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  1. Well done guys... I have already got my first Event lined up and page is ready, unfortunately a normal event only allows 6 months prior to the date of the event or less to be published. I have set this up as Rhino Mega Meeting (Note the name will change once the naming standard changes for the Mega Event) which will be everyone's chance to meet and discover the Cape Union Mart Rhinos currently doing their best to raise awareness for the conservation of Rhinos... Unless Groundspeak allow me a bit of Leeway on the time, keep an eye out for publication in a couple of months.

  2. Ships Prow is tough going, However it is going to be a lot of fun/pain. Champagne Castle Via Ships Prow is rated as Extreme. The hike is not for sissies, and may be ready to scare a lot of you. 42km round trip. There is also a slightly shorter, but still a strenuous hike to the top via Grays Pass. Again a long and tough hike 38km return. Or combine the two, go up one and down the other.... count on two nights up there either one of them.


    In the Monks Cowl camp site there are some short hikes, namely to the Sterkspruit falls and to Chrystal Falls and the Spinx, the latter two can be done also from Champagne Castle Hotel as well as the hike to the Fern Forest, or Sunken Forest, The Rock with Bushman Paintings or to Duiker Dam, I love these as short hikes as they are great hikes for kids and the tranquility of the Duiker Dam is awesome. The sounds in summer of all the little insects and the lush greenery of the plant life is awesome.


    Dragon Peaks also has a host of fun activities for kids as well as a paintball and canopy tour (For kids). Short hikes are also available there. Camping is fantastic at Dragon Peaks and they have Chalets too....


    The Camping up in the mountains is rudimentary and unless someone has a FRIGGING long extension lead, and I mean FRIGGING long, you not going to have any electricity up there. You could always bring a kite and try harness the power of lightning. If you try this please make sure i am in your will....


    I have not yet done any of these hikes although I have hiked almost to Keith Bush Camp, which I did in a day, there and back. that was 25km and it hurt, but hey a FTF is a FTF.

  3. Congrats to my dear friend ClodsM on reaching 1500 cache finds recently. Quite a feat for a lady cacher. Your enthusiasm is wonderful to see. Great to have done a few with you. Think I need to pull up my socks or I will be chasing you one of these days LoL.

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