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  1. Update: Jesse (Little Mr Puzzle) received his mission from Switzerland. He loved the knife, chocolate, coins and the post card which he had framed and is on his wall. He sent his mission out 2 weeks ago and have not heard if it made it there.
  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO grodan & fiabus for fulfilling my mission to usyoopers. That was VERY sweet of you to do for me as well for usyoopers. To usyoopers: I am VERY SORRY you had to wait SO long. When we signed up for these missions, life was good. Now its a bit stressful, but moving towards good again. I still plan on sending you an "extra" mission as soon as we can! Thank you for understanding!
  3. Well, to the 2 people I still owe missions to, you know who you are, NO THEY HAVE NOT GONE OUT! After my husband's hours were cut, we cut back on a lot of things, then I sent one of the missions out, TWICE (as I wrote the zip wrong BOTH times) then I sent it out a third time and it never made it. I have it ALMOST ready to go. The second is nowhere near going out....and now that I have LOST my job, it will be a wait. I know this SUCKS for the 2 of you who are waiting, but paying my bills HAVE to come first. When I signed up for these in JANUARY, things were GREAT, so it is not like I signed up without having the means to fulfill them. I have sent about 6 other missions this year, ON TIME. I am VERY sorry. When I have sent them out, I will let you know.
  4. Baby Puzzle E-Mail Sent: Yes (sorry forgot the date) Name Received: Yes (sorry forgot the date) Mission Received: Yes, Thank you FairyHoney Mission Sent: Tomorrow, but it is going overseas, will take awhile to get there. BABY ZANDER LOVED HIS VERY PACKED BOX FROM FAIRYHONEY! He got: 3 coins, (blue piggy bank, a vote coin and a astrological sign coin) a bag of Hershey's kisses 3 books a Ty Rainbow Bear (as we call it) a Ty Stuffed Little Man (again, thats what we call it) a Thomas the Tank Video a spoon and fork. I am not the best at posting photos, so if you can't see these, feel free to go to : http://community.webshots.com/album/563939...security=lXcivS
  6. Dakota received her mission from the eldest Wolf Pack kids! Thanks April! Dakota is thinking of sending her coin out this weekend. It has been too hot to hike, or even go outside. It has finally cooled, so we are heading out to check some of our cahces and do some hiking!
  7. According to what I have, everyone has received their missions...(Except those waiting for the Wlf Pack), is that correct? If you are still waiting on your mission, please let me know!
  8. I heard from Wolf Pack and despite going through A LOT right now...their missions are on their way! Please update forum when you receive them, and I will do the same. (My daughter was paired up with the eldest) Thank you!
  9. Awesome, I'm glad it was something that simple. Thanks for the update. Puzzlefam, is there any update with the Wolf Pack? I haven't seen any postings from them yet. Thanks. No. The last I heard 2 of the kids had gotten their missions. They hadn't received the one my daughter had sent. I will send another e-mail to keep you all posted.
  10. Little Mr Puzzle Sent E-Mail: Last week sometime Name Received: 10/22/08 Mission Sent: Mission Received: Baby Puzzle Sent E-Mail: Last week sometime Name Received: 10/22/08 Mission Sent: Mission Received:
  11. WOO HOO! I have heard from the Wold Pack, and all is well there now. Just had some internet issues! For the 2 of you who sent them a mission, they were received! (They are still waiting to get my daughters!) They will respond soon! WELCOME BACK WOLF PACK!
  12. For those of you who have asked me to check on the status of your missions...I have sent e-mails to everyone in question and have yet to hear back! Both of the missions for my kids have gone out, but I have not heard anything about those yet, either...one was to a Wolf Pack child though and NO ONE has heard from them! (Still hoping everything is okay there!)
  13. I sent an e-mail to Harmony's family about this mission. I am still waiting on a reply. Don't send anything yet. Lets see if they get back to me first.
  14. I could not think of 10 orginal ones...I kept coming up with the same thing as everyone else...but wanted to add: Thou shall not ride between lanes Thou shall remember the shoulder is for emergencies, not a special lane for motorcycles
  15. No worries! We know these are not easy to run, especially with so many people in it! THANKS FOR DOING IT!
  16. We are actually waiting for 3 names for the last quarter! Maybe we were kicked out for sending out our last one SO late. In my defense, I DID e-mail the person and let them know of my failure to write a zip code correctly (TWICE!)! (UGH!)
  17. I have sent an e-mail to the Wolf Pack , but it seems no one has heard from them in awhile, which is NOT normal. I am praying they are all okay and that we hear from them soon!
  18. If you have sent a mission and do not know if it has arrived yet..please let me know and I will check it out for ya!
  19. DAKOTA E-Mail Sent: HEE HEE, NO NEED Name Received: August 24th Mission Sent: September 26th Mission Recieved: JESSE E-Mail Sent: HEE HEE, NO NEED Name Received: August 24th Mission Sent: September 26th Mission Recieved: September 4th Well I THOUGHT these went out over a week ago. I asked the hubby to send them off...then didn't follow up. I found them in his truck! Sooo I mailed them today MYSELF! SORRY GUYS!
  20. I finally dropped the coin in a cache! Looking forward to see where it goes, and hope it brings awareness!
  21. I did a TON of e-mailing trying to find the coins/TBs. A lot of people responded. All said they did not see or have our coins! I have not given up and continue to hope they will pop up.
  22. Unfortunately Dakota and Jesse's have not gone out yet. They still need to write the letters, but the coins are here! They will go out this Friday! Everyone remember to post photos and let us know when you heard from your penpal!
  23. Little Miss Puzzle will be resending her half birthday mission out again. It came back due to a zip code error on our part. It will go back out on Friday. We have contacted the person it is going to about the delay.
  24. We activated our coin today. We will drop it later today. TB1VEGC THANKS!
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