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  1. The answers to this question has got me doing a lot of investigating. I have found the following results. Table Top Trove * SA visitors (71) * Foreigners (146) Ratio 1 : 2.05 Historical Series – Harbour entrance * SA visitors (83) * Foreigners (91) Ratio 1 : 1.09 TF16 180° Sea * SA visitors (74) * Foreigners (68) Ratio 1 : 0.92 Table Mountain - Cape Town * SA visitors (6) * Foreigners (27) Ratio 1 : 4.5 Although the answer I was looking for was Cango Caves at a ratio of 1:3 Discombob your it as you found one with a greater ratio. What can we conclude from this? 1. As South Africans, we don't explore our own back yard? 2. There are just so many foreign geocachers? 3. Foreign cachers enjoy earth caches? 4. The Germans are trying to take over the world
  2. There is a cache in South Africa that more foreigners have found than locals by a ratio of 3:1. Which cache is this?
  3. iNokia


    Congratulations to iPajero for reaching your 100th FTF. Well done!
  4. I have checked out the above mentioned website, but can't find any mention of how many reindeer per provinces there are. How do you know that there are 2 left for the western cape?
  5. Please remember that a pocket query only contains the last 10 or 15 logs. So to use the above method you well have needed to be getting pocket quires from geocaching's conception. To get all the logs of a cache you need to download each GPX individually from the cache pages, which you have at some point done with GCMYYZ Table Top Trove. Please don’t get me wrong, (GCMYYZ Table Top Trove) might be the cache with the most finds. I just don’t have all the relevant info to confirm that.
  6. iNokia


    Congratulations to iPajero on there 1100,1200 and 1300 all within the past 2 weeks.
  7. Weldone LeonW, only 4 days out.
  8. iNokia

    The Sandpit

    Try www.geocachingadmin.com
  9. Has a little birdy told you so . Only 30 more to 3000. I'll see what I can do.
  10. My next closest is 208.98km's away. And 73 to go in the Eastern Cape.
  11. Sorry to say the GPS'S and American Express card are dummies. But being FTF a cache does allow you the best pick of the items . The head mounting torch found in a cache now has a permanent place in my cache bag and gets used quite often searching for those FTF's at night.
  12. I collected swag from my first 200 caches that I found. Traded with any cache that had something to trade, and even dropped off some small items in micros that had no trade items. As I knew my disappointment when finding the micro's and could not trade. View my profile picture to see all the trade items collected. Can you find any items you placed? Since then I had been able to place caches that are bursting at the seams with trading items.
  13. Hay I was just about to post that.
  14. I believe Little Nokia is on his way to Gauteng. Not to sure when it is going to be placed thou. Current in the hands of Henzz. Will keep you posted
  15. Hope there is at lest 11 to find during the up coming PE Event. We might need to move the event to the country side (Road trip) next time . Looking forward to seeing you all at the event.
  16. iNokia


    So here's an idea for a new Earth cache. NAME. Gau Train LOCATION Oxford Street JoBurg
  17. I some times also use SmartGPX, but no were can I find an option to quickly export a cache to a landmark for use in route 66. Could you explain how you do this. The only way I know of gettting a landmark is to use the nokia macro within GSAK, it creates an output file that can be used with nokia landmarks.
  18. Not to good with the ryming Or maybe it was my timing. Was it a bird or was it a plane? No the log was complete with a green crayon, the shame.
  19. iNokia


    I see iPajero is enjoying a nice long extended holiday caching. Moving quickly now past 600 Well Done.
  20. Lucky me mine is in the transkei. S 31° 35.775 E 27° 24.519 Between Lady Frere and Cala. Any one been there? Besides me.
  21. If that’s how they place caches overseas. I don't think I have seen a true Terrain 1, Difficulty 1 in SA yet.
  22. There is a plastic lizard hanging in the tree near the cache site, should any one want to go find that. Thanks for the bump, nice to read the history on this cache.
  23. iNokia


    Half way to 1000 WELL done iPajero
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