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  1. The problem is that the guidelines state that caches should be at least 528' feet away from each other (generally speaking) to prevent confusion AND to prevent saturation of an area. I never just drop a cache in the field. If I see a place worthy of a cache, I don't mind grabbing coordinates, doing my research, and returning later to place a container. If you place a cache while you're out in the field, then yes, you run the risk of being too close to another cache or stage and you might need to go back out. You are taking statistics out of context. Of course there are more caches hidden too close to traditional hides because they are more prevalent. Not everyone has the equipment to track or remember where all the hides are. Even if you do, you can't know where the puzzles are hidden. If you are not good at or for that matter like puzzles you are pretty much screwed. I will repeat, who cares if a puzzle gets accidentally found? You can't log a find if you don't know the name or GC#. Who get hurt if the unknown puzzle cache, I repeat, unknown puzzle cache gets found. IT IS UNKNOWN FROM WHO KNOWS WHERE OR WHO KNOWS WHO.
  2. I can't believe this is a debate. I started reading all of these posts but got tired of it. Maybe someone above me made the point I am going to make but here goes. If someone finds the cache, he found it, period. If that person is only counting in his own head then who are we to dispute it. If that person wants to boast about finding 10,000, let the boasting begin. What we count as official is not what the game is really about. It is about the search and the find. Let people find and log as they see fit. If they want documentation of their activities then they will sign the log and post it online. If the log is not deleted by the owner then it counts for statistical purposes only. I have a friend right heres in Fresno with 5250 plus logged online finds. His daughter was with him for most but no longer logs them online. She does not boast about the finds, but has found near 5,000 and I would not argue with her if she said how many. Everyone just get over themselves and worry about your own problems.
  3. Is nobody even listening to the problem? The problem is, not everyone sits in their house and looks at a map and decides where it will be cool to make a hide. We all carry containers of different sizes, shapes, colors, magnetic or micro. We see a place that could use a cache. We make a hide. We have been around the block and know the area. We drive the 10 or so miles home and create the page. We are hoping it gets posted in time for that special person to see it and go make the grab. We then get a message that it is too close to a final stage of a puzzle. Which puzzle? Who cares? Unless you have solved all the puzzles and multis in your state or larger, how can you tell? Most cachers are not live in the field or have that time. If my coords are accurate to within 8 feet, who cares if some surprise cache is 100 feet away?
  4. Please do not tell the reviewers how to do their job. It is part of their job to assist with answers to questions about cache locations. They all know it and none of they have objected to doing it. They all know its the best way at the moment. So don't worry about the reviewers being overloaded. Thats my job. Feel free to ask your reviewer for assistance. They are happy to help. You can also write me but the reviewers are faster. Thanks for your concern but the kids are alright.
  5. When there is no limit to how far the final of a puzzle or multi can be hidden from the posted coords, then how do you possibly find all the puzzles to hide in your own home town. It could be a puzzle from Bakersfield with a final in Fresno. We in Fresno do not want to solve all the Bakersfield puzzles or multis to hide one here. So what if 300 feet from where you want to place a cache there is a secret cache. It would be unmarked and if you plot your coords correctly nobody would stumble on it anyway. Let the puzzles suffer they're own problems. If someone finds a puzzle by accident looking for a traditional do you think they will log the puzzle? No. They will log the one they were looking for. When the owner of the one they were looking for thinks the log does not fit they're hide, then it would be deleted. If not, the puzzle still does not get found. I think I would like to hide the final of a puzzle in a posted traditional.
  6. What she said!!!!!!! I just had the same problem. I had to drive 8 plus miles one way, 3 round trips in 3 days to move a hide. It gets frustrating. If were all live in the field and reviews were automatic via a program, not human interface, we could cope. But the human interface seems necessary. Why put the restriction of .1 on a stage of a multi or a puzzle. If they get found, who would know what they found? You couldn't log it if you don't know what it is. Jerry, Bush of BushandBoots
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