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  1. It's back. I swear it was gone for a time.
  2. I renewed my annual premium membership in January. Things were working fine until earlier this week. I sent a request to GS help on Tuesday to restore my account. No response yet. I'm wondering how long it will take for them to make the fix.
  3. I agree. It was a new and different experience. Definitely not for everyone, and not something that should have been copied ad nauseum in other locations, but certainly a whole lot of fun for me. Thanks for giving it a try!
  4. Except for the fillups, the vehicle was probably running the whole time.
  5. 110 pages done. I need an excuse to travel between San Diego and Yuma. lol!
  6. GC78, Firestone, is the oldest cache in the Bay Area. Great views of the ocean along a ~0.5 mile hike. GC30CB, Sounds of the Bay, is a fun walk along a jetty near Chrissy Field. Great views of the Bay, bridges, and the city.
  7. I don't know how long this particular cache was active before it was 'retracted', but another possibility is that something offensive was posted in a log entry and the cache owner refused to delete it. If the person who was offended doesn't get satisfaction from the owner, then he could pursue it with Groundspeak. If Groundspeak wasn't able to mediate a resolution to the dispute, then retraction of the cache could be the result. Lots of what ifs...
  8. Me, too. Jeremy also said that they were going to increase the amount of geocaches you could load from 1000 to 2000.
  9. I've got an extra '06 GBES rally coin for trade. Make me an offer! My preference is for locationally themed coins.
  10. Sold! I have the following unactivated duplicates for sale. Make me an offer! Alabama 2006 Arkansas 2006 British Columbia Colorado 2006 Czech Delaware 2005 Finland Illinois 2006 Iowa 2006 Kansas 2006 Maryland Nebraska North Carolina Rhode Island 2006 Tennesee micro Texas Autumn Utah 2006 Virginia If there are any questions, check my available coins list. Thanks!
  11. I agree...there needs to be something that sets that text off from the background more. A more contrasting color if you go with 2D, but I'm not sure what would be best in the 3D situation. With a 3D design, let me reiterate my suggestion to have Mt Whitney raised above coin surface and Death Valley lowered below.
  12. I like how things are developing. [really_nitpicky] What's that white mark on the state image down in Imperial county? Is that a Gx marking Sacramento? It's hard to make out. Are those supposed to be Poppy leaves? They look more like Oak leaves. I don't really think you can claim from highest peaks: Mt. Whitney Calif. 14,494 Mt. Elbert Colo. 14,433 Mt. Massive Colo. 14,421 Mt. Harvard Colo. 14,420 Mt. Rainier Wash. 14,410 Mt. Williamson Calif. 14,370 There are 4 between Whitney and Williamson [/really_nitpicky]...my 2 cents.
  13. Me either...and I think I said it first. I agree singular is better.
  14. It'd be interesting see what happened if Moun10bike asked for his coins back. ...or changed their goal so that it wasn't permissible to hold them. It was pretty fun to chase after yellow and white jeeps, think about the stampede a bunch of circulating Moun10bike coins would cause!
  15. While I agree that selling the coins violates Geocaching community standards, I'd appreciate a legal explanation of 'reasonable expectation of return' (if any such concept exists!). Most travel bugs and coins don't have a goal to eventually return to their owners, so I'm not sure if they are really owned or abandoned in a legal sense.
  16. I have GBA spring coins for trade. Check my list and make an offer. Thanks! My Coins
  17. I got the notice on Saturday too. Only it's registered mail.
  18. Is there a limit on the number of 2006 coins that will be minted?
  19. Looking forward to it! It's been fun to see this coin take shape, and I really appreciate the collaborative process.
  20. Wouldn't it be ironic if the GBA shipment arrived with a damaged box and half the coins missing?
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