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  1. ... and also when trying to upload pictures additional to the log.
  2. Same here. For some days I also receive that certificate error message. It happens when I try to switch to the next page of a pocket query, bookmark list or trackable logbook. Clicking the "next" page button causes the error message. Also Win10 same Mozilla FF version. Renaming the cert8 data file doesn't help rather increases the problem -> "unable to get votes from server! Errorcode null" which means the maps aren't available. *** my real profile name is "Allgäuerin" but because of the "ä" in my name I can't sign in the forums -> so using the "Schreibaccount" ***
  3. Thanks for your reply! I normally never log out from my real account - today I had to as I logged in with my "sock puppet". Now logging in - and what can I say? The map works perfectly - embarrassing but true. Bug fixed.
  4. I haven't found this topic so far so here is my question: I'm VERY sure that in the beginning of the new search when I clicked on "map these results" the solved mystery caches with corrected coordinates were shown at the correct spot WITHOUT using the filter "has corrected coordinates". I got ALL caches on the map: the tradititional caches, multis, mysteries which I haven't solved yet with the "wrong" coordinates and also the corrected mysteries. Now of course I still have the option to use the filter "has corrected coordinates" which makes no sense for me as I want to see on the map how I can plan my tour with tradionals AND solved mysteries not either or.... what happened? It was such a useful feature! This way the new search is pointless.... as the old map does exactly the same. I'm not a sock puppet - my Geocaching name is "Allgäuerin" but because of using the "ä" in my name I'm not able to log in the forums with my real account.
  5. Thanks for that. I was wondering if I'm the only one who's missing the TB info in the search result list. After trying the new seach I have to say, I only like few things, mostly I dislike the reformation. The only step forward is that mystery icons now are shown at the right position on the map if coords are corrected. The use is not intuitive as many others said. How can one know, that you have to add a region when looking for a cache by its name? I was looking for one special cache only knowing the exact name so I typed that in... and got that ridiculous DNF message - very nice. It would be way more helpful to say in that message WHAT field I should additionally fill with information! So one can only guess... or leave in anger. I also miss the information at the search results when did I find the cache? Needs the cache maintenance? And most important of all - the "send to GPS" button. As we in Germany still have much problems with loading the GC website for some strange reasons it's really annoying to do more clicks now for the same results that we got with only one click at the old search. And as the send to GPS button is gone we need to open up every single listing! Needs a lot more time and ends up in "time out" error message. This is not an improvement but some steps backward. So please bring back the old search!
  6. Very disappointing! I can't believe that you (Groundspeak) appreciate the feedback - I rather think you don't care and you won't provide a plain text option ever... And still I haven't seen any reasonable explanations for those unwanted changes. It's not a matter of taste or inflexible behavior of your customers that makes us complaining - there are good reasons for everyone here to refuse that html-stuff. But that falls on deaf ears
  7. That's MY problem too. And as I'm used to read my e-mails on my mobile it's hard to read now with zooming and scrolling left and right and down and up... annoying! And why am I forced to increase (with extra costs!) my data volume for my mobile? Because Groundspeak wants it? Serious? Maybe I'm wrong but I always thought that as a paying customer of Geocaching.com I could require some customer friendly features? HTML is everything but customer friendly - it's a change to the worst! So I really hope for an option for plain text mails (which were perfectly comfortable to read and TO GET THE INFORMATION I NEED) instead of Oh snap mails! Btw - my user name is "Allgäuerin" but GC isn't able to solve my "Ä" problem so I can't get into the forum with my normal user name - and no - I don't want to change my name to an "ae". GC may be an US company but should realize that there are some members out there in the whole wide world... - and I have to add, this is my very first comment here in the forum - but I "felt like" (common thing these days) posting one.
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