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  1. Yes, I agree. All of the other issues are now resolved but this one persists. I assume they are working through issues with data replicating properly between servers.
  2. Last Saturday, July 19th I created 5 new cache listings and requested they be published 7/26 and 7/27. NYAdmin published the caches on those dates but 3 of 5 caches did not show up on the map. Those three caches also showed as disabled in my "Cache Owner Dashboard" (https://www.geocaching.com/play/owner/published?filter=disabledPublished) but if I clicked the link to the disabled caches they showed as published. 2 of these 5 caches did not produce any publication alerts. I contacted NYAdmin and he said there was nothing he could do and give it a day. NYAdmin said the caches were showing up if pocket queries were run but not on the map or searching from the website. They were also not showing on the mobile app. By Sunday night, approximately 8:00PM ET, the issue had resolved. Since the issue is resolved I'm not looking for a fix but there did seem to be a bug and I'm not sure if it has been 100% resolved so I wanted to provide my info if it helps with further research. If I can be of any more assistance please let me know. Penny for your Thoughts: https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC8WYJG Published Saturday, 7/25. No alert notifications produced. Did not show on website or Android app until Sunday night. KFC Cobleskill: https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC8WYJE Published Saturday, 7/25. No alert notifications produced. Did not show on website or Android app until Sunday night. Itsy Bitsy: https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC8WYK6 Published Sunday, 7/26. Alert received but geocache did not show up on website map or Android app. Cherry Valley Park: https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC8WYKZ Published Sunday with no issues. Alerts received. Bare Post: https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC8WYM3 Published Sunday with no issues. Alerts received.
  3. I had a cache that had gone missing and was disabled. I performed maintenance on the cache Saturday and re-enabled it but it is still showing on the cache owner dashboard as disabled. The link I am looking at is: https://www.geocaching.com/play/owner/published?filter=disabledPublished The geocache is Emoticon Intermission https://coord.info/GC3CN5W
  4. Thanks for the update! I also saw Jeremy's FB post. A little transparency goes a long way. We will be patiently awaiting the changes!
  5. I agree, is there another thread or blog post that is addressing the issues? Being a tech person I understand the DB problems they are having and those things happen. There are going to be growing pains along the way. It would just be nice if there was a way for Groundspeak to convey a little information regarding the problem and keep the members informed. I am a techie and I know a lot of people struggle with change. I am used to the old maps and like them. But at the same time there are some great features in the beta maps and I think they will be fantastic when completed. My only issue with the beta maps right now is the missing caches. I think what is happening in the beta maps is that they are not displaying the "Member Only" caches even though I am a premium member. If that started working I'd be fine with migrating to the beta maps.
  6. Noticing Redwoods post I do agree, if you don't already have a handheld that would be my first investment. My 1300 simply does the road directions, my 60CSx takes me to the cache.
  7. I use a 1300 with the GSAK macro for loading caches. It has the micro SD expansion, holds a ton of caches and allows for manual input of coordinates if you are doing a mutli or puzzle cache. I'd definitely recommend the unit. I recently upgraded to it from a Garmin Street Pilot.
  8. I began caching with an Explorist 500 and I loved it! There is a bit of confusion though when you first start using it. The issue is that there are two locations that you can save the file to on the explorist - one is local memory and the other is the SD Card. You likely have the file loaded on the SD Card and are browsing the local storage on the explorist (or vice versa). When you are on the Explorist and go in to select the file you need to keep climbing the file structure to the root directory. It's a little tricky but if you play with it you should get it. Once you get to the top directory on the Explorist 500 you will see 2 options, one for local storage and one for SD Card. Choose whichever one you weren't previously in. I know those aren't the clearest directions but hopefully it gets the point across. If you are still having issues please let me know and I'll charge up my unit and try and get you a more detailed walk through. Good luck!
  9. I have been using my 60CSx for 3 years and have yet to see this. Sorry!
  10. The simplest/quickest way for you to begin is by installing Mapsource that should have come with your GPS. You can open the GPX file in mapsource and then then click the icon to send to your GPS. If the mapsource software didn't come with your device it can be downloaded from the Garmin website. Another option is using a third party software, like GSAK, which I prefer. It gives you the ability to modify and sort your pocket queries/gpx files and can be use to load many different types of GPS units. There are other options out there but I have not attempted loading mine by copying and pasting GPX files directly. As to your question about maps - No, you don't need a map installed to use the unit or have your geocaches show up. Last but not least, there is always the option of using the "Send to GPS" option on the cache page to get the coordinates on your device. I don't consider this the best solution but it will get you out there using your device right away.
  11. I've been following this post all along and although I'm excited for the new unit I don't think I will be able to justify the price. The biggest benefit to me would be the paperless caching. The Birds Eye View and new mapping capabilities are nice but unfortunately all of those things are not worth shelling out $550 to me. I'll just have to wait around until the price of the 62st comes back down into the $300-$350 range. This is just my opinion though.
  12. There is actually an app for the Pre and the Pixi called "Geocaching for WebOS." I don't think you can get it from the app catalog but you can find it online and install manually. I've been very pleased with it so far. Here is a link to some info about it: http://www.precentral.net/app-gallery/app-...ching-for-webos
  13. This site does a pretty good job indexing WiFi hotspots. http://ipass.jiwire.com/
  14. One that I have done and found very interesting is "Near and Far" GC1J3A2. It uses a little teamwork with a penpal but I thought it was great. You'll have to check out the cache page as I don't think I could explain it here. Unfortunateley I don't know if it would be approved today.
  15. The easiest way would be to create a .gpx file from your bookmark list and then view the gpx in google earth or some other equivalent mapping software. Google Earth is good and free. There may be other ways but I am not aware of them.
  16. I have my 60CSX attached to my backpack strap with the belt clip. Then I have a lanyard on it as well which is attached to my backpack with a carabiner. That way if I happen to drop it while leaning over a ledge or river bank it wont end up going very far. Although the unit is supposed to be waterproof I don't intend on testing it out anytime soon.
  17. Yes, you should be able to open the tracklog or route using the Garmin Mapsource software and send it to your GPS. I have done this on several occasions.
  18. I purchased the movie new off of ebay last week for $9. I watched it last evening and it was worth the $9. Then again, I would assume myself to be square in the target demographic - late 20's, single, male w/ a mild geocaching addiction. I thought most of what was portrayed about geocaching was accurate with the exception of how far of her GPS was.
  19. monahmat


    I have a palm m500 w/ cachemate working on Windows 7 64bit. Are others having trouble getting this to work? Vista 64 and Windows 7 64 bit have the ability to emulate 32 bit and should run palm desktop properly. However, I cannot confirm this when using a RS-232 connection, only USB.
  20. I wind up doing more caching alone than with people. Although I like caching with others I prefer it to only be a couple of other people. I have cached in large groups at events and on group hikes before were some people don't make a find all day. You pretty much just wind up following the front runners and signing a log which takes a lot of the fun out of it.
  21. I have a Palm Pre and have just installed Geocaching for WebOS. You can look into the app here: http://pre.georgo.org/precaching/ I have the simply everything plan that includes full data service for $69.99.
  22. I too am curious about drawing circles with Mapsource. I have been able to do proximity circles in Magellan Vantage Point Software but never in Garmin Mapsource. If this can be done could someone give a quick How To or point us in the right direction? A Google Earth solution would also work. The KML Circle Generator works but there must be a easier way for multiple points using mapsource, or so I would think. The help is appreciated!
  23. I have to confess that I am not a fan of the 35mm film cans but after seeing swizzle's post I was compelled to give it a shot. I made 20 of them this weekend and think they are great. First one got submitted tonight. Thanks for the good idea! A very cheap container that I think will work out well.
  24. I remember one of my problems when I first started with the Explorist 500. The Explorist 500 has two places to store .loc files. They can be saved to the internal memory or they can be saved to sd card. I kept transferring files to my unit and then get very annoyed that I could not find them on the unit. Turns out I was transferring the files to the internal memory but then looking for them on the SD card. The file system of the Explorist can be a little bit confusing/clunky at first. If you know file structure speak, on the explorist you need to go up the tree to the route directory. At that point you can choose between internal memory and SD Card. I may not be saying this clearly but hope you get what I am driving at. If you need help feel free to message me. I still have my Explorist 500 but haven't used it in a while. If need be I can charge it up and walk you through.
  25. You are correct, the easiest way to get multiple caches into a GPX file is to run a pocket query. The second easiest method is to create a bookmark list which you can then create a GPX file from. You may also want to look at GSAK or a similar program which will help you to organize cache listings and create your own GPX files.
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