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    Where am I?

    Could it then be The Gully?
  2. Wazat

    Where am I?

    Guts Gorge? GC1BWCM
  3. Sadly this is something that had to come.... Thanks to all who made it so much fun. I was chatting to Bruce last night and made mention that I tried to do this type of series back in 2010 in KZN but it was turned down by the reviewer.... So yes already then it was doomed. Have fun with those that are left and hopefully it will be a while before all are archived. I have ideas floating in my head but will speak to Bruce and Rodney as to what we can do with regards to other entertaining challenges such as this.... See you all in the Dal, maybe some will find Curse 11 after all.....
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    Well done Cincol on the ton.....
  5. My Polly the Parrot has no distance????? how so? It was taken to Durban by Noddy........
  6. Geeze my spelling. Not sure why it came about but it is actually the International Organization for Standardization (AmericaniZed) IOS i guess, but i think they saw Apple comming and settled for ISO before Apple could sue them if they said iOS....
  7. International Standerdisation Organisation.... ???
  8. Nice to see one of mine, Polly the Parrot, reached Durban, but now it is stuck at Pop Inn, rescue it someone.... please, it has a cache it is needing to reach, IN BRAZIL The other one is in the hands of Henzz and is moving around nicely and gathering some nice pics along the way. Thanks Henzz, your efforts are much appreciated.
  9. Take it away CH, the Bull Whip was the first man made object with which the sound barrier was broken. Although nobody realised it in those days. Chuck Yeager is officially recorded to be the first human to have exceded the speed of sound in an aircraft. 50 years and 1 day later the first man to break the sound barrier on land was Andy Green in the Thrust SSC. And 65 years to the day that Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier in the Bell X-1 aircraft, Felix Baumgartner became the first human to break the soundbarrier without any form of propellant after jumping from a balloon from 39km+ height. Interestingly enough an the very same day Chuck Yeager went up in an aircraft the very same day and also went through the sound barrier, exactly 65 years later.
  10. Who are the Top 20 Cachers in SA, in total finds and on Total SA Finds? Is there a way to see which cache that has been archived for the longest and then found after archiving.
  11. Recently man broke the sound barrier in freefall from 40km above the earth, but what was believed to be the first man made object to break the sound barrier?
  12. New Garmin Device? Go here for a 30 day premium memberdhip to Groundspeak. More than one Garmin, register them all and add on another additional 30 Days for each.
  13. Think that was the Earth Summit that was held in Rio, but i think COP1 was in Geneva or Berlin. Cannot remember but read into it when the COP17 was held.
  14. Last night i watched the small video clip of Damhuisclan doing the PT50 (Or part thereof) from an outsider perspective you can see the fun the teams had, gettin if you may, a FTF of the group searching for the cache, sort of an inter team race to find the cache before the others did. It was funny to watch and i can only imagine the way muggles must observe this and wonder WTF just happened. For that spirit i think PT's will get my nod, but really when it gets to be more than 50 it does become a bit tedious. In the last 80 or so of our record run it was absolute hell, i was a zombie and i had to wake Gringer1 a few times when he just faded behind the wheel. We did the very last one in the series with less than 30 seconds to spare in the 24 hours. Unfortunately somewhere along the line we missed the short dogleg with 7 or so caches and we will have to return one day to do that set. I can look back on the GPS series though and say I really hated it, but for the team spirit, which faded a few times, but encouragement took us through it. We set a mission and we did it, 24 hours is a long time to cache and it is a lot of logsheet signing, but the experience was a fun and sometimes frustrating one. But it is behind us now. Will i do another PT series? Probably yes, but maybe not for 24 hours. Twice was enough. For now.
  15. Well almost there, but will give it to you CH. The worlds youngest surgeon. At 7 years of age he performed surgery on an 8 year old girl who's hand had been burnt and had fused the fingers to form a fist. It was an illegal operation but the girl's poverty stricen family had heard about the boy genius and had asked him to help. He had learned Shakespeare at the age of 4 and was allowed to watch surgeries performed from the age of six by doctors who noted his incredible knowledge of science. At the age of 12 he now believes he has found a cure for cancer, something he says he discovered at the age of 8 after doing a lot of research on cancer.
  16. As a matter of interest I have just received 8 postcards via postcrossing from totaly random people from places like The Netherlands, Ireland, South Korea, Germany, Finland, Russia and France. The awesome thing here is that I am getting some great cards, and some amazing stamps. As a stamp collector as a child this is bringing back some fond memories. Now I am getting lots of stamps and some post cards. So a new hobby. and where it took off was from a fellow geocacher Batsgonemad. I signed up ages ago but while maintaining a PO Box cache of mine I decided to send the first Postcard almost 10 months after getting an address for it. It is better as you start sending the cards cause the number you can send rises according to the number you receive. It is a slow start and yes one or two go missing but once you get going you can receive new cards quite frequently. I like your idea Trevor, but i think it will not get past the reviewer, due to the fact it becomes a condition for logging. I was thinking of maybe doing a postcard swap cache. Where you can drop one in for another. I bought about 50 postcards just for post crossing but they are of about 5 variations, which is ok for post crossing as the cards are all going to be new to anyone who receives them. But it would be nice to exchange them among locals with the simple encouragement of maybe posting them. It is still an idea, but i am working on it. As a matter of interest I received a card from someone in the Netherlands who has sent over 3800 postcards over 4 years.... Yes that is a hefty amount on stamps. And there statistics show only (wait for it) one card received from South Africa. Either a lot went missing or there just are not that many of us here sending them.
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    Hey hey, well done Besem. Welcome to the 2K club.
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