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  1. I realize all of this is in my profile, BUT I followed some suggestions here and found almost 100 finds before I hid my first cache. I plan on hiding about that same ratio on out. Some of those people with high hide numberes - should we go back and check active hides? I've seen a few newbs that drop a film can every block only to have them muggled before they can have a ftf, so the fact that you've got 20 finds and 50 hides with a 250% rating really means nothing to me. The poor guy at the bottom of the list with over 4k finds and 6 hides. My guess is he is on the road a lot and not able to maintain much more than those 6 caches near him. Power to him. (and I bet he can really move some TB's) So, why as nobody taken the swag (list) and left a new clean logbook to sign? (flame on)
  2. Been considering a 9x18 Makarov general purpose tool to go with my Gerber and Kershaw.
  3. You go to Home Depot, spend $1.49 and buy a new post cap.
  4. Michaes's has them. Not sure how many are in the box, but I keep two different sizes stashed in the geo-mobile. (1x2? & 2x3?). I'll check later this evening when I get there.
  5. Best idea I've heard in a long time.
  6. I still use my lables - even in micros. Have to tear off the logo on the side every now and then. The lable takes 2 lines on a micro log - same as if I write my name and date anyway. I've never had one fall off yet (but I have not been back to check lots of the caches I've found either)
  7. Travel bugs should not be taken, they should be moved along. If one sat in my cache for a while, I might go get it and help it on its journey. Swag is for the next cacher to trade, but it could be yours as well. You put stuff in that others have traded for. Thus it is yours. But I find I have to refresh (restock) my cache every so often instead of pulling out tons of cool trade swag.
  8. I got a knock-off maxpedition bag from ebay (second?) Only real drawback is that it has no pistol holder. Search Milspec
  9. Anybody use one of these? Opinions? Pros? Cons?
  10. Seems like it is a fault with the blue cord. Ordered a new cord and driver combo from USBStyle on ebay. Installed the new driver, rebooted machine and now I can talk to my old Vista.
  11. I had the bottom set up for a Lawrance GPS. Loved it. Set up a similar one on my boat.
  12. We may have. It seems that there are a few cables out there that are not compatible with the garmin. try THIS thread. I think I have the same cable (blue ends, clear insulation with silver inside). GPS works fine on my older work computer with a serial connection. But my home computer does not have a serial and I cannot get the usb to serial to work. I have a different usb to serial ordered and will report back on its functionality.
  13. But here in FL, the humidity and morning condensations will pull moisture into the container if it is not airtight.
  14. I've got a 660 (a couple of months older and a couple of steps down). Although it will get me close to the cache (like within a parking lot, it will not get you within 10 feet of a cache. Mostly, you are missing a screen like this: Does not mean you cannot use it to find cashes, just that it is not the best tool. It is great for getting you across town and near the cache, with its turn by turn navigation.
  15. I guess that includes sea level air pressure. The differential at 5 feet depth is more like 2.2 psi. Maybe a diving cacher can elucidate... concur. Not a diver, but deal with water pipes. 1 foot of water head pressure = 0.433 psi
  16. and: Trekkies go to Area 51
  17. Apply Camph Phenique to any skin affected after a shower. The oil kills the chigger and stops the itch. p.s. Makes my lower legs itch just reading this thread.
  18. I have a garmin etrex Vista with the back that come with the garmin mounts. Anyone got an old Etrex back laying around that they don't want? I already have RAM mounts from my old (dead) Lawrance in the car and boat and want to just change the holder portion out, but the etrex won't fit with the clip on the back. Changing the RAM holder will be cheaper than buying new Garmin mounts.
  19. Got that far. Had to go in and manually mark all my finds as "found" and date them. I want to send that back to GSAK so I don't have to do it again next time I send back to my palm.
  20. Did something very similar. Got a used etrex Venture off of ebay after my old GPSr went to the electronic graveyard. This Christmas, all I want in my stocking is a new Vista HCx. BassPro (outdoor world) has them now at the same price for the HCx as the Cx.
  21. Hey,I was looking at those!Do report on it!I'm a shoulder bag guy myself,using them for my blackpowder supplies,to fishing and other things.I think they're more accesible than a small back pack,as I don't usually carry alot.They can't replace a pack when you need one though,but they compliment one good for me anyways. So far it has worked great. I added a small multi compartment box to keep the swag sorted in the main pouch. little zipper pockets hold spare batteries and some mini replacement zip locks. Outer pocket holds Palm & paper log book. The two outboard pockets are of limited use. The larger one looks big enough for a pair of glasses in a case, and the other one is not big enough for my cel phone. More like a pocket for a can of pepper spray or maybe DEET. It would be perfect if the top zipper opened up to an area big enough for my pistol, but it is just a small pocket.
  22. I see the option in GSAK to get the info from my palm (Cachemate). click it and a new window opens - first thing it is looking for is the file. Where do I find it or how do I generate it from my palm .
  23. some of them here have little ribbons like awards ribbons with "winner" or some such on them. Others put in a dollar coin or other fun stuff for FTF prizes.
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