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  1. 1 Continent and 3 countries. And when i win the lotto... all the rest....
  2. Nope but starting to head in the right direction....
  3. The authour of the book The definitive field guide Birds of the West Indies was inspiration for a very successful franchise, what was this?
  4. Commadore PET but the Apple II might have beaten it......
  5. Cincol, partly right but i will give you the next round.... Aside from Jobs working on an apple farm, their biggest competitor at the time was Atari so in a marketing ploy they decided to use Apple for the reason that Apple would be listed first ahead of Atari in telephone directories....
  6. Thanks, was an easy one as i have one of the fiirst releases of Boo! How did Apple Inc. come about choosing the name Apple?
  7. Wazat

    Where am I?

    Preller Graves? GC15W68
  8. Wazat

    The Sandpit

    Perhaps we should have a Wazat 2.5k event? Remind me when you are closer I think it is to be close to the Mega, but that would require another 299 and there are a lot in Durban, might have to get down there a bit more.... mmm
  9. Wazat

    The Sandpit

    Hee hee... I managed to slip past 1000 and 2000 without the KZN lot noticing. Ysbeer should hit the 1000 soon I think. With a possible event in Newcastle coming up 2nd June. There are a lot of caches he can add to his list. Although not enough to reach the 1K I think.
  10. Wazat

    Where am I?

    Mmmm it is not Dundee view... :-)
  11. Said it elsewhere on another thread, but once again congrats Bruce, after the work you put into the last TB race and your continued commitment to the geocaching community in organizing the wonderful Techno events it is a fitting position for you as reviewer. Through the friendship and caching times we have shared it is great to have you on board the publishing side of things, already I have had a cache published and I must say I was pretty impressed at the timeous response... Great stuff. All the best... Wayne
  12. Danie, this is interesting to see, but thinking into this, my 1000 came over 179 days, which is the number of days between the first one and the 1000th cache. But of them 179' how many days were actual caching days. In other words what kind of stats I am looking at are the fastest 1000 caches to number of actual caching days to reach them. Perhaps also looking at the same for 2000, 3000, and 4000 and iPajero-000
  13. Congrats Bruce, and thanks for the very quick publication on my N3 View cache, I did the listing while on the way home out on a backroad in the middle of nowhere in the dark and where I had a signal of sorts. By the time I got home it was published, wow.....
  14. Can the centroid of all SA caches per year from the first caches be worked out. It would be interesting to see how it moves around.
  15. Not really possible - a cacher's origin is not part of the available data. I guess one can assume that most finds will be in a cacher's home province, but this will not always work, like when a cacher has relocated from one province to another. Not really... Over half my finds are in GP...... Mmm I think I must pay Durban a visit....
  16. Wazat

    Where am I?

    I think Fish Eagle may have to answer this one... although a few new visitors have been....
  17. Here is one I would like to see, which cachers have the most finds out of their own province, is that possible.
  18. Thin air up there can affect people.... Lucky it is not that thin at the Mega event....
  19. Good guess, what did Dr. John S. Pemberton invent in 1886?
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