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  1. I thought I had made that perfectly clear... In a case such as this, I believe the onus is on the "approver" to give examples as to WHY a particular cacher cannot be trusted to have a Cache beyond the magical distance limit. Why are Approvers and other selected members allowed this variance? What specifically, have I done to warrant the suspicion and lack of respect? What caches of mine have been "abandoned" and turned into landscape litter? How many of my caches have been ravaged by "wild animals"? Any other Approver and Moderator can see the cache-page in question...are you telling me that you see NOTHING disrespectful and/or condescending in the tone of the "approver"? This attitude sure says alot about how GC.com feels about their members... Since most GC members can't access the Cache-page and won't know about everything that went down, here are some screen-captures of the events: http://img26.photobucket.com/albums/v79/MJ...ching/Part1.jpg http://img26.photobucket.com/albums/v79/MJ...ching/Part2.jpg http://img26.photobucket.com/albums/v79/MJ...ching/Part3.jpg http://img26.photobucket.com/albums/v79/MJ...ching/Part4.jpg http://img26.photobucket.com/albums/v79/MJ...ching/Part5.jpg http://img26.photobucket.com/albums/v79/MJ...ching/Part6.jpg http://img26.photobucket.com/albums/v79/MJ...ching/Part7.jpg http://img26.photobucket.com/albums/v79/MJ...ching/Part8.jpg http://img26.photobucket.com/albums/v79/MJ...ching/Part9.jpg http://img26.photobucket.com/albums/v79/MJ...hing/Part10.jpg Start at Part10 and work your way UP the page to see the events in chronological order.
  2. So why is it that the Approvers don't "respect" the members? The reviewer-notes posted on my cache page basically state that I am a liar, a fabricator and that I am untrustworthy. Why does he consider it necessary to treat members with such a demeaning and condescending attitude? Whatever happened to Innocent until proven guilty? Are all members treated this way, or just those with which he's had "issues" in the past? For the record, I have great respect for many of the members and the other Approvers. I am merely voicing my opinion on the control-issues that are being abused by ONE individual, because of a grudge. If this offends him, then it undoubtedly applies to him. I HAVE contacted Geocaching.com regarding this, in the meantime, the damage being done is irreversible. I hope he is enjoying this...
  3. So what we have is an "approver" who doesn't know a THING about me or my lifestyle, and yet is judging me and my intentions. My son and I recently planted a cache (GCK0E4) at Heffley Lake near Kamloops in BC. We've been going to this lake since he was TWO, and since this is our TENTH ANNIVERSARY, we decided to pay tribute to this place by hiding a cache on a small island near the WEST end of the lake. I received an e-mail from the pseudo-approver telling me that "HE" isn't going to allow it since it is more than 150 miles from my stated home co-ordinates. I tried reasoning with this lifeform, showing him that I have two other LONG-DISTANCE caches (GCG3DR and GCJF4C) that are "closer" (as the crow flies) but which take longer to reach because of the many miles of gravel road. I also noted that these caches were approved WITHOUT QUESTION or inquisition. He then suggests that I planted this one (GCK0E4) as a "Holiday Cache" which is expressly forbidden...another one of these "rules" that apparently have no exceptions! I went on to tell this "approver" that because we have family and friends throughout the Province, we do a lot of travelling; furthermore WHY on earth would I go through all the trouble of planning, stocking, creating, hiding, photographing and reporting a cache if my alleged intent is to ignore it? Unwavering, he suggests that I don't travel because I don't have any finds logged in the area. I thereon presented TWO examples of caches that I did seek: GC8F30 - a find. GC720C - a DNF, although my log entry http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...da-300240a45d73 shows a picture to prove that we were indeed in the area. This evidence is not considered valid for some reason or other. I don't know about the rest of you, but when I am on business, or holidays or visiting family, I don't always consider it as an opportunity to go Geocaching! I have a life and concerns outside of this hobby and as such it doesn't occupy my every waking moment. Sure there are times when I get halfway to 100 Mile House and I think to myself: "Geez! I wish I had brought my GPS, I remember reading about a cache nearby...." Apparently for one's credibility to be worth anything, one has to devote every breath and every waking moment to the "sport" or else you are considered (by the PTB) to be an untrustworthy miscreant, whose only purpose is to create "litter" and give caching a bad name. Give me a break! I offer TEAM KFWB GPS as an example...their own Biography states that: "TEAM KFWB GPS HAS BEEN ACTIVELY INVOLVED IN PLACING CACHES ALL OVER CALIFORNIA, NEVADA, OREGON, UTAH AND BRITISH COLUMBIA SINCE 1989." ...the last time I checked, it was more than 150 miles from Nevada to BC. Don't get me wrong, I admire and respect the work and effort by KFWB, but according to this "approver", the rules have NO EXCEPTIONS. To me, this simply reeks of an individual stroking their ego after having been given a wee bit of "power". There is no room for this sort of megalomania in this hobby...several worthy and respectable cachers have given up on this hobby because of the powerplays and politics...and now, I am poised to leave as well. When the FUN is gone from a hobby, it is time to find a new one. Many of the personalities (for lack of a better word) involved in the politics have sucked the life right out of this game.
  4. ...so you can impress them with your ignorance as you did in THIS Topic you posted in? So many were SO right about you...
  5. Can't help wondering why nothing was said to the ORIGINAL offender? Is it OK to take cheap shots, but not OK to respond? I didn't respond to Sax's remarks because I have seen his/her posts in the past and, as he stated, he "kids around all the time". Sparky's remarks were uncalled for, plain and simple. I have noticed that the resident "Geocaching ambassador" resorts to this sort of behaviour on more than one occassion. I was simply pointing out that his actions certainly contradict his words; but again, I see that NOTHING is said to or about the offender...sad! To defend him is to endorse him...I don't think you really want to do that, do you?
  6. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=50338 This, from the same individual who on THIS page claims that we are "...member of a worldwide family of geocachers..." and who encourages those with "nagging, burning questions, come to the "Getting Started" forum to ask..." not to mention that he claims that "The forums are informative and entertaining; they provide a medium for the community, and often a great sense of comradery..." Just a wee bit hypocritical, no? I'm glad and PROUD to be Canadian. Your comments and your attitude are typical of your type; you preach of humility and community, then do whatever you can to undermine those whom you are the most envious of. You should apologize or keep your mouth shut...or preferrably BOTH.
  7. Update - The "Doggy" seems to be back in the groove - all of his caches are re-instated! Now...I have to get back to work on my "Stump the Doggy" cache....rebuilding from scratch!
  8. Very well could be. I got in a huff a while back. Didn't archive my caches though because I realize that gc.com is not geocaching. They are the largest site and thus have the ability to push the RASH in pretty much any direction they want. But I don't have to go along with it. I can do pretty much what I please and that is furthering geoaching and if I have to leave gc.com behind, then so be it. So what other options are there for submitting a cache? Doesn't GC.com have the final say? I have no problem with RULES per se, but when "some" rules are enforced and others not, it doesn't help the cause. For instance, I could give you the name of a DOZEN "wilderness" caches...Caches literally dumped in the middle of nowhere, far from the owner's normal residence; I have (had) one myself! What about the caches who start off by saying: "Ignore the above co-ordinates, they will put you 'somewhere' in North America..." There are PLENTY of "violations" around...some more severe than others. I don't think my "violation" was reason enough for denial, and obviously the approver didn't either since he approved it minutes before I archived it! Archiving it was the only form of protest available to me. Again, I'm sorry if anybody is hurt by this, but those who aren't even in my area code shouldn't be complaining as if they suffered some great loss! Let's remember...this IS a game!
  9. Once you get over this tantrum you'll be hard pressed to find anyone, approver or forum member, who will want to work with you. I personally wouldn't want to try to work with someone who has proven they would rather fight me than work with me. I mean you archived a cache they actually approved and started a rant complaining about it online. How can someone work with a person like that? The approvers are NOT the enemy. But if you insist on seeing them that way and treating them that way, then they might as well be. Bons Location: Bellevue, NE Again...it doesn't seem to me like YOU would have been visiting any (ex)cache of mine anyway. Since you are a few thousand miles away, geographically speaking, I can live with the fact that you'll want nothing to do with me or my caches...have a nice day.
  10. The burning question is WHY did it get approved a half hour after being denied? ...and if it was approved AFTER being denied, why wasn't there any sort of explanation regarding this change in heart/policy? The way I see it, something is either YAY or NAY...not BOTH!
  11. Could it have just been an oversight? Thinking it shouldn't be approved, and then realizing there was nothing wrong with it? Just a thought. Who knows...kinda moot now!
  12. Geckoee - Lowell, MA Eddthejailer - southern indiana Sparky - Tornado Alley Imajika - Aurora, CO BrianSnat - Morris County, NJ Not likely to VISIT any of my caches soon...yet the most vocal regarding my actions, Hmmmmm......? Yes...they WERE good ones, at least the TWO left that weren't plundered. Again, I must ask why past-record doesn't take precedence over RULES that are created to inconvenience those who have done nothing wrong? Once I get over this tantrum, I'll probably be thinking of new places to hide more of them, but this time it will be (not so) simple GOTO's...apparently these are a bit more forgiving...
  13. I apologize if anybody was OFFENDED by my remarks. While retrieving my caches tonight, I also discovered that one of them had been plundered...it has been a Geocaching day from hell for me today. As I said, I don't expect sympathy, but I didn't expect OPEN SEASON for airing an opinion. Evidently I'm not the only one who needs to "lighten up" a bit...
  14. For what it's worth, the STUMP the DOGGY Cache was a "tongue-in-cheek" dedication to a fellow Cacher in my area...but it could easily be misinterpreted, especially if one was looking for something to criticize. Are you saying that you can divine my "tone" by the way I type? Funny! I was told that the REASONING behind the "2-mile rule" was that "there have been multi's with bogus co-ordinates..." This makes as much sense as ticketting people for having alarms that go off when someone tries to steal their car...here's a novel idea: How about we inconvenience the people who are the CAUSE of the problem rather than the innocent? Until today I had FOUR caches, (one of which is a WILDERNESS cache, over 200 miles away - yet THAT ONE was approved - figure THAT one out!?) with which there has NEVER been a problem or any sort of infraction. One would THINK that past record would set precedent. Apparently this isn't the case...whatever, I won't do this thing to death, it's over!
  15. That's the "funny" part...the Approver DENIED the cache, then APPROVED it less than half an hour later, without an e-mail or note explaining his/her change of heart. I don't expect any sympathy from anybody...the fact remains that I am not the only cacher in the area that has had problems with the "politics" involved with this GAME. I will continue to SEEK caches, I merely refuse to hide anymore "urban-type" caches, since it seems to be the urbanites who whine about caches being more than 100 yards apart so that they can't log 15 in a day. Can anyone explain to me WHY the points on a multi can't be more than 6 miles apart? The biggest JUMP in this cache was 12 kilometers, yet the Cache was (initially) NOT approved because the START and END points were more than 2 miles apart???? Then, it gets approved....with NO explanation! My last entry was 2.5 hours ago (or so)...and in that time, I have been able to MAKE dinner, EAT dinner, then drive out and retrieve ALL my local caches. One of which included a 20 min. HIKE UP a mountain and another which required a 10 min DRIVE up a logging road. How big of a deal was that? For the record, I was polite but assertive in my e-mail. Whether you believe that or not doesn't rally concern me at this point.
  16. It "was" GCHYXV. I say "WAS" because I am so PO'd with the BS that I archived it, retrieved it and e-mailed the approver telling him that it would be a cold day in you-know-where before I hid another one. Let's get realistic here....we are hiding TUPPERWARE...this isn't rocket science, it's supposed to be F-U-N! What's the best way to kill a pastime? Regulate it to death! My passion has hit bottom...who knows if it will recover.
  17. Well...my cache was NOT approved. Why? Because the Start and End points are 6 miles apart....what a crime! What horror! O the Humanity! It will be a LONG, LONG time before I place another cache....this is outright stupidity! My interest in this "hobby" has taken a nose-dive.
  18. If it ever gets approved, I'll post it here...biggest jump is 12 kms (about 7.5 miles) but it's all within the same township... I was also planning to do a "Follow me" type of cache with clues all the way through the Fraser Canyon while we go on Holidays...wonder if they'd go for that?
  19. GeoCaching.com says: Unless a good reason otherwise can be provided, the posted coordinates should be no more than 1-2 miles away from the true cache location. This allows the cache to show up on the proper vicinity searches and to keep the mileage of Travel Bugs that find their way into the cache reasonably correct. So, what if I want to create a "puzzle-type" cache that takes the seekers through SEVERAL points of interest...Does this mean I have to make two or MORE caches to achieve the same ends? By reading the description, people will be able to tell HOW FAR they must travel to complete this cache, and as such, those who don't want to travel this far needn't apply, correct? Some of these rules are really "out there"...this sort of "regulation overload" serves as a real buzzkiller...
  20. OK...OK... Here is the Cache I refer to: Straining Gnats
  21. I realize that the "G" is silent....
  22. Team MJDJ


    What's all this about GNATS anyway? I came across a peculiar looking cache today...the clues were GNAT, GNOT, GNAT etc... Is this another one of those "Kenny" type puzzles? (fmrmmfrfr tefdrdedfffmfmd)
  23. I'm not sure what you mean by this. I've been here for some time and haven't noticed anything of the sort. Speaking for myself, I have one identity pretty much everywhere (just Google my name in Groups). I'm not aware of other geocachers with multiple identitys, other than some admins who choose to do their geocaching.com volunteer work under one account and log their finds under another. I refer SPECIFICALLY to caches...there are many placed by individuals or groups that I've never heard of. When checking out their PROFILES, their identity becomes obvious. I don't know of any in HERE that have multiple identities.
  24. Now I understand! Thanks to all!
  25. I have noticed that some of these individuals have a name as Mr.X (for instance). Then, I may notice "little bo peep" has placed a new cache. When I check out the PROFILE of little bo peep, it shows up as Mr.X....how'd he do that? I am able to set up another account, but it didn't work out the way I wanted it to!
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