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  1. Thanks for the help, everyone. One of the volunteers is looking into this for me.
  2. Thanks, Mopar, but I have done all that, and it's not working. - I am logged in. - I see the list of caches I have found, but under the "caches hidden" heading, I am told that I have none. None archived, either. - I did go to the reviewer's page, I did e-mail him directly, and I cannot get a response from him.
  3. Not sure where else to ask this, so please forgive me if this is the wrong place. I tried to post a virtual cache recently. A few days later, I got a note (from a bot) telling me that it was archived. It's not clear to me why it was archived. There was a user's name attached to the message, and I wrote him asking for clarification, but I can't get an answer. Also, I can't find my original, albeit archived, post. There's a link in the rejection message, but it just takes me to the home page, not to that (allegedly) archived cache. Is that right? Is there someone else I can ask about this?
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