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  1. I'm in the UK and use a preloaded Topo card - the map is locked to the card not to a GPSr so re-selling is OK. The Uk is however divided into 11 regions so buying cards for the whole country would be silly - I'm lucky in that one card covers everywhere I'm likely to go. New Zealand is available in Topo.
  2. Yes...what you cannot do though is copy the files onto a bigger card and add other maps. The card is however big enough to be used for storing POI & Tracks.
  3. You can buy Topo map segments on MicroSD cards - you might be lucky and get your intended area on one card - the areas covered are shown here
  4. In the UK we pay twice as much for the 60Csx as you do and the maps are correspondingly more expensive. A Topo SD card of an area smaller than Florida is $120. Knowing what I know now I should have bought an American unit as the UK basemap is of no use and you get the International Marine map anyway.
  5. Do you need to buy another SD card, or will the Topo map fit on the 64meg one which is supplied with the unit? The way I got Topo it was supplied pre-installed on a new, bigger card from MapsWarehouse Website here I didn't buy the Mapsource program as it's unlikely I'll ever use the GPSr outside the area I live in - if you do you will need a new microSD card.
  6. Living in a rural area I was amazed at how unsuitable the basic map is for walking or driving around country lanes. I bought Topo on an SD card for my area and it transformed the unit - I can now hack away in woods as most paths & bridleways are marked, the contours help in planning easy walking routes. Nothing that a map won't do but I can hop on a train at random and go walking without carrying a selection of maps. As far as geocaching goes - down here lots of caches are in remote areas only reachable by foot and the Topo paths are very useful.
  7. I just tried to order an Invisible Shield, but they want a minimum of $54 to ship it to the UK. So how do you make your own then? I've ordered a protector from InnovationsUK Website here. Not received it yet though.
  8. To the best of my knowledge the co-ordinates are N029.50.174 E048.43.544
  9. The article is here in a newspaper scroll down a bit
  10. I'm travelling to London and was wondering if anyone knew where I could find the London tube stations in a format that I can easily download to my Garmin 60Cx. Thanks G-Team POI including London Underground Get POI Loader from Garmins Website
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