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  1. Thanks guys.



    a) my first, for getting me started;

    :) my last, for the numbers;

    c) all in between, because the concept of the game is so NICE in a world that is going mad. I


    I have virtually met soo many of you, but it was good to really meet a cacherr at my 100th.

  2. I thought that the most important part of caching is enjoying the location which has been chosen with exceptional care - the views, history, originality, or 'cute' factor etc. Having often travelled some distance to get there, it is very annoying having to search for ages without the help of a good clue when I just want to sign the log book and move on. A clue is supposed to help after all; if you don't want it don't decript!

  3. There seems to be understandable attention in the rules to obtaining the land-owners permission before placing a cache. As I am looking to place my first I would appriciate some guidance.


    Most of the caches I have found have been on Forestry Commission, Local Authority or Borough Land. Do people -


    a) Not seek permission


    :) Apply individually for each placement? If this is the case, is there a list of whom to contact;


    c) Is there a system for 'blanket' approval sought by admin? (A note on 'admin' would also be helpful; who are they and what do they do?)


    Thank you for your comments.

  4. Oh, thank goodness its not just me (22 in 3 weeks!) Its the sort of addiction you can only talk about to ather addicts; for a start, how do you begin to explain the problem to people who do not understand - a bit like trying to explain Morris Dancing or the British pantomine to foreigners? Yes, totally hooked, so any time you need someone to talk to.....

  5. I came upon Geocaching on the BBC site 3 weeks ago. Days later I had my GPS and found my first cache the same afternoon. I am totally hooked, just wish these toys had been arround when I was a kid. I have already been shown some lovely places very close to where I live that I never would have seen without your help. Well done you all and keep up the good work.

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