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  1. quote:Originally posted by DustyJacket:Do you have an SD card reader-writer? DustyJacket Not all those that wander are lost. But in my case... I sure do. Could someone tell me how to separate out the regions into different IMG files?
  2. I made 4 different regions, but when I uploaded to my SD card, it only showed up as one IMG file. How do I split them up?? r.
  3. I agree with you. But, since you told me to call you a suck up...well... SUCK UP!
  4. I generally stick the coords into one of my mapping programs (MS Streets & Trips, Mapsend Streets & Destinations, DeLorme Street Atlas USA) to get an idea where the cache is. All I really need to know is maybe where to park and if there's anything I need to know unique to the particular cache. It helps to know whether or not I need to bushwhack or get wet/muddy, too. Besides that, I don't like too many details...it ruins the hunt most of the time. Put the more detailed info in the encrypted hints section. My $0.02.
  5. Hey all... I'm confused as to the difference between true north and magnetic north. Could someone explain what the difference is? Is one better than the other? I have a Magellan Meridian, and I'm able to choose between true and magnetic, but I don't know which one to choose. Does choosing one over the other make me more/less accurate when hunting a cache? r.
  6. I collect PEZ stuff, and I'll be living in Atlanta for the summer. Thus, I REALLY like the PEZ idea...I need to add to my collection. I'm so selfish! r.
  7. I have a 128mb SD card in my Meridian Yellow. I loaded 4 regions to the card (totalling 103mb) and stuck the card in. everything worked beautifully. i went in to the meridian's card utilities and turned off the detail maps. still working fine...went back in to put the detailed maps back on. clicked on detail map and tried to load up DETAIL00.IMG which is the only file on the card. When i hit enter, i get an error that says "Invalid Detail Map File". I didn't change anything, just turned the map off then back on...and it won't come back on. Please help! R. I'm using firmware v.4.02
  8. quote:Originally posted by FISUR:rag-a-muffin: Very Nice! Please drop a couple of picks off a bit further north (like New England). FISUR http://www.geocities.com/team_fisur Sadly, I'm moving further SOUTH for the summer in just a few days. Those of you in the Atlanta area may have a shot at getting some of my sig items. I also may be paying a visit to the Galveston, TX area late this summer. For you New Englanders, you just might have to wait 'till I'm headed that way. r.
  9. Mine comes from the book which changed my life. The book is called "The Ragamuffin Gospel" by Brennan Manning. I consider myself to be a "ragamuffin". r.
  10. I have a Meridian GPS (Green) and I'm looking for aa good, but simple instructional video on how to use the thing. Can anyone give me feedback from personal experience as to which one might be good for me? Thanks! r.
  11. My signature item is a GC.com logo guitar pick (don't worry, I have permission from TPTB) attached to a card with my user name on it. So far there is only ONE in the entire WORLD out in a cache. I've numbered my sig items so that you know how many I've placed before the one you find. As far as whether it's there for the cache owner or a cache finder, it doesn't really matter to me. If you're a finder and you want it, by all means, TAKE IT...just be sure and trade for it. Sig item collecting is sort of neat, although I don't have anyone's sig item yet. I would probably, however, trade for one if I found it in a cache. I've posted a pic of my very first sig item (#001) which is currently hiding inside Belle Island Cache and Carry. If you want it, go get it. There will never be another #001 rag-a-muffin GC.com guitar pick!
  12. it's a GREAT deal, but i don't think i can afford it right now. thanks, though.
  13. Just got Mapsend S&D USA today, and I've read through the manual twice already. I'm having lots of fun with the software, but I need help on a few things. I don't have a SD card reader, which I now realize that I NEED. I'll be buying one tomorrow. I uploaded a little 16mb map via the GPS PC cable tonight, and it took about an hour...hence the need for a card reader. SO...assuming I'll have a card reader tomorrow, here's my problem: I have a 128MB card and want to put detailed maps and POI's on my GPSr for the entire state of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. When I create a region larger than 16MB, I get a message saying that my regions can only be 16MB. Is there anything I'm doing wrong there? To work around this, I divided the larger states in half and made them 2 regions each. Is this the best way to do this? Second, the program says I can only upload 4 regions to my GPSr, but having to split up these 4 states gives me 7 regions. It's my understanding that if you do one upload of 4 regions, followed by a second upload, the second upload will wipe off the first 4 regions. Is there any way to get all 7 regions uploaded to my GPSr at the same time? How do I write this to my SD card so as to "trick" it into letting me do this. All responses are welcomed. Please keep it simple, as I'm not the most technologically advanced. I'm about a 7 on the 1-10 scale of technical aptitude. Thanks! r. Oh...by the way...I have a Meridian Yellow with 4.02 firmware.
  14. quote:Originally posted by Stealth Scout:I have an almost brand new one You have an almost brand new WHAT? What unit is it, and how ALMOST brand new is it? r.
  15. Hey all... Just got Mapsend S&D today, and I was wondering if any of you seasoned users out there had any neat tips, tricks, or fixes for the software. Haven't had any problems with it yet, but I always like to know if there's any info out there that'll make the software any better. Thanks! r.
  16. Hey all... Just got Mapsend Streets and Destinations USA, and I LOVE IT! I was wondering if any of you seasoned users out there had any advice on neat tips, tricks, bugs, or fixes for the software. Haven't run across any trouble yet, but I know there's something out there that'll help this software be much cooler. Let me know what these things are. r.
  17. My question is this: Why are we bragging about the reception of our GPSr's while INSIDE the house? Are you trying to track your way back from the bathroom to the den or something? I prefer using my GPSr outdoors...I'm pretty sure most of the geocaches in existence are, in fact, outdoors.
  18. I used to be able to click on the user's name here in the forums and it would take me to their profile, listing their found/hidden stats. now when i click on it, i can't get those found/hidden stats. what do i do to get someone's found/hidden stats? help. r.
  19. Here's a discussion about which USB to Serial converter works best. Good luck! r.
  20. yes, in fact, there exists such a gadget that will plug into one of your USB ports and make it a serial port. having never done this, i'm not sure which brand works the best, but I know others on the site have made statements as to which ones work the best. I'll see if i can find those posts and markwell them for you. r.
  21. should be able to get a male to male short serial cable that will solve this problem for you. however, i'm not exactly sure that the port on your laptop you're mentioning is actually a serial port. I fear you might be referring to the external monitor port, which would be female. Make sure your laptop indeed has a SERIAL port first. Mine has both a serial port (male) and a port for an external monitor (Female)...so be sure it's the right thing. If the ports have little icons beside them, the serial port will have what looks like "IOIO" where the external monitor port will be a small box...looks sorta like a tv screen or monitor. This is what i think you're describing here...could be wrong. r.
  22. You're not doing anything wrong. I've found that's just one of the quirks with the two programs. What I usually do is save two copies of the .loc file. I then work with one in EasyGPS and the other in GEOBuddy. I don't think there's a way to edit in EasyGPS and then get it to open in GEOBuddy...none that I've found, anyway. r.
  23. oops. sorry for the previous post. i was trying to be funny, following in the vein of other posters to this topic. guess i crossed a line. my bad, dawg. r.
  24. [solicitation for pirated copy of software was removed from this post - Admin] [This message was edited by Jeremy (Admin) on March 28, 2003 at 01:37 PM.]
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