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  1. I have a Legend and I use Mapsource Topo. For the hiking and fourwheeling I would think it would be the best. He could upload the maps to his Legend of the area he is going. All kinds of uses.They look almost like the Topo maps from the USGS. I got mine at sportsmans warehouse.
  2. I tried dragging a dropping (zipped) .gpx files into MapSource 6.5 with no luck. I haven't fiddled with it yet (still rosining up my bow) but I have no trouble dragging and dropping those files into GSAK. Do I have to unzip them first? I am not sure but I would think you would have to unzip them first. I have not tried it yet. Been messing around with waypoints.
  3. It will work great. I have a M125 and use Cachemate, Cahcenav, and Plucker. I also have a cable from PCMobile to conect my Legend. I love the setup.
  4. After my 4th cache the other day and finding nothing but Mctoys I actually started asking myself "why do I do this". My 4 year old son reminded me. Reading the logs and seeing what is being tradded and all the TNLN I cant help but feel our game is some how being lessened a bit by this. I would rather find a card than a mctoy. But I must admit my son liked finding these little "treasures". I have come to the realization that I myself need to try to do better and maybe lead by example. Another unfortunate thing I have noticed is that most cachers in my area dont read the forums. Maybe that would make a difference.
  5. As said before the only maps you can upload to your Garmin are Mapsource. I Have a Legend and I use Mapsource Topo. I like it and it does most everything I want but it does not for the most part get into that much detail as you want. I do have National Geographic's national parks. It has much better detail but you cant upload the maps to you GPSr. One thing I have done is run N.G. on my laptop with my Legend plugged into it. It will put your current position on the map as you go. Check out their web sites and others.I have not tried any of the other Mapsourse stuff. One of those may have what you need.
  6. I like it. The logo and such make it look better than the generic one that I have. Makes it more respectible.
  7. Would it be ok to just put the time it took you to find a cache in the log. After a couple of people do this for each cache I think you would have a good idea of the time involved. The owner could put a good faith estimate in the description as well. Parking coords would be nice I guess but sometimes finding parking and access is half the fun for me.
  8. I use my legend to land life flight helicopters, locate lost people, find back country places, map accident scene's and train P.O's (probationary officers) on orientation to the county.
  9. The area I live and work in has a county pop of just over 85,000. I work as a deputy as well. I am aware of 2 times someone has seen or found a cache and called it in a suspicious. I have let most of patrol know about caching and told them and the swat comander that they can contact me if they think they have one in question. I know this would not work for larger agencies but for ours so far its working good. Also the local news has done an artical on it as well. Hopefully it let the public know that were not a buch of crazies.
  10. My bad I meant MapSource Topo. Mapopolis works great when conected to GPSr and Palm. Again for what I do, Mapsource works great for me. I can upload and download maps, waypoints and tracks and then print custom maps if I want a hard copy.
  11. It really depends on just what features you want. I personally use and like Mapsend Topo and Mapopolis. Both seam to work well with my Legend.
  12. I use Mapsource Topo. It works for what I need. I have used it to make trail maps of areas I mountain bike in. Ride the trail, download the track from my Legend to Mapsource Topo and print the map.
  13. I have a Legend and the Mapsource Topo. I love it. I started caching and now I found I use it for all kinds of things. I even hook it up to my laptop in my jeep. Ive even made a couple of maps for hiking and mountainbiking that I have been able to share with friends. It works great but it does not have the auto routing feature. You can build your own route though and it is pretty close on mileage.
  14. First ill say I agree with doing everything possible to protect your GPSr. Secondly ill say I have used #10 and #17 for the last 5 years on all types of plastic, windshields, lens covers, anything clear plastic. It does work wonders
  15. I thought it was me, I was trying to use saved files from Easygps. My mistake. I reDL them from geocaching and they worked great. Thanks. Were heading out the door to go play.
  16. Im a new user and this may just be me but when I try to load a file, after selecting the file and the options, I click ok and I get an error msg... Parse error at line 1: syntax error. Just for the fun of it I tried it on both my notebook and my desktop. Same thing on both. Anyone have any ideas. Palm m125, windows xp.
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