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  1. The .klm file (geocache symbols or push pins depending on your level of zoom) is designed to bounce around, but if you copy the coordinates from the cache page to GE then you get the right coordinates. click and drag across the coordinates on the cache page Control C to copy it Control V in the "fly to" box on GE (right next to the magnifying glass) Enter and then zoom in more. you can see the icon is a bit off - in fact it was across the 4-lane highway at first. but the crosshairs point to the cache (if the coordinates of the user are right.)
  2. "Find it yet?" has worked so far for me. I found a fellow GC'er at a new cache. He was doing the DBD and I started laughing then my wife noticed him. We worked independantly in the same area both striving for that FTF. But laughed as each of us would go over an area the other had looked at. It was good to meet a fellow cacher. We traded stories about our favorite caches in the neighborhood and a couple of clues on ones that were only solved by one of us that the other had found. Neither of us found it that day - it was a sneaky little cache that took a couple of more trips to find, but it was fun to see other machines and watch as both of our GPS'rs were bouncing from the building and power lines overhead and we would move in about a 50' circle chasing GZ. Now, if he had said or even implied that he was at the site first and was really serious about the FTF, I probably would have left him and come back later. But he was open to meet and chat. The way I see it, my name is not written on the log yet and neither is another cachers, come on up, introduce yourself and lets chat and hunt. On the other hand, I saw a large group at a puzzle cache (one family - mom, dad and a couple of kids) that took a bit of work to work out the puzzle. I left to go get a different cache, then came back after they were gone. I had worked out the puzzle and figure they had too, but I didn't want to piggy-back on their work or appear to. And it looked like a family thing so I let them have the family time.
  3. if you copy and paste the cache coordinates from the info page to GE, and live in an area of hi-res maps, you can get some caches with GE only. Not easy, but it can be done. I'd print the description and hint out and take along with me. (try looking under the lamp post skirts at the publix ones.)
  4. Early this morning, I was making my rounds at work and was asked by a guy at a corner if I could spare some change. He has: no credit card debt no mortgage no kids to feed, clothe and keep in vehicles and college. no student loans no car payments. I have: all of those things. Yet, he's asking me for money.....
  5. Why did they not make the iFinder Pro waterproof?
  6. I just got a shoulder/thigh bag (man purse) from a paintball/military dealer on ebay. Give me a couple of weeks with it and I'll let you know.
  7. That battery case looks like a prime candidate for a CITO. I might last in a rubbish pile but not in most urban parking lots.
  8. maybe because for just a little bit more, you get the Legend CX. Packed with a lot more features.
  9. Did you find the actual cache? Or just get in the general area? If you signed the log, log the find.
  10. A manual can be found here: http://www.lowrance.com/Manuals/Files/iFin...-411_111203.pdf Quick way to enter a point: Hit "Enter" (lower left button) A screen come up, scroll down to "Entered Pos" "Enter" "create" come up at the top of the screen "Enter" again You get a lat & lon screen "Enter" again to edit Lat Use the center button to move postion (left & right) and change the numbers (up & down). "Enter" to accept. Down to Long "Enter" to edit Long Use the center button to move postion (left & right) and change the numbers (up & down). "Enter" to accept. "Exit" to get to the Preview Screen with "Go To" highlighted. "Enter to navigate to that point.
  11. Phone a friend? Know anyone with a boat looking for an excuse to go take it out?
  12. I have a cammo painted ammo can with a Geocache decal on it, a 'you found it' sticker inside it. The decal has a space for the cache number The can has a log book, a ftf prize ($2 bill) and a bunch of new toys. I've eyeballed the area that I want to put the cache in. Small city park. (no approval needed? there are several in other small parks in the neighborhood.) NOW (as I understand it) place the cache, log the position on GPSr, fill out the form and wait for approval? Once the cache is approved (hopefully...) I then have a GC number to go back and put on my cache before the FTF guys flock to it.
  13. BUFFET Big Ugly Fat Folk Eating Together
  14. There is a disabled cache in a nice park near my office. The ammo box was taken when the park department redid a small pedestrian bridge (small = almost ornamental). The owner disabled the cache and has not replaced it. Can I replace and adopt the cache? Put a new cache in a differnent location in the park near there? or does the 528 rule still apply? Or should I just put in a new cache on the other side of the park - admittadly not as quaint as the area around the bridge.
  15. ??? What is BT? Big Toes? Sorry, I'm a Newb at palms
  16. And the you find that you are not the FTF and someone has traded the ring for a McToy. If you are any good at palming, slip the ring in as she opens it, or make sure that nobody can get to that cache.
  17. A nuvi is not the best caching tool out there. They do have the ability to enter coordinates, but will only get you within about 30' of the cache at best. No screen to get you closer and zero in on the cache. And, they are made to be mounted in the auto, not carried in the field. I have a Nuvi 660 and love it, but it is NOT the tool to use once I leave the car to get to a cache. It is a wonderful tool to get me within the parking lot of a cache - especially if you have to go around several dead end or one way streets to get there.
  18. I've had a iFinder Pro for a long time before geo-caching. It gets me to my favorite fishing holes and back to the boat ramp. This year I found a whole new way to play with it. As it is a bit older than some of then newest models, I was wondering how well it would stand up against the new kids. My friend uses a small magellen and we enjoy compairing postions. His gives an error of say 20 feet when mine has an "EPE" of 350 feet. I'm not sure where or how the EPE is calculated, but I think it is a cumulative thing instead of an average thing. I know I'm generally pretty dead on with an EPE of under 300'. Also, there is not a cheap windshield mount available. My RAM mount cost over $40 by the time I got the suction cup, the flex cable and the cradle. But I also have a perm mount with swivel ball and cradle on the boat so the GPSr can pop in and out between easy. Pluses and minuses. Did that article ever get written?
  19. I've seen 120mm ammo cans. They can hold 4 regular ammo cans. they measure 32"H x 11"W x 6"D each
  20. I search caches near my 'home' location and from my 'work' location. I always have to manually enter the location for work as a 'new' search. It would be nice to be able to save both then I could do my searching a bit more easier without having to re-enter the same set of coordinates each time. Maybe a set of search from a 'favorite place' option? And be able to enter coordinates from areas you search from often that are not 'home'.
  21. A cheap laser pointer can be had for two bucks at 7-11 or Circle K. Cheaper than a cheap flashlight. An idea would be that the first mirror had to be pointed up to. As in it is above you in a tree or on a pole and you stand below it to find the next one. Keep them above head heigth and most muggles won't notice them.
  22. I just activated one today. Nice to see another airbrusher on the forums. It will be released into the wild this weekend, hopefully to visit some scenic spots along the way. It would be wonderful if it makes it into Jimbobwe's hands for a while. It is a beautiful coin and almost a shame to sent it wandering.
  23. well, I want to see if mine works *edit* guess not...
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