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  1. Terrain 4 going in, 1.5 coming out. Been there, done that. Most memorable was when I missed a path off the paved trail. Fought my way through some good FL triple canopy jungle to the cache (wishing I had a machette). Found the box, signed the log, walked out on the horse path to the parking area.
  2. I've used one for a while. Holds everything that I need. BUT, I just bought a Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack (good price - used on ebay) mainly for the water bottle pocket.
  3. I've now depleted all the finds between work and home, making my evening "stop a find a cache" no longer viable. I now have to go out of my way to find a cache. Some worth it, some not, but all in fun. I can see where burn-out can set in if I have to start driving more & more miles just to find a lamp post micro.
  4. Depends on if you make use of the interior compartment of the maxpedition bags. They have a velcro patch that is designed for a holster for a CCW. Personally, I like my CCW on me, not in a bag.
  5. I found a "geocoin" in a cache yesterday. Pretty little thing with a picture of an ice cream cone on a yellow background. Backside says go to www.pathtag and has a number. I thought it was another trackable and picked it up. Pathtags website does not seem to track the coins. Geocaching does not track pathtags. What are they?
  6. has anyone used the Maxpedition Thermite bag? Looks perfect for uban cacheing. Big enough for GPS, palm, bit of swag.
  7. I would be leary of the standard "no tresspassing" sign. Lots of good hunting land is posted that way. If a LEO sees you behind the sign, you better have a signed letter from the owner saying you are allowed there. In some states - violation means loss of equipment (guns) and a fine.
  8. And the geocache was hidden by ??? obviously without permission. And that person will get their hand spanked? I am glad the searchers were able to talk to the owner and everything was sorted out. But this should not have happened in the first place.
  9. Actually mine is a $20 knock off. Search ebay "Shoulder bag" and select "Militaria" catagory. The big difference is that my knock off does not have the pistol pocket under the top zipper, but only a small pocket suitable for batteries.
  10. it is a belted small pack. Butt-pack, tourist pack.
  11. Milton Bradley is a business. (twister, tons of board games) Wizards of the Coast is a busines. (D&D, Magic the Gathering) Parker Brothers is a business (Monopoly) Bicycle is a business (playing cards) Topps is a business (Baseball Cards) Ping is a business (golf clubs) Dell is a business (computers) Garmin is a business (GPSr's) Nike is a business (my hiking boots) Wilson is a business (tennis rackets) Louisville Slugger is a businees (baseball bats) Gotta pay somebody to play the games. This is the cheapest hobby I've ever been involved in (witht he possible exception of handball) - $100 for a GPSr and you can start. If you are really daring, do it without a gpsr via google earth, etc. Name me one sport that does not involve some cach outlay. If you are bright enough and in the right place at the right time and are able to make a living at your pastime - power to you.
  12. I've learned a bit of history here. I once found an item that had a note attached that asked me to email the originator and tell him where I found it then move it along. I emailed the owner and asked him why he didn't put a tb tag on it. He said it was released before tb tags. Wow. And I cannot keep a coin going for a couple of months without it dissapearing.
  13. The one my surveyor uses - accurate to within 5mm (that's right, not 5 meters, 5 millimeters)
  14. If you hang that within reach where there is fishing, it will leave. I regularly come home with more floats than I left with.
  15. here: http://cgi.ebay.com/Wood-Monkey-Puzzle-Jew...1QQcmdZViewItem
  16. And I find double post extreemly rude. (just kidding there. If you've been on any internet forum a while, you will end up with a double post or twenty)
  17. I find any text or leet speak rude in an email. You can write in complete sentences. Did they find it or not? I sounds from the snippet that they searched and came up with a frown face, but could not bring themselves to post it as such. The only way to be sure would be to look at the log for a sig.
  18. Bought a white one from a (famous boating/fishing supply) and used it on my boat to keep first aid/emergency kit. Took a rogue wave, swamped the boat. Pumped out boat. Pulled kit out and had to empty the gallon of sea water out of it to get to my soaked flares, wet band-aids, rusted spare nuts and screws, etc. It is now replaced with a lock-n-lock (it is a small boat).
  19. Oh wow, I'm number... (edit after I find my number...) Number 1,020,154 - and my post count will never catch up...
  20. One 1" hole punch from craft store One sheet of thin magnetic sheet with sticky side. Design something that fits in the 1" circle. Print a page full. Stick to magnet Punch swag. Geocache & leave swag.
  21. how about two dowels - one at each end of the scroll - like the old days.
  22. I got one of those in a cache once. Thought I was just moving a coin along, got home to log it and found out it was brand new. I had (fortunately) an unactivated coin that I went back and left at the cache as a 'swap'.
  23. the match containser with lanyards make better mini/micro containers than film cans. Match containers tend to be more waterproof.
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