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  1. Same issue here and glad to see it's not me. :-) But,hoping they fix it quick.
  2. tite lines


    Great. Thanks for the explanation.
  3. tite lines


    Anybody noticing your PQ's sitting in the que for hours? I ran 3 almost 5 hours ago and they are still sitting there. This happened last week also and finally ran in the wee hours of the morning. Normally they show up in email within a few minutes.
  4. Wow....I don't get much opportunity to read the forums of late, but tonight I decided to check them out. I happened upon this section and had to chuckle. We were at SLC for the geocoinfest and were on the 6th floor! We found one of Vanelle's personal coins in the treasure box and so we left one of ours in there. Maybe Vanelle got it?! LOL The next day we decided to snoop in a dresser and found an american flag coin which now I am assuming Right Shop Robert left. It was quite the weekend! And it doesn't even end there! Sometime during the event (I think) someone dropped a "Wishing coin" in my pocket!! Didn't have a clue what it was till I got home and researched it on the computer. Thankyou all for the 6th floor fun at geocoinfest!!!
  5. Got the 2 we were looking for! Didn't have luck with the turtles before so I am surprised that it worked out this time! Yipee!!!!!!!!! Thanks Tsun.......love your coins!
  6. Just checked my email and did a yipeeeeeeee!!! PayPal payment sent. Thanks Tsun!!!!
  7. If you have a coin missing that is supposed to be in a cache you own the solution is easy. I had a similar situation with a coin that went astray in our cache. Click on the coin on the cache page. When it opens you will see a spot under trackable options that says "mark item missing". Click on there and you are done. I also followed up with a note to the owner of the trackable and let them know the situation. Hope this helps.
  8. Up until 2 days ago I had no issues receiving PQ's, notifications of finds and new caches or email from other cachers through geocaching.com. I haven't changed any settings either. I tried running a few PQ's to my gmail account instead of my usual Hotmail but that didn't work either. I am at a total loss of what the problem might be. Any ideas out there?
  9. I came upon this with less than an hour to spare should I? could I? would I dare? try to write something for our tsun to compare for it seems poets are everywhere We feel like we know this young lady from Montana who can be pursuaded with the thought of Nutella we are proud of you as you start your journey for life is just beginning for you and your pony with humbled hearts for a girl not met, our thoughts are not phony for we agree with all your talents you shall achieve all your dreams and wishes if you just believe, we believe in you. Congrats Tsun
  10. I am looking for a 2008 purple earth turtle or the green/red. Willing to trade a V1 Rainforest Jewel.
  11. Thankyou! That worked. Do you by chance know the name of the coin? I didn't see any names on their list that looked like it?
  12. Hi all, I have a cute little white elephant with the writing WEGE on the back. I haven't been able to find the activation code for it. Can anybody tell me where to look? Thanks a bunch....tite lines
  13. I would love to make a trade for a glow.
  14. Can't wait for this one to come out. What a great idea. If there is a list to let us know would you add me to it please?!
  15. I don't get any pics when I go on the site. Any ideas why?
  16. I would love a silver one...a two tone would be even better!
  17. Sweet design! If there is a list please add us to it.
  18. Payment sent, all looked good in the database.
  19. Wow, hands shaking!!!! Yipeeeeeee....got my LE and went back and got a black and brown one too! HAPPY! Can't wait to see them..............
  20. I would love to have one! If you are doing a list..please let me know!
  21. What an awesome coin! How does one pick? They are all soooo cute.
  22. Hi WI ROBIN, Thanks for the offer to add coins to the colors you have chosen, we are excited to get some extras for the younger, newer cachers in our families!! An email has been sent to you. Cheers!!! tite lines
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