moves away and vanishes. iOS, safari. The accept button is nearly impossible to click with a 5" screen.
  7. Exactly. The annoyance is that it pops up a lot. And that the button is not scalable (it remains tiny and moves out of the screen when I zoom in), and thus it's a proper wee nightmare to try and hit this button ever so often.
  8. Across all websites (geocaching, Wherigo, Waymarking) the button to accept cookies that pops up after every new request to login is so tiny that it's impossible to accept the cookies at first attempt. Also, it's not possible to zoom in on this banner as remains tiny. Could this be changed?
  9. I consider every first cache in a new country a milestone. I'm at 48 now. Total cache numbers or every 100 or 1000 or so are not important for me though. It just happens, and often is a micro underneath a bench or something like that.
  10. Hi Ranger Fox, thanks a lot. I was actually looking for exactly what your cartridge is about to be honest. I just didn't want to get too much into detail at first. I'd looked into the open source list of codes but didn't find anything similar there. Oh well... maybe I missed it there. I'll certainly have a look at the code and see if I can use it. At least there are lots of bridges near my home where I could chase people over repeatedly
  11. Yeah, these caches have NMs. I won't go out for at least the first, thus a NA is not something I could place. It's not in my home zone anyway.
  12. I've done a Wherigo recently that I really liked and would like to do something similar. The premise is to bring three things, one at a time into another zone in the right order. If you mess up you have to start again. I've never looked at Wherigo builders and my programming skills are somewhat rudimentary (a bit of python mainly). How difficult would such thing be, and which builder should I be looking into?
  13. I'm currently in an area with a huge, huuuge amount of poorly or not at all maintained caches and masses of logs for this category. Here's a selection. Cache 1: Found it (premium member 1055 finds) Hier haben wir vor zwei Jahren schon mal vergeblich gesucht. Nun heute wieder unser Glück versucht...vergeblich. Das Versteck wurde gefunden, deshalb Fotolog. (translate: searched in vein here two years ago. Tried again today... no luck. Found the hiding place, hence photolog) Cache 2: Found it (PM, 2369 finds) No log book there Found it (719 finds) Cacheversteck war leider leer! Ich konnte mich nicht eintragen...?? (translate: hiding place was unfortunately empty. Couldn't sign) Found it (5 finds) 09/08/2020 Found location, but the cashe is missing
  14. My home keys, lunch and water, about 2 gazillion pens that don't work anymore, likely some things that I thought I'd lost ages ago, and if I think of it then I might have a telescope magnet stick and a book to collect letterbox stamps with me.
  15. In the Netherlands carpool caches are a thing. And of course rest area caches. One of my first ever was a carpool cache *sigh* I usually ignore them all:put on nice music, sing along and just drive. But then distances tend to be smaller in Europe. When in Utah a few years back I rather made detours for virtuals. Soooo many old virtuals!!! Though I did get annoyed after the xth mormon memorial virtual.
  16. NA! Caches are stationary according to the guidelines. But then, plate tectonics is a thing, and the Cocos and Nazca plate are racing at the moment. Don't think there are too many caches there though
  17. I recently found a mystery where the puzzle had vanished. The photos of previous finders helped. It was only about 1 year lonely I think. Interestingly, there's another, younger cache not even 30m from it. Someone either didn't pay attention when publishing or the owner of the mystery didn't provide the correct coordinates for the final.
  18. But it sounds like you are destroying some other property. The wooden beam belongs to someone, right?
  19. On the other hand it might be kind of appropriate. I think I'll leave it there for now.
  20. Yikes! Oddly I did search for it but couldn't find it. Maybe it was awarded a few minutes later. Time to hide it as well Thanks a lot.
  21. I finished it yesterday as part of the UnChallenge. I needed 21 caches for the first and the second souvenirs each. Now both souvenirs are hidden, as usual
  22. Something else that really annoys me: on iOS if I switch to another app, e.g. cachly for a while then the AL app closes down in the background and I have to start it up again (it's quite slow), then select the AL again and resume. With just one AL in the vicinity it's ok, but in an area with many of them really infuriating. And why do I have to zoom in after starting/resuming an AL? I'd guess that most people who do one are in the general area already.
  23. no, me neither. I could actually add Bosnia to my geomap by driving through the Neum corridor. But as I can’t actually properly visit Bosnia due to Covid (it’s not a EU country) I’m not doing that. Could have added Switzerland from Liechtenstein as well. But for me countries are only for proper visits.
  24. Yeah, good question, right? I'd normally be sure of a few attendants, but this is 2020. Everything is possible this year, including dinosaurs from space showing up, a volcano appearing right underneath the event location, killer wasps, or no other cachers in the area.
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