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  1. Ich habe mich wegen Reviewern von Geocaching.com abgewendet und nutze nur noch freie Plattformen. Vorausgegangen war ein Sachverhalt der m.M.n. nicht mehr hinnehmbar ist. Ich war für längere Zeit in Kunduz/Afghanisten. Wer auf die Karte schaut wird dort ein paar Caches innerhalb des Camps sehen. Ich bin absoluter Gelegenheitscacher. Da das Freizeitangebot im Camp doch recht eingeschränkt war wollte ich dort 2 Caches legen und mich mehr dem Geocaching widmen. Nun ist das Camp aber nicht sooo Groß als das man dort bis zur "beamtenrechtlichen Erschöpfung" alle Kriterien penibel einhalten kann. Mein Cache lag nur ein paar Meter zu nah neben einen anderen und wurde deshalb nicht freigeschaltet. Die Erklärung, dass man sich in einem engen Camp im Kriegsgebiet befindet hat keinerlei Einfluss auf den Reviewer gehabt. Hätte ich den Cache ausserhalb des Camps gelegt, wären meine Möglichkeiten diesen zu pflegen sicher nicht mehr lange möglich gewesen ;-) Ich denke, dass man in diesem Falle durchaus mal die Kirche im Dorf lassen kann und wegen fehlender 12 Meter nicht den Oberbestimmer heraus hängen lassen muss. Höflichste Bitten und Formulierungen haben nichts genutzt! Ich persönlich empfinde dies als zahlender Geocaching.com-Kunde als sehr ärgerlich. Ein weiterer Sachverhalt ereignete sich ca. 1 Jahr davor. Ich hatte einen Mikro an einem "Hunde-Spaziergängerweg" neben nicht mehr benutzter Gleise versteckt. Die Gleise waren von dem Ort nicht erreichbar weil eine sehr hohe Böschung den Zugang zu den Gleisen verhindert. Ich teilte das dem Reviewer mit, der den Cache trotzdem nicht freischaltete. Auch der Hinweis, dass ich Polizeibeamter bei der Bundespolizei bin und der Bereich als sorglos zu betrachten sei, führte nicht zum Erfolg. Eine Kopie meines Dienstausweises hatte ich damals als Beweis für meine Erklärungen verschickt. Hier war man polizeilicher als die Polizei! Diese Bettelei ist mir dann zu müßig geworden und ich habe für mich entschieden, dass ein derartiger Zustand nicht akzeptabel ist. Meine Premium Mitgliedschaft bei Geocaching.com habe ich daraufhin gekündigt. Regeln sind wichtig und vor allem für alle von Nutzen. Eine übertriebene Bevormundung halte ich jedoch nicht für angemessen. Da ist die Polizei flexibler!!
  2. You can not change the order in the map menu. Why don't you create shortcuts of your mapsets to your main screen? You can toggle maps with one touch and you can also put the shortcuts in the order you prefer.
  3. Can't download, link ends up empty! They probably rescinded it....
  4. I have the same funny issue on my MacBook Pro late 2011. I let the Montana "drives" appear on the desktop. When I want to eject them I mark both drives, right click-eject and have enough time to unplug the Montana. Three to five seconds are enough in this case. :-)
  5. I have reported the issue to garmin. I noticed it too! You took items from the "navigation" submenu! When u change the data fields in automotive mode scroll further down. There is another menu (don't have my Montana right here) I think is called something like on road navigation...anyway, when you use items out of that submenu the font is displayed properly!
  6. One way would be to use a Nokia N8! It has USB Host, you can connect a thumb drive or even a mouse or keyboard to the N8. I am also able to connect my Oregon 550 as a mass storage device to the phone! It has internal 16GB and SD-Card slot. If you have a monitor with HDMI you can even connect that phone to the monitor to edit and see your files on a big screen.
  7. Had trouble updating my Oregon 550 (firmware 3.71) with firmware 3.80. Display stuck at "validating update 0 %" absolutely no chance to get it run. Had to force USB mode to get rid of the gupdate.gcd. Made update to 3.74 and then to 3.80,it worked.....result was perfect. System seems to be faster especially map drawing must have been improved. Quite happy right now, hope there are no hidden bugs. There is still one annoying thing. It takes a long time until the Oregon shows up on the PC screen after I plugged it into USB. Takes approx 1 minute to see a reaction.
  8. Das ist völlig egal in welchem Land Du wohnst! Mach das Update und bastel dir Karten mit z.B. Google Earth Overlays. Das funktioniert in good old Germany, dann geht es auch in Österreich.
  9. I did it on the first try but I don't see enhanced precision. After releasing the power button and hitting enter the screen might show you the buttons for mass storage mode...just leave it and wait...don't do anything....it went to the buttons and back to the boot screen and back to the buttons. It ended up finally in software loading screen.
  10. Just tested, the hour glass hang when searching for POI's/destinations is solved!! Couldn't check the map draw issue by now. Garmin is doin a fast, reliable and good job! They are a good example for other manufaturers.
  11. defective post...why is it so hard to rech this side from europe sometimes.....
  12. Is there anybody with problems (blank screen, hour glass) who is using a modified typ file? It's suspected in a German forum, that this might cause problems especially when driving on highways. By the way, I discovered that the new German Topo Version 3 doesn't show any street names in my 300! The Version 2 does even though I am using a modified typ file in both versions. Other users reported, they see street names on 80meter zoom. when they zoom in and back out to 80 meter the names are gone and don't show up again.
  13. Hehe, we sent our posts at the same time
  14. Exactly this behavior I observed in 2.95 a few days ago while using the unit on my motorcycle but I had to powercycle it to get back on map screen. EDIT: I observed that the unit hangs up while searching (go to) for tide and different other points. This fact has been posted in a qualified German forum, too. The hour glass keeps turning and the back button stays blue as soon as it is touched. The only way to get out of this malfunction is battery removing. It seems like the 2.96 might have an issue with certain data base searches, especially in data bases with bigger contents. I think this change causes the Problem. Changes made from version 2.95 to 2.96: * Increased the number of waypoints viewable from the Waypoint Manager and Where To?>Waypoints In my understanding this change could also be responsible for the blank map screen. The Oregon does show all points on the map while navigating. When there is an issue regarding the point/destination search I presume the Oregon has contemporary the problem to display and find the destination points on/for the map.
  15. Well, it appears that this issue doesn't affect all devices otherwise we would presumably have had more complains by now. I observed the same malfunction in 2.95 either. Oregon just stopped displaying the map while navigating on CN. The Topo Germany was displayed above the CN. The unit just stopped displaying the map even though the data fields were still working. My opinion...we still have to wait for discribing this issue as a real bug. Nevertheless, a report to Garmin should be forwarded. ...und Freeday, ich hoffe du kriegst wieder Luft :-) Andraes
  16. My startup text was missing after update. So I made my own without the timestamp in it. It's working and shows the user name as long as the unit needs to boot. It's obviously not necessary to use the original startup.txt.
  17. -Oregon 300-Topo Germany 2-CN2009.11 Europe-Topo GB2-NiMH Bat's- Discovered the freezin issue once 4 days ago. Never had that malfunction before. I removed the NiMH batteries, put them back in and all was fine! Until now no freezin. The accuracy is impressive. Just the Waas/Egnos lock is not perfect yet. I just made one cache with 2.93 but that was an absolut spot landing.
  18. Garmin Topo maps are routable? Since when? I have never discovered a routable topo map!
  19. Not a lot of information u are offering to solve your problem. I bet u are using a topographic map. You can't route on topo maps....whether on roads nor on wood roads!
  20. Well u just see one map but u are working with both maps. When u activate CN2009 and Topo at once u can also route on the topo map. To change maps easily just make profiles where ur desired maps are activated. The only disadvantage I discovered was, that when u load more than 2 map sets the unit will become slow. It reacts quite sluggy. I loaded CN Europe 2009 and Topo Germany on the SD Card and Garmin World Map in the internal memory. It doesn't matter if u deactivate the third map in the menu, as long as it is in the units internal memory the Oregon goes very slowly (profil change takes about 10 seconds). Just when u rename or delete the third map everything is back to normal. But its still very impressive how the Oregon handles 3,4 GB! Never seen such a fast Garmin unit before....and I had a lot of these gadgets :-) ...and if u want to see in which profile u are, just tune ur background like the German users did on this web page http://www.naviboard.de/vb/showthread.php?t=32233 make ur own background with the specific profile name written with microsoft paint....
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