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  1. It's great to have the caching community work together to help someone out. After kunarion contacted me I recognized the name appleiphone6 but couldn't find it on the site. I vaguely remembered that he may have changed his caching name so I posted on the FB page for GCCO, Geocaching Colorado. Sure enough one of the members was able to give me the new name so I could find his account. When I contacted him he said his dad had been using it for hiking but I'm not sure how long it has been since it was lost. Thanks for being persistent in trying to figure this out
  2. I also find this behavior of the website aggravating and annoying. The posted coords on a puzzle are useless once you have solved it. The posted coords might be useful for a multi but why not let the user decide. I don't understand the logic in the site that overrides the corrected coords that I have entered. If I wanted the icon to display at the posted coords I would change it back. Please, please change this!
  3. Cache pages are loading fine but I am unable to edit the waypoints on one of my caches. After I hit "Save and View" it just sits and spins.
  4. Interesting timing on this one. I have had a 64s for a few years and used it with both GPS and GLONASS enabled for most of that time with no problems. The first time it acted up was July 28 just like Zop. I have had it happen a couple times since then including yesterday Sept 21. I have never done anything but revert to just using GPS and it works fine. Eventually I try GLONASS again and it usually works.
  5. Silly, creepy and counter productive are the words that come to mind. My local geocaching FB page has lots of people stating that they won't log DNFs after this. People hate useless emails.
  6. A couple days ago I was using the new android app to navigate to a CITO Event, GC6AB72. Due to weather the CO had changed the coordinates. On the map the event was displayed at the new location but when I told it to navigate there it tried to send me to the original coords. As soon as I stopped the navigation it was again shown at the new, correct location. Using version 3.9.2 of app
  7. I realized today that there is no way to pull up a cache page for an archived cache. I needed to look at one when I was researching my qualifications for a challenge cache. The results it spits out are the closest active caches even when I search by the GC code. Archived caches are supposed to be available for viewing purposes but I see no way to get to them.
  8. As far as I can tell you can only load a max of 30 logs from each cache. If their find is further back than that the standard filter won't work. I don't see a way to do this using the API functions either.
  9. Is there away to use this on a database and filter out the caches that someone else has found?
  10. I can't tell you why you didn't find the cache in question to be fun but maybe if I share why it was fun for me it will give you some insight. I found the cache about a month after it was published and long before word had gotten around even in general terms what it was all about. At the time I had just over 1000 finds. The person that I did it with had fewer finds than you and the day we started this cache was the first time we had ever met. The cache page made it clear that it was not wise to attempt it alone so when she suggested a partnership I was all for it. In the 3 years since then we have been great friends and had more caching adventures than I can count so the company certainly played a role. The cache took us 3 trips for various reasons but it was mostly just the amount of time required to work through it vs. the time we had available on a given day. Did we always have everything we needed with us? No, but we either found a way around it or came back. I found that the lack of advance knowledge actually contributed to the excitement the cache gave me. In a day and age when the answer to most questions about the world are only as far away as your favorite internet search engine, how often do any of us get to walk into the unknown? The rush I got from this cache was all about the sense of exploration and discovery. I enjoy pitting my strength and wits against an adventurous task where success is not guaranteed. We all have caches we love and caches we hate. Fortunately geocaching is diverse enough to have something for just about anyone. Just because lots of people love this cache doesn't mean you're wrong if you feel otherwise. It's fair and thoughtful to ask why and try to figure out what works for you. All I ask is that you don't try to ban what you don't find fun. I have run into this lately with restrictions on really hard challenge caches. I love them but some people found them "unreasonable" and got the guidelines to outlaw them. It all comes down to finding what you enjoy and letting others do the same. I wish you well in that pursuit.
  11. I live in the Colorado Springs, CO, area and I have notifications set up so I should get an email anytime a new cache(traditional, multi, puzzle, letterbox or event) is published within 30 miles of my home coords. Recently, I have not been getting them for puzzle caches but I get the others. Numerous other cachers in my area are having the same difficulty but some are still getting them. Does anyone have any idea what is going on?
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