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  1. OK taking it away, destroyed in 2002, what was Buran famous for? Space related.
  2. 133 complete flights if you exclude Challenger and Columbia's disasters. STS or Space transport System is the acronym used for the shuttle program with the numbers been for the flights in a sequential order. There were a few where a letter was added to the end for reflights or certain missions etc, I think there were a few STS-51 flights...... But in total there were 135 launches with two none landings... Not bad for the 30 years program, considering they were grounded for almost 5 years after the two disasters.
  3. Gonna give it to you CH.... Project Excelsior was a series of high-altitude parachute jumps made by Colonel (then Captain) Joseph Kittinger of the United States Air Force (USAF) in 1959 and 1960 to test the Beaupre multi-stage parachute system. In one of these jumps Kittinger set world records for the highest parachute jump, the longest parachute drogue fall and the fastest speed by a human through the atmosphere, all of which still stand.
  4. Been very busy I just need to speak to the caretaker. Will go through over the weekend.
  5. Well there was a speed record broken during the project....
  6. Thanks Vryburgers, iwas actually going to go there tomorrow depending on work to see what arrangements I could make. Itnis going to be a large gathering of the boers for sure and GerhardoosMPsa may waging our own battle out on Majuba in a game of chess.... Will have a great weekend for sure. Would be great if we could have a large contingement of Geocachers out there too. Maybe even get a foot in for the Boere to learn a bit about Geocaching... Who knows...
  7. Cincol was in a way on the right track, but not the answer I am looking for.
  8. Around the 25/26 February. I have not seen anything regarding the re-enactment yet....
  9. You guys have the right direction but what did it involve....
  10. From some feedback I think the re-enactment takes place at the bottom of the mountain, so it should not be a problem for us to do the caches. I know a lot of you are probably thinking that it been a mountain it is going to be a tough caching weekend. Well yes and no. It is a stiff climb yes but with a group and water and enough rests it is pretty easy to get up. I have in a fit condition made it from the entrance gate up to the top, searched for about 15 min for the cache and back down to the entrance in 1 hour. But I must admit I was quote fit at the time. However it can be done in a three hour round trip to find all the caches and enjoy some amazing views. I do have a multi and a puzzle on the top but I do not mind taking the group straight to the caches, or at least the vicinity of the caches. We will still go to all the areas required to solve the multi should you wish to do them. A total of 5 caches are on the mountain with another 4 round the area. These as well as around 60 in Newcastle could make a great caching weekend for many of you who have not been in this area. My plan is to camp at the Majuba site for the weekend and enjoy the festivities of the day... However advice for someone who has been, it is a Boer celebration, and as an Englishman I walk on dangerous ground.... So I might have to don veldskoen and bush hat for the day....
  11. Seeing that mine generating much fun.... What is the longest time period for a puzzle cache to be solved/ found?
  12. Wazat

    The Sandpit

    http://coord.info/GC34GPT - I know it is not in KZN but I have one up my sleeve very similar. I know everyone down in Durbs likes a good puzzle so maybe a taste of something to come, I might just put something into that grid....
  13. Mmmm on the right track... But still not right.
  14. Lucky guess... What was Project Excelsior?
  15. That is interesting to say the least, but then I am forgetting that some people never venture far from an area... Thus the coastal guys would still be lower finds than the guys on the highveld. And on a funny note we can refer to the top 4 as exclusive members of the Mile High Club. LoL.
  16. Who has the highest caches in Africa. Highest caches in each province and highest average over all their caches. If that makes sense.
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