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  1. Does point 3 below still apply? or am I just interpreting it differently. Notes 1. Points for caches visited will only be awarded once for a cache. Once a bug visits a cache, any subsequent visits to that cache will not count for points. 2. Points for mileage will be based on the mileage counter on each bug's page. 3. Points for posting pictures will only be awarded once per photo per cacher. One cacher posting multiple pictures will not gain additional points, though it is encouraged if the poster desires to help document the travels. 4. Points for crossing state/provincial lines or international borders will be based on a straight line model, using the travel bug's map. No matter how a cacher travels as they carry the travel bug, a straight line between cache A and cache B will be used to determine which state/country lines are crossed. 5. Points for attendance at an event is only awarded once per event. 6. Points for being placed during an FTF requires that you be the FTF on the cache in question. Due to the increase in smaller caches, being FTF does not require that you leave the travel bug at the cache, only that you are the first to find it while the travel bug is in your possession. A photo will be needed as verification. 7. Any bugs "dipped" in and out of caches will forfeit those points. ie: NO dipping will be allowed at all. This also applies to multiple moves by any 1 cacher. A bug may only be moved ONCE by any cacher. An owner therefore may move his own bug, but only once.
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    Congratulation goes to iPajero on just reaching their platinum earth cache master status. My records show the following stats for earth caches placed in SA. Hope I have not left anyone out. No. State/Countries Finds Hides Redglobe - Platinum 6 40 7 Bouts777 - Platinum 5 28 6 iPajero - Platinum 8 36 3 Carbon Hunter - Gold 8 12 33 Cincol - Gold 7 12 14 Gerhardoos - Gold 6 21 2 Congrats to everyone on the achievements thus far.
  3. Sounds like a job for (Geocaching live) software. Depending on how long you going to stay in London, you either will make use of the roaming data ? or you can look into picking up a SMS card there with some data package available on it. I'm looking forward to hunting down my first geocacher using this software, unfortunately this software is not that popular with other caches around me. The closest I have come was yesterday at 270km away from me.
  4. Cincol, go for it you had the answer first.
  5. I don't understand your request - can you give an example? Do you mean you want to know who have found how many of the old, seldom found caches? Yes, the idea would be to see who has found the most seldom found caches. Seldom found caches in this case would be caches with 5 or fewer find logs. And maybe another list using caches with fewer than 4 find logs etc.
  6. If at all possible, I would like to see a list of, number of caches found per cacher on caches with less than 5/4/3 and 2 find logs, excluding caches published in the last 6 months.
  7. I can't think of any reason why it won't work. But personally have only seen it working on 6110, E65 and E90.
  8. My 4 star terrain and above cache mobile. Photo taken on my recent trip through the Baviaanskloof on a 5 star terrain cache.
  9. I too, thought that Wherigo caches where out of my capabilities with my Nokia E65 and Bluetooth receiver. While stumbling around on the forum 2 weeks ago, I came across a Java program called (openWIG) that plays Wherigo cartridges. It will work on most cellphones that has a GPS built in or Bluetooth GPS connected. I have tried and tested this software, Thus I have been able to build, test and publish my own Wherigo cache. Any one interested in this program you can download it here Visit Link. Now that more people can join in on the Wherigo fun. I hope to see some more Wherigo caches popping up soon.
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  11. I'll second this answer. Busy looking at the mountain range from Maclear as I type this post. Last time I drove this pass the temperature was -2 at 17:00 with snow falling and an icy road. All that said my opel Astra made it quite easily.
  12. I would like to think for East London as a City. I think we're looking for a "Town" here. My first guess would have been Grahamstown, but that ones all ready taken.
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    I see iPajero have had a busy day today moving on too their 1700th Well Done! . Also congrats on the 1600th 11 days ago.
  14. And I thought it was a short man, that wears a red hat living in your garden, that likes to travel
  15. Haaa haaa Lets all log a "Needs Maintenance" enty on it.... something in the line of it sunk or something.... I was just wandering through your SA forum (as I do sometimes, when I'm having an after-dinner cup of tea) and I clicked on that link to see what it was. I don't know what you lot have done to sabotage it, but it's showing as "Cache is unpublished" to me... Now I'll never know MrsB Try the link at the top of the page. That one still works.
  16. I have only got a 100 dollar note. Which now a days is probably rarer and more valuable than a 100 trillion dollar note.
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    iPajero moving along quite quickly Congratulations on your 1400 & 1500. Well done! To Tricky Vicky & Mickey Big Well done! on your super 2K milestone.
  18. A can of beans. Know idea what it's name is. At a guess "travelling beans"
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