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  1. Hi, new here from San Diego. I'd come to a breakfast event to meet the local cachers.
  2. Tradboy

    Slow Site

    Intolerably slow. Many server-not-available errors.
  3. Is it possible to create a map with indications of all the caches an individual user has found? Something like the format of Buxley's Geocaching Waypoints.....
  4. Is there an easy way to look up a username? For example, my name is Tradboy....I can't seem to find a link or page on geocaching.com that allows you to search for a user, to view their page. The only way I can do it is to search for caches found by that user, go to one of the caches, find their log, then go to their page. [This message was edited by Tradboy on May 12, 2003 at 10:06 AM.]
  5. Just FYI, at no point did anyone specifically state that they thought this cache should be archived.
  6. I found a litlle cultivated marijuana plant in Penasquitos canyon..
  7. It's gone. I checked today. Some lucky custodian or little kid, maybe.
  8. C'mon, Officer, I'm new to this society thing and I didn't know ALL the laws!
  9. Wow, lots of people take this hobby pretty seriously. Do you all put this much thought into, say, who your local representatives are? Or who is running your school district? Now, don't get all uppity. Maybe you do. I'm just throwing this into the mix.
  10. Good thing the ring didn't get stolen. Risky
  11. Unless you live in Mongolia, I don't see THAT as a problem....
  12. Amusing how the posts started off as 'well, it's okay for these reasons'...and now they're 'you idiot! what the hell were you thinking?!?!?' :-)
  13. What on earth made you feel the need to point out that there are more difficult things than geocaching? Of course there are! I couldn't care less if you like to go kill big animals in downtown Chicago in freezing cold weather with one hand tied behind your back; it doesn't argue either way for whether or not people like to collect the geocache trinkets or just sign the logbook. You argument was pointless, illogical and misplaced.
  14. Is there any interest out there for a cache race? I did the last of the Black Mountain Four today, and thought, hey, for some of the more athletic cachers, it would be fun to stage a race of some sort. Possible scenario: Everyone starts at the same place, in this case Hilltop Park, with 4 unique markers. They can drive, run, bike, beg, borrow, or steal their way to the four caches in any order, but their unique markers must be found in each of the four caches. This part is obviously changeable, because of cheating possibility.....maybe a stamp in a log book? Or an actual person at the cache to log the racers? Any rate, they make their way back to Hilltop park, where their timer is stopped. Prizes can be travel bug tags, gift certificates to Garmin, or maybe just bragging rights in this forum... I dunno, I can think of several drawbacks, but I think it has possibilities. Waddya think?
  15. Every single person who responded to this thread in a serious manner lacks a sense of humor.
  16. Why did you assume FS was drawing an analogy to actually hunting? He (she) was saying that the fun of *geocaching* is in the hunt. You come back and say no way man, the fun of elk hunting is in the venison. Geocaching is lame compared to elk hunting. WTF?
  17. Way to be antagonistic, Beefcider. People like you really do a lot to enhance the Groundspeak forums. Kudos.
  18. I agree with LilDevil above. I think they take up space for a purpose that the log book already provides. As for people collecting them and trading them, I guess if that actually happens, I can see the point. I have zero interest in collecting "personal business cards".
  19. quote:Originally posted by JasonW:
  20. Yeah, that extra click was a real pain in the butt Strangely, I feel the same way ;-)
  21. My father flew Dustoff in Vietnam. I know, it's not me, but I'm dadgum proud of him for that.
  22. ....yer only strange for capitalizing random words. I like old cemetaries also.
  23. I'm vagualy amazed he figured out how to post in this forum, yet couldn't manage to do a google search on "GPS units" or the like.
  24. Those animations are annoying anyways, you don't want one.
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