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  1. How can I pick a group of caches to download to my Explorist 500? Is there a way to use Windows type of commands to highlight individual or groups of caches (like pressing control or shift and clicking on the cache? It dosen't seem to work for me. Thanks
  2. I'm a newbie, and I have the Mio 310X and have been searching everywhere in the settings for this setting for turning off the Lock to Road. I've been searching through this forum and others trying to find something, and haven't found anything. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance, Thunderbus My Mio is hacked, but yours should be about the same to get to the menu to use the unit in the pedestian mode. From most screens you can click on menu or push the 2nd button down from the top on the side of the unit. Next click on the house icon. From there click on the "Route Options" icon. Here you should see an option named "Vehicle". Scroll through this option and you will see "Pedestrian". Use that setting, but be sure to change back to Auto or the Jason will be "Route Recalculating you off every highway in the country. Because I hacked my unit, yours may be a bit different, but you should be able to find the screenyou need now that you know what to look for. Good luck. Mike
  3. If a coordinate is listed as W 076 09.726 is W 76 09.726 the same thing?
  4. Bingo!!! That's the correct answer. The only problem is the search feacher will not come up in cachemate. To search on my Treo I must search from the launcher. Thanks for clearing that up. BTW...I just bought a used Palm 500 on Ebay just to use while geocaching. Cost me under $30.00 including shipping.
  5. Yes, I'm sure you're right about the lawyer trying to sue for anything, that's a fact of life I guess. But that disclaimer is great and I'm going with that! Thanks
  6. I was wondering about liability and placing a geocache. What happens if someone is injured retrieving a cache owned by me? I have a friend that will place an underwater cache for me. I think it would be a great time for any scuba diving geocachers but started to wonder if I could be sued if a geocacher was hurt while searching or retreiving the cache. That also led me to wonder about land placed geocaches. I sure hope not. This is such a great pastime for indivduals and families it would really be sad to have to think about legal issues. Mike
  7. Ok guys and gals, please tell me how to do this. I'm using a Treo 650 and when I hit the search icon (magnifying glass) It searches Agendus, sheets to go, word to go, media, contacts, calendar, memoes, tasks, ralplayer songs, slideshow to go and veramail messages. That's it. Also I tries the copy and paste idea mentioned but found that I could copy but had no way to paste. How do you do it? Mike
  8. Yes I know about that feature, but it does not search Cachemate.
  9. Anyone know of an app that will work with Cachemate as a search function for a particular word. I know that there is a search built into it, but I would like to find that I would have a little more control over. I'm using Cachemate on a Treo 650 with a Palm OS. Thanks
  10. I have an idea for a travel bug. I want it it visit all the ball parks it can and be photographed in front of the park. My question is this. My daughter and her boyfriend will be visiting three or four ballparks this summer and would it be ok to have them photographed with the bug at these parks and entered into the log before the bug is released? thanks for the answers.
  11. I must really be missing something but where do you post pics in the galleries?
  12. Are there any guidelines to posting pictures? Before I get all the cute comments, I'm refering to showing the places where a cache was found ect. Thanks.
  13. How do you average your waypoint for placing the cache. I have an explorist 500. Is there an automatic setting for this or is it done manually? If so, what is the procedure. Thank you.
  14. I recently found a cache with 2 travel bugs. I took 1 to help it on it's way. I am curious as to what is the proper thing to do. I didn't want to take both bugs because I thought one should be left for the fun of the next cacher. Should I have taken both to help them get going or is that bad "manners".
  15. I've wanted to be a little creative so I bought some wooden disks and write who the "geodisk" is from, the date I put it in a cache, and stamp it with a pair of bare feet. On the flip side I try to find a nice sticker to put on. Onr local Geocacher leaves a very old nickel at each cache. I love it when I find those!
  16. Here is a snipped part of an email my wife sent to my sister. Hopefully written a little "tongue in cheek". Your stupid, stupid brother is on to yet another obsession. The latest one is this geocache thing, where he goes out all day and tromps through the woods looking for a box of junk that another stupid, stupid man has hidden for him to find. It will be a miracle if he doesn’t get arrested. Cops tend to keep a close eye on people driving around slowly, jumping out of the car and tromping through the woods. On top of that, he’s spent a small fortune on this latest hobby. He had to go out and buy another geotracker, not one for the car, but a hand-held one that he can take in the woods. He’s bought slickers (2 adult, one child) so whoever he cons into going with him will be safe from the rain. Then he outfitted everyone with rubber boots, packed a backpack with a survivor kit, which holds everything from granola bars to stuff to leave in the boxes. He went to an army & navy store and bought ammunition boxes (water-tight, you know) to hide his little junk stuff in for other stupid, stupid men to find and get all excited about. He’s sent away for dog-tag-type medals to leave in the boxes, and I’m sure he’s had to buy waterproof cases for all of this paraphernalia as well. God, do you think he’ll EVER grow up????? I don’t! The worst part is, he’s got Danielle hooked on it. They’re both off school this week, and they’ve gone out for a full day twice. They may take Boomie with them tomorrow. Then, I suppose he’ll be hooked, too. Oh, well, I guess it’s better than the bars. Maybe not. Fiatster AKA Pop's Posse
  17. A great little unit for the road. Can be easily hacked and used as a windows based PDA. I have one and have it hacked, but I find that while it great to get you to where you are going in your car, I switch to my Explorist 500 for the footwork.
  18. I didn't think you could lose the basemap. Isn't it burned into the units eprom or something like that? I guess you can. I had mine corrupted on the first unit I had. They wanted me to send it back to Magellan for a reinstall, but the unit was new enough tha I was able to send it to the place I bought it from for a replacement. I now have backed it up. I'm willing to send a copy to someone that needs it, but I'm not sure if it's legal to do so.
  19. Are there any separate battery chargers for the Explorist 500? It would be nice to be able to charge a spare battery outside the unit not to mention it's a pain to get the battery out of it. Am I the only person who has a problem popping the battery out? It seems very tight.
  20. Is it ok to email a copy of the basemap to someone that has lost theirs?
  21. Not a problem. Thanks for the note.
  22. Wow, I'm sorry that I upset you so much. It's not a big deal just was curious to see why it was not working for me. Please accept my humble apologies for being weak-willed and I'll try to toughen up for you. BTW... The hint are shown on the "Overview" page as well. Thanks for your kind words.
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