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  1. I have the yellow paper with the unlock code but it only has one code. I will call Garmin Monday for a second code. Thanks Brad
  2. Ok... I can't make a map with waypoint manager I will try a card reader. Brad
  3. I have a Garmin Qwest with City Select v7 software. I just bought a Garmin gpsmap 60cx with trip & waypoint manager v4. Then my very small pea brain got a head of it’s self. I own the City Select v7 software so I used the map tool and sent it to the 60cx, that map is locked. Opps I think Garmin is going to make me pay to unlock the City Select v7 for my 60cx. Now when I turn on gps I get a maps are locked, press enter. How do I remove this locked map? Thanks Brad
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