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  1. i have a Palm One and want to go paperless is there a free program for it ?
  2. my wife gave me her palm (Palm One) what programs do i need to put on there and get started going paperless?
  3. ok my wife has turned over her Palm Lifedrive to me said she dont need it any more so what do i need to get to go "paperless" if you could give me a few options like best for the money and best free programs and best as in easy to use???? thanks for any input
  4. i am fairly new my self and you shouldn't have to do anything special to set up for GC the coordinates are just that they are only as good as the persons GPSr is that set the cache out , and more times then not it will not put you right on top of the cache......kind of takes the fun out of it if you are able to walk right to it and "HEY THERE IT IS " usually you need to search a within a 20ft radius or your final destination i have the Etrex Venture HC and never did anything special to it , i did however just discover that i was choosing my caches from the map (clicking on the treasure chest, then selecting goto) well i went out this week with a friend and his gps had different coords then what mine did for the same cache (his was right mine was wrong) well later is when i discovered that by clicking on the treasure chest i was actually moving it on the map and there for changing the coords for it!! hope this info helps i will keep my eye on this thread in case i am wrong on any special setup that maybe i didnt do??????
  5. i have a Garmin Etrex Venture HC and i went out to do a little caching today with a friend when i noticed my coord listing for some of the caches was different then his after i got home i thought maybe i needed to get online and update the caches listed on my unit after uploading one of them i decided to check it when i selected it from my map i noticed it said "move" i deselected it then tried again then i was able to look at the coords for it it didnt match what the website listing said so i figured out when i click it and it says "MOVE" it is actually moving it ever so slightly any way i can stop this from happening ???? i would hate to have to come and re upload ever cache that i already have on my unit before i go back out
  6. found the problem,...some how it was put in blocked amial settings???
  7. i looked in my user profile but didnt see anything where i could change notification??
  8. was wondering what happened i was getting a email every week of the "Weekly Notification" of events new caches etc.. and just realized i haven't received one in some time now any one with any idea in what happened???
  9. hello i am fairly new to geocaching for starters and i am a Royal Ranger Commander(just like boy scouts but Christian church based) my boys range in age from 1 grade to 5th grade and i want to teach them about geocaching so i came up with the idea of having them (the younger ones) color a Flat Stanly pic and have the older ones color it if they wanted but to add a bible verse or one of the 10 commandments to it and them some how be able to track it so the boys can see where there Flat Stanly has been and maybe have people take pics of it and post it for them any ideas on how i can assign a tracking number to the pictures would be greatly appreciated
  10. i just installed metroguide on my unit and the screen seemed pretty cluttered with all the geocache icons on there......is there a way to turn on and off the geo cache icons without removing them completely? or do i just need to zoom way in so they are all spread out? lol
  11. found out the problem.. i had a program installed(make xp look like vista) and it was causeing a user32.dll & shell32.dll problem after i uninstalled it the Metroguide installed with out a problem!!
  12. i just purchased metroguide v6.0 (brand new in box) from someone on ebay i received it today but it will not install??? i already have trip and way point manager on the pc but it didnt add any thing to it any idea what i am doing wrong???
  13. i just got the etrex venture hc yoyu should have got a cd with the trip and waypoint manager to install on the pc that has the base map not sure if it would work in the easy gps program though
  14. was just wondering if i find a cache that contains a TB are they only meant to be taken if you are going to be able to take it a great distance from the current cache in a timely manner ? also are the geocoins only to be taken if you have one to leave?
  15. fixed problem thanks to everyone that helped
  16. ok if you have read my other post (http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=180758 ) i loaded a demo version of metroguide on my pc then loaded a map from it to my GPSr.........NOW MY GPSr IS STUCK IN DEMO MODE!!!!!!!!! i cant seem to find away to take off the map i installed on the gpsr i can "uncheck" it so it wont load but cant delete it from the unit.. now i am thinking that if i have a diffrent program that will send maps to it it will overwrite it and hopefully will take it out of DEMO MODE. so if any one knows of a free download mapping program or a trial version that i could use for a quick minute to fix this BIG problem im in i could send over new maps and it would write over the ones thatr are there?????????
  17. i went to the menu ,setup,system and there is a spot there that i can change from NORMAL,GPS OFF and DEMO mode however every time i change it to normal it goes right back to demo????
  18. tried that ...didnt work cant load any map from mapsource not even before this problem????
  19. the gps is stuck in demo mode i uninstalled the metroguide from the pc but the maps are still showing up in the gps unit
  20. i found a demo ver.of metroguide for the pc(not trying to steal any thing just like to try it out before i spend that kind of money on software) and installed it was playing around with it and installed maps on my GPSr now it (gps unit)is stuck in "DEMO Mode" how can i fix this HELP!!!!!!!!!
  21. ok i have the etrex venture hc and it came with the mapsource trip and waypoint manager cd i installed it on to my pc and noticed it had roads on there that my basemap on the gps unit doesnt have,.....i have watched the tutorial from garmin ( http://www8.garmin.com/cartography/ ) on how to put maps on the unit but there method doesnt work for me i can not highlight any area on the map can you help i have Mapsource ver 6.13.4
  22. my question is this...... in the summer when people are out and about more how do you go about searching and retrieve a cache in a public area? right now it is real simple cause not many people out in 30deg weather..lol i was just a cache and it was in a great spot(hid in the tube of a parking sign) which instructions said to bring tools to get to it how ever i didnt need them the screw was loose but if it was in the middle of summer and there was a lot of people(this is a walking park) around how would you go about getting that out ??????? with out bringing attention to myself
  23. i just got the same one on saturday!! so i am also new to this...we(2 daughters and myself) have went out 3 times and found 2 of the 3,.. assuming you are on the goto screen you also need to watch the distance to the cache but tis will only be so reliable someone also told me to switch over to the satellite screen and try to match up my numbers to that of the cache owner hope this helps
  24. my 2 girls and i went out on our first hunts today we found the first one we went to (thanks to a hint on the description page) went to the second one.... at one point my gps said i was 6ft from it i would take a few steps in the direction the arrow was pointing and then it would say i was 20ft from it and in the opposite direction i was in a wooded area but being dec and no leaves shouldnt be the problem...we never did find the cache girls were getting cold(28deg) so we only looked for about 10- 15 min but very aggravated that we didnt find it !!!!
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