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  1. Yep - and now the flags are up to show just how windy it is :)


    I can vouch for the wind without looking at the flags! I'll get a pic up ASAP, just realised I have none with my at work, so I'll find some at home.


    Try this one


    I think this ones called DNF cache

  2. I resenting had the privilege of doing one of Discombob's 5 star caches (not yet logged) Kloof Corner Difficult. You need to ask yourself 3 questions.


    1. Is there any chance of slipping and falling to your death?

    2. Are there any 10 meter vertical chains to climb?

    3. At any point are you going to stop and second guess yourself?


    If no to all of the above, it gets below 4 stars.

    1 yes = 4 stars

    2 yes = 4.5 stars

    3 yes = 5 starts


    Sound's like I going to have to get up early on the 24th, can't even lie in on a public holiday.

  3. The walk is done and dusted. I can confirm you have some very nice trails around here, way to much to do in one day. I had a good scout around and now have at lot more knowledgeable on the trails leading up the mountain. Any way, we choose to ascend through platteklip gouge. As I seemed to be the most obvious route up being able to see the path from the N1. At least we could not get lost. We then proceeded on to Maclears beacon, then back along the north face to the cable cars. At this point the misses decides she have enough of walking and was going down with the cable car. This then afforded my the opportunity to take a more adventures route down along the India Venster route, with a quick deviation down to Kloof Corner Difficult & kloof corner medium. For more info, you have to what for the logs. All in all a most enjoyable day.

  4. Finally... Tara and John, you can take it away... Well done.


    Thanks Wazat.


    Having not done too many caches, our pic collection is a bit limited. Try this one out



    Me thinks this is going to be a toughie.

  5. OK here it is.


    1. GC161G7 Bawa Falls

    2. GC1GB96 Nonqawuse Pools

    3. GC1GB7M Takazi Waterfalls

    4. GC1FKTF Magwa Falls

    5. GC1GA6D Collywobbles


    All require a bit of effort to get to, but one would defiantly not be disappointed once there. But sadly not many people get to experience them.

    Well done Carbon Hunter, Your turn.

  6. I had to look on the map. It must be the 5 in the Great Fish River Nature Reserve: Adam's Krans, Khwalimanzi Hide, Sam Knott Viewpoint, Fort Double Drift and Double Drift Picnic and Camp site.

    Still some more north.

  7. Seems a hint is in order.

    All five are from the same Province.

    The average days that the caches have been published for is 919 days.

    On average the caches have been found 3.8 times since publishing.

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