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  1. Days are closing in on us, hope the legs are ready, warm clothing and boots are ready... gonna be a long and eventful day... cannot wait
  2. Wazat

    Where am I?

    Nope not Driekloof Spillway....
  3. These songs spawned the SAW movies, and one can understand why.....
  4. Wazat

    Where am I?

    Nope at CH.... I know you do Fish Eagle, spotted your log in it when I went there, There was a ladder?
  5. Depending on where the cache is. I once put a nasty log on the page, merely cause the cache was placed in a rubbish strewn area on the GPS series. Scattered all round the site was piles of foul disgusting rubbish, which from the looks of it had accumulated there long before the cache was placed. I actually stepped on a bag trying to get around the rubbish to feel something soft and mushy inside.... I did not investigate. But yes at times some logs can be in line with experience.... Otherwise it would be best for the cacher to describe his experience, why did he find it offensive, was there something that may have warranted such a bad log.... More than likely something happened at the time that he encountered.... Unfortunately not everyone places caches and only go out to find them. As a cache placer of over 150 caches I can tell you that things do change, what could be a perfect spot one day is a pit of filth a few months later.... Either we have to perform a maintenance or a CITO to ensure the continued good form of our hides.... But if this guy has nothing constructive to say, just let it pass.... If your cache is good, don't let one negative bring down the many positives.... This is a funny pastime with funny people, don't let it bother you..... If the cache got good logs after this one, why bother....
  6. Which caches have best ratio of Favorites to number of finds... This could be skewed by a new cache with one find so maybe make it above 10 finds.
  7. I got a notification today of my TB been discovered in a cache. It was a really 'cool' log that the cacher had put on the find, a pic of the TB in the cache was included. Have a look here This has to be the coolest TB pic I have ever seen.
  8. Wazat

    Where am I?

    GCNN4X - Sacred heart.
  9. There are a good few up there. If you have not done anny it will add quite a few to your list should you go for them. There are 3 that I have not done so depending on what the take is, I guess they may get included. I have registered 4 challenges to do while up there too.... I have a way mark or two also ready for the trip. Gerhard is thinking of a CiTO too so who knows...
  10. Thanks Bruce, you did a sterling job.... Well done to the respective winners and to Porky2 who came out of nowhere with that final power trail to beat my racer. Bruce did you get my list of FTF's I sent it through a few weeks ago?
  11. I knew there was somewhere I needed to go yesterday..... Eish.
  12. Wazat

    Where am I?

    This one is for you CH: GC39K2C With special emphasis on this pic (Sorry to Tom for the temporary thread hijack) Licking windmills, kissing trig beacons, I do not even want to know what happened at a parking meter, or under a traffic light.....
  13. Who has the most cache to cache distance, southern Africa caches. And if possible percentages of others as opposed to the one with the highest distance. Then perhaps top 3 or 5 with international caching.
  14. USNS.... Sounds Military, maybe it drilled under water ICBM launch sites.....
  15. Hey all please note there are two caching events in Lesotho.... See GC3AYR5 and GC3AVTF More on Face book at Together at Sani Top and Time to get high The first is a social event at the Pub on Sani pass as we did in 2010 the second is a hike to Thabana Ntlenyana, the Highest point in Africa south of Kilimanjaro. For all those wanting to get a high altitude listing this is it.
  16. Had to be easy that one... Go for it geocacher coza...
  17. What did Steven Sasson invent. clue, in the news lately....
  18. Is she not the baby that was born in the tree during the floods in Moz a few years back? And rescued by helicopter along with her mother?
  19. Ooops sorry it was one that we had done too,.... I meant to say, Fisheagle There First...... My bad, they were so old we probably thought your log was a reviewer note.... LoL
  20. The longest time until the FTF: GC1G3K0 At the border of Nandi-Land… by betzf, Kenya: 1217 days (unfound) GC2T0XD Tugela Bushveld - Mushroom Rock by Cism, South Africa: 217 days GC2T2Y9 Tugela Bushveld - Up by the River by Cism, South Africa: 217 days GC2T30Y Tugela Bushveld - Tamboti by Cism, South Africa: 217 days GC2RMHP Tugela Bushveld - Cabbage Tree by Cism, South Africa: 192 days How ironic I ask that and had FTF on the last 4. They could have gone sooner however they are all in a place where nobody could go due to it been hunting season. If it wasn't for the slight problem of quizzing bullets they may have gone sooner. But I believe there is one that might have lasted longer in this series called the rubbing post.
  21. First woman to open a Portuguese Resturant in South Africa ?
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