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  1. Thanks for the heads up Robdogg! I'll check in with you later in the summer. I have to run my daughter to college sometime in that time span but Gifford Pinchot sounds like fun. I need to get some D606's headed my way and when I get them on maybe I'll shoot you a PM and see if you are still up for some caching! -- CC
  2. Ya, I would like to do some more dualsport caching myself and you are right. Much safer to buddy up when you get out a ways. I am ready to search out some jeep trails and other areas. Also you might start a thread on Thumper Talk dualsport section. I'm down here in the Gorge but I would be up for some northern caching sometime. My XR650 needs new rubber and I have 3 teens and plenty of commitments so getting away is not always easy and my piggie (bike) doesn't like super technical riding. So I'm full of excuses and a little ways a way which means you are better off riding with someone closer to home. I know they are out there, I have heard mention of caching on TT and on the Oregon dualsport yahoo group. I'll PM you some time,
  3. Thanks Laxon, I totally understand. I don't spend much time on fourums myself with the Skiing, windsurfing, mountain biking and riding the XR! Then there is the kids sports! thanks for the heads up on a couple of caches and the link. You da man! I realize this forum is a little generalized for this specific of a request. CC and Kids
  4. Well we will have some time to catch some caches. Just hoping a local would jump in and reccomend a few. I may have better luck asking on thumper talk. I'm sure we will catch a few while we are there. :thumbs up:
  5. We are headed to Boulder next week. Any info on the fun caches in the general area would be appreciated. We don't plan on extensive hiking but we will have Mt. Bikes. We don't mind hitting nearby towns as well on our quest for fun caches. Thanks all CC and kids
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