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  1. 14 minutes ago, lee737 said:

    In Australia I would fully expect him to react exactly the same, regardless of who was there, if they were acting the same way of course. 


    I would expect this to be true here in the Netherlands as well. But it isn't. Ethnic profiling or 'just' subconscious bias by government organizations, police, schools and universities, shops, hiring companies is totally a thing. There's a huge difference between what we think should be the ideal and what is the status quo. This is the summary of a survey done here a while ago. Use an online translator for it: https://eenvandaag.avrotros.nl/panels/opiniepanel/alle-uitslagen/item/geen-uitnodiging-voor-sollicitaties-en-een-lager-schooladvies-institutioneel-racisme-ook-in-nederla/


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  2. 3 hours ago, dprovan said:

    That assumption, that geocaching while black is fundamentally different do to external forces, is what's being questioned. Do people react to black geocachers differently than other geocachers, or do black geocachers perceive the same adversity differently than other geocachers? Is it really off topic to say, "Yeah, that happens to me, too," or is that just shouting down a view that's not to be considered?


    When I was in Utah I went to find an Earthcache on the edge of a village overlooking a river. When I was done I was approached by a policeman. We had a lovely chat about the nice views and the geology. A day later, back in a nearby national park I met a guy who did the same cache a few days earlier. Turns out he was approached by the same policeman, but there was no friendly chat. The policeman was actually acting quite threateningly. Now imagine there's a black cacher doing the same. How do you think the policeman will react? Like he did with me, a superwhite woman? Like the guy, another white dude? Differently?

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  3. 11 hours ago, barefootjeff said:


    I consider being defeated by the terrain on a T4+ cache, especially when overcoming that terrain is the primary purpose of the cache, to be very much a part of the game. It's why the CO put it way out there there rather than concealing it well at the parking coordinates and making it a D4+ instead.



    Yes, I tend to see it like that as well. Where do you draw the line? If you arrive at gz and see the cache is in a tree or underneath a bridge and you don't feel confident to climb it: is that a dnf? What about the last 100m to the cache require walking over a 30cm wide 'path' with a 50m drop to one side? (on that note, I nearly gave up on a cache on a plateau with a 650m drop, but then found a kind of safe route to it. Would have been a dnf for me if I'd given up). If 100m is still a dnf, then is 200m of high terrain? 500m? etc?

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  4. 54 minutes ago, frostengel said:

    At first glance I also would have said that a DNF log is the wrong type of log but reconsidering the situation I would say it may depend of the situation.

    The number of DNF logs when the cache is in place (!) may be used as an indicator - both for other searchers but for the owner as well - for its difficulty. Difficulty meaning both ratings here. So if you say that the sickness came from the hard hike you might say this is an indicator that the cache is not very easy too reach. So maybe a DNF might be not completely incorrect here telling others about the terrain difficultys here (not the D rating, of course, as you did not reach GZ).


    In fact I - personally - would still use "write note" but notes tend to be noted (sic!) less than DNFs.




    Well, it was a T4.5 for the tough hike, and D3 for hidden underneath a random rock among a field of rocks. But I never got to the end. I think overall people are a bit too scared to write DNFs, also in relation with the cache score and reviewers 'lurking'. But that's beside the point for this cache.

  5. 30 minutes ago, Max and 99 said:

    This is my opinion also.

    I'm sorry you got sick and didn't make it to the cache. 

     Nothing bad. Just a combination of strenuous hike, high temperatures and ice-cold spring water I guess. My belly complained. A lot. :antenna: It was still a fab hike, and on the way down again I collected waypoints for a new EarthCache.

  6. I went on a hike yesterday specifically to find one certain cache. I got sick along the way and didn't manage to hike the last 2km with another 300m of elevation over just 1km. I have to make up my own mind of this, but what would you log? Nothing, as you never made it to the cache? A note to at least have this as part of your caching history? A DNF as you specifically hiked 1000m up in 30C heat for this one cache? A found just because you deserve it? I'm tempted to go for the DNF here, but am curious how you would chose.

  7. Yes, all worked smoothly. Apart from picking up the cache right at the border. I simply forgot it on the way back. But anyway, I saw some truly amazing Hellenic, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman ruins, and got two caches in Albania.

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  8. 1 hour ago, Isonzo Karst said:



    Hi terratin, You're being forced to reload the log before editing.  This fixes an old bug where log type could be changed from that edit page -  log action had already taken  place, ie, archive change to disable, cache is archived; NA logged, changed to DNF, but the NA log is already forwarded to reviewer and owner, etc. 


    Execution of the fix  less than elegant.  But it does fix that old issue. 


    What should happen from that edit link is the  reloading of the log, on the edit page. What does happen is new log opens. 


    Ah, interesting! Makes sense how you explain it. I don't often use this log method. I mainly use it now as I only have 1mbps internet speed max and the old logging page just works much, much better with slow speeds. This, and I prefer it for uploading photos.

  9. With a lot of luck and a covid test tonight I might be able to add Albania to my map tomorrow, coming from Greece. Tours to Albania are currently not going but I found an Albanian guide with car that will pick me up at the border. Borders are open, paperwork done. I asked guide for a test and will provide the same despite being vaccinated.

  10. I read it in the email a few days ago and thought: Oh great, I'll be doing some high T mountain hiking caches before this starts. Bugger. Then I realized I don't even need this. So I guess I'll hide the souvenirs as usual the moment they arrive.

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  11. When I post a new log using the old method, submit, see a spelling mistake and edit it from there then the form is empty. I onlyget my old log when I go to the cache page and edit the log from there. Actually, attempting to edit the log right after submitting it brings me to the 'post a new log' page.




  12. 4 hours ago, Atlas Cached said:

    The eTrex 20, 30, x0x, and x2x can index a maximum of 5k geocaches, perhaps older geocaches had not been removed and this hard limit had been exceeded?


    No, not in my case. I don't use the GPS very often, and when I do I delete the old files as there are often 100s, if not more km between batches of caches. It just gets too confusing.

  13. Ok, I managed to get everything via GSAK via the pocket query import. Phew. Ok.. so basically

    loading the pocket query into GSAK gives me the caches and additional wps/parking coords. From there I can export it as .gpx

    loading the pocket query directly from geocaching results in all caches displayed as wps.

    That's odd. Can someone test whether that's a bug on my site, or on geocachings? I don't want to file a bug report just yet.

  14. See title. Currently preparing a trip. I've not updated the GPS firmware. All caches from a pocket query suddenly get loaded as waypoints/parking coords and not as caches anymore. Anyone know what's going on? Did GS mess with pocket queries, and how can I fix this problem quickly?

    I have all caches in a bookmark list, in cachly as well, and I have GSAK where the caches are not loaded into yet. I guess going via either cachly (if it has a .gpx export) or via gsak is the way to go. Not sure how to create a .gpx cache and parking file in GSAK. Pointers please :)

  15. No more Montenegro this year. It just got too complicated. At least I could cancel everything at no costs. I've just booked a last minute package deal to western mainland Greece though. Covid infections look low and there's ample opportunity for hiking without getting too close to other people. No new country though. Oh well...

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