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    • In your mind, what is a high quality geocache?

    The cache container is appropriate for the location and has good maintenance (especially true for multis that use containers).  It's a treat if the container is a pleasant surprise, but still is appropriate for the area.

    • In your mind, what is a low quality geocache?

    Caches that are not routinely maintained.

    Caches that are intentionally placed in questionable areas (trash-laden or homeless camps)

    Caches that are inappropriate for the area such as a non-watertight container close to a pond or at the edge of a stream that has evidence of regular flooding (the cache floats away with it) or a non-unique micro in an area that could clearly support a size Regular or Large

    • What steps can the community take to improve geocache quality?

    Log DNFs and explain why you're logging them.  It doesn't matter how many caches you have found, just log the DNF. 

    Log NM.  If the container needs attention, log it.  Don't write a Note on the cache page, log a NM.

    If  you find a geocachers first hide and you think it could use some help, contact them.  Don't be mean about it, just offer suggestions and an invitation to your local geocaching community.

    • What steps can Geocaching HQ take to improve geocache quality?

    Create reviewers specifically for NM or for caches that have had more than ten DNFs for over six months.

    Have COs maintain their caches at least once a year.

    Enable adoptions of caches where the CO is no longer active.  I've had several where I wished I could adopt the cache, but could not because the owner was no longer active and not responding to emails and messages.  I believe this is especially important for "oldie" caches.

    I STRONGLY DISAGREE on making a geocaching account have a certain number of finds before hiding a cache.  I know of some cachers that have separate accounts specifically for hides or for a puzzle cache that requires a certain number of finds as part of the puzzle.

    On 6/18/2018 at 4:13 PM, Geocaching HQ said:
  1. I have one that wants to have its picture taken with Little Free Libraries.  I'm having a blast looking them up and going to visit them.

    Another one was a Star Trek figure and wanted to go to Riverside, IA.

    There's a cache in Colorado Springs that has two travel tags.  One has the North coordinates and the other has the West coordinates for a mystery cache!  You have to find both to get the coordinates (the TBs are supposed to stay in that area).


    I personally enjoy the photo ones.

  2. When creating an earthcache there is a box to tick at the bottom that says "Yes. I have read and understand the guidelines for submitting an EarthCache"  However, when you click on the link it takes you to a broken page on the GSA website.  They have changed their links.  I did a Google Search to find their EarthCache requirements since they didn't have a search feature on their site.

    Just letting whomever is in charge of that know about it.

  3. I have a bag full of buckeyes that I collected quite a while ago. I would like to put each individual into a small plastic baggie and leave them in caches (not for trade). However, I read up on buckeyes and it turns out they are deathly toxic if put in the mouth. I'm thinking either I could put a warning label inside the baggies or I could not use them as swag at all.



  4. I am a Premium member and I started in July 2014. I currently have 467 caches.


    Why, thank you for asking about this feature! I use the map to search for almost all geocaches.


    Basic Features:


    Map layer selection (streets, aerial, hybrid, sources, etc.)

    I LOVE this feature!


    Cache details pop-up with these features:

    I end up having to click on the link to see what the top five logs are classified as. Maybe there could be a horizontal list, such as [smiley, smiley, frowny, smiley, smiley] or [frowny, frowny, frowny, frowny, smiley]. Then I would know if I want to skip the cache or take along another geocacher to search again (and possibly mark as Needs Maintenance or Archive Listing).


    Existing Community Requests:


    Indication of corrected coordinates/solved puzzles

    Ability to select/download caches from map by drawing a polygon on it

    Display DNFs


    If the puzzle cache has been solved, make a field to enter the coordinates then present the coordinates on the map with a little checkmark icon or something similar. Also enable this on the app.

    Yes to displaying MY dnfs. I think this ought to be a feature that you can turn on/off. It would be a bummer if the majority of your map consisted of these. Seeing the smileys are better, but if you're specifically looking to clear up your own dnfs, then you can turn this feature on.


    I also agree with these replies from other geocachers:


    "If you could fix the long-standing glitch where some caches are "dead" to clicks after panning/zooming, that'd be great." <-- This is an annoying glitch. Yes, please fix it.


    "Add ability to turn on cache proximity circles on the main map" <-- Yes! When I'm out caching I sometimes see an area that would be great to place a cache, but when I get home I have to slog through various links on the geocaching website to get to this feature.


    "Filter out finds from named Geocaching.com friends" <--I would like to see the caches that my friends have found, but I haven't yet... so that I catch up to them >:)


    "Make it more obvious, which cache is inaktive, disabled (i.e. use traffic light colors?" <-- I can't always tell the difference between active and the sort-of-faded-grey disabled icons. They don't need a traffic color, just a better contrast between the two.

  5. Hello! I am a premium member and have been geocaching since July 2014. I have currently found 467 caches.


    Additional Details:


    Personal Cache Note (PM feature)--

    I use this to insert the coordinates for Puzzle caches I have solved. Unfortunately, this feature isn't available on the app. I would love to be able to have access to this in the app, then click on the coordinates instead of having to call the information up on the geocaching website (on my phone) then copy/paste into Google maps.



    I use this feature to see if a cache is kid-friendly and also if it is winter-friendly. I really like this feature.


    I have never used these features--

    Corrected Coordinates, Quick Link, Print Friendly, Driving Directions, Disclaimer, Additional Waypoints


    Existing Community Requests:


    In-house geochecker--

    If there were an in-house geochecker, I would request that it be an option to add to new puzzle caches. When puzzle caches are being submitted ask the question, "Would you like to add a geochecker?" It would be nice to inform the submitter about them.

  6. In my area I was surprised to find a new geocache published by a user who had specifically stated in their geocache description that they had became a member a half hour ago. They had about seven finds.

    Their cache gets published. People went to find it. It wasn't there because they hadn't set it out yet. Then after they set it out, it was muggled. Oh, but they found it and put it back.

    About a week later, they get another cache published. It has no details/description and no hint. Nothing. Two people went to find it again (and these people have over 1000+ caches between them). Can't find it. In fact, the area is mostly water and muck and the d/t is 1.5 for both.


    I feel angry that these caches have even been published. Why would a reviewer publish these? It seems like it would be a good idea to have a certain amount of finds + time being a member before hiding caches.

  7. Go to the bottom oh the search for caches page and you can serve buy nmw


    Yes, I've done that. When it shows all the caches that person has hidden, I would like the ones that I have found to be displayed on the first page. You can click on the "Favorites" icon, and that will pull up all the favorited caches from the highest to the lowest. What I'm looking for is for the caches that I have found that have been hidden by that person to be displayed on the first page (so I don't have to slog through 30 pages to look for the smileys).

  8. Hello!


    Is there a way to arrange my geocache finds by who hid them?


    I am working on a puzzle cache where I have to find five caches hidden by the same user. I know I have found some, but I wanted to know if there is a search feature that lets me organize my geocache finds by who hid them instead of having to click on the link to each cache.

    I tried going to the users profile and clicking on their hides, but they have hundreds of hides and they aren't arranged by which ones are closest to me. That would make it a little easier. Also, I clicked on their "Map This Location", but it just showed my location with all my finds.



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